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My Tamagotchi Forever: Costume Guide

My Tamagotchi Forever

For those of you unaware, My Tamagotchi Forever has several costumes for each pet. There are 24 different pets to evolve into and normally three costumes per Tamagotchi. Some of these costumes can be bought with coins or gems others will take a combination of ranking up and a lot of coins to achieve. Want to know how to get the costume of your dreams? Then you should keep reading!

  • Take lots of photos. To unlock a costume for your Tamagotchi, you will need to complete three challenges. These three challenges involve purchasing the right item for Tamatown and then taking a photo of your pet using this item. The items include an obstacle course, a teacup ride and a soccer field to name a few. If you are in town and notice a camera icon above an item, then press it to take a photo. If you have multiple Tamagotchis, then you will take multiple photos.

My Tamagotchi Forever

  • How do I know what items to buy? Well, it’s rather difficult to know what rides go with what Tamagotchi unless you want to spend 10 gems to reveal a hint. However, it is 10 gems per picture so it would take a lot of gems to reveal the hints for everyone’s photos. Essentially, you can’t go wrong buying any item in Tamatown. This is because every attraction can appeal to some Tamagotchis. If you can’t take a photo yet, then this might mean you don’t have the right Tamagotchis yet.

My Tamagotchi Forever

  • I can’t take a photo. If you notice your Tamagotchi’s thought bubble is a certain attraction and then purchase the attraction from the store, but the camera icon doesn’t appear, don’t panic. This is not a glitch, instead, you need to have certain Tamagotchis for some photos. For example, the teacup ride requires over one Tamagotchi to ride to take a photo. So if you can’t take a picture now, check back later and hopefully you’ll have the right Tamagotchi for the job.
  • Always check your old items. As you play My Tamagotchi Forever, you’ll gain more and more pets. So items you replace in Tamatown might be useful once again later. You should always check back through your old equipment and see if any new Tamagotchis can take photos. Just keep playing, unlocking more and more characters and eventually you will able to unlock all costumes.

My Tamagotchi Forever

  • Not every photo is for a costume. Every character in My Tamagotchi Forever has a page of photos just for gems. This means you can take photos of your Tamagotchis and not unlock costumes. Don’t get disheartened by a lack of progress towards a certain costume, earning gems is not a bad thing. Gems have a lot of uses in My Tamagotchi Forever so there is no waste of time earning those. Just keep snapping photos and the costumes will come!

The post My Tamagotchi Forever: Costume Guide appeared first on Gamezebo. is an impressive multiplayer arcade shooter that you can play in your browser

If you want evidence of how far browser games have come, look no further than This rollicking arcade romp wouldn’t be out of place on your PS4 or in your Steam library.

Taking the term “aerial dogfighting” perhaps a tad too literally, this is a game about dogs fighting in aircraft. What are they fighting over? Bones of course.

You steer your aircraft with the cursor keys, and fire with space. The up cursor key lets you boost out of trouble at the cost of a couple of units of stamina. Firing costs stamina too, so you need to fight smart.

The controls are brilliantly simple, but piloting your aircraft is anything but. Thanks to the laws of inertia and momentum, you swing and wheel around in the air like a bowling ball on ice. Just avoiding crashes is tricky enough in on Poki, and hitting your targets is a real challenge.

Fortunately there are power-ups to help you out. Dotted around the maps are crates containing a variety of different limited-use special weapons, along with first aid kits to replenish some of your health.

And, of course, there are the bones. These appear randomly, but they also get left behind whenever an aircraft explodes. That means you don’t technically need to kill enemies to gain their loot — you just need to be in the right place at the right time to scavenge the spoils of war.


These floating golden bones aren’t merely decorative. Every time you collect 100 you can spend them on a mystery prize, like a new aircraft, which you can then upgrade with gems and cards.

You get coins and gems just for playing, too, and for completing daily missions such as doing 20 dashes, killing 25 enemies, and finishing all of your missions.

With its solid cartoon graphics, 80s arcade soundtrack, and pin-sharp controls, is a cracking arcade game in its own right. The fact that you only need to click this link to play it makes it even more impressive.

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Here’s When You Can Nab A Ton Of Free Rewards In MU Origin

Thanksgiving is a time for, well, giving thanks. The clue is in the name. And there’s a lot to be thankful for this year if you happen to be an MU Origin player.

Developer Webzen is hosting a number of events and giveaways to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. For a start, on the day itself – November 22nd – you’ll get a ton of free rewards just for logging in.

Meanwhile there will be events throughout Thanksgiving week, from the 17th to the 25th of the month.

The Gift event allows you to claim rewards simply for logging in, while the Login event gives you Collection items for logging in on consecutive days. If you manage all nine days you’ll nab a limited edition Autumn Fairy Footprint costume too.

The Total Purchase Event gives you extra rewards on your total purchases for the duration of the event, including Titles, Wings, and Costume Boxes, and the King of Purchase event lavishes you with super-precious items if you happen to be the top purchaser. Archangel Weapons, Weapon Costumes, and Wings are all up for grabs.

You’ll also be rewarded for being a good citizen through the Send and Receive Gift events. Basically, anybody who gives or receives a gift will earn rewards, so MU Origin is going to be a pretty generous place throughout Thanksgiving.

The Collection Event sees you hunting monsters and looting, as per, while the Boss Hunt Event involves hunting and killing special boss monsters that are making a special limited-time appearance in Noria.

There are several other events on top of these, all of them showering you with rewards just for being you.

So if you haven’t played MU Origin yet, you really should. This dazzling Korean MMORPG has been a genre highlight ever since it hit the app stores a couple of years ago, and now is a perfect time to see what the fuss is about.

MU Origin is available on Google Play and the App Store right now.

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Truck Simulation 19 1.1 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data for android

Truck Simulation 19 is a Simulation Game for android
download last version of Truck Simulation 19 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data for android from revdl with direct link

Transport freight with original trucks by Kenworth and Mack in a huge open world across the United States. Hire drivers, purchase new trucks and expand your business to become the nation’s most successful hauler.


• Original trucks by Kenworth and Mack
• Large open world USA map with over 30 cities to visit
• Functional cockpits with lights, air horn, cruise control and more
• Hire drivers, buy trucks, manage your truck fleet and expand your business
• A wide range of cargoes and trailers such as farm machines, diggers, planes and more
• Earn bonus points in story driven missions
• Park and rest at motels, fuel up your truck, get fined for speeding

DRIVE THE ORIGINAL. This simulator game features highly detailed truck models by Kenworth and Mack. Every truck comes with operational cockpits and 3 different cabs.

THE USA IN YOUR POCKET. Explore a huge open world across North America. Start your career on the East Coast and unlock more states and cities as you progress. Discover narrow country roads, large highway intersections as well as farmland and desert regions, all created with attention to detail.

SIMULATED EXPERIENCE. All trucks are equipped with functional lights, air horn, cruise control and indicators. Experience a lively world with AI traffic, day/night cycle and different weather conditions. Fuel up your truck at typical truck stops and rest at motels along the highways.

EXTENSIVE MANAGEMENT PART. Start with one small depot and expand your company throughout the US with more depots and transport hubs. Hire drivers and purchase new trucks to get all trucker jobs done and transform your small company into a giant logistics corporation.

A WIDE RANGE OF CARGOES AND TRAILERS. Transport farming machines, orange juice, supercomputer parts, medical and military cargo and more. Hitch your truck with tank, flatbed, dump, reefer or other trail-ers and earn bonus points by completing special transport tasks.

CHOOSE YOUR FAVOURITE CONTROL SETUP. Drive your truck either by tilt, wheel, arrow or slider controls.

Truck Simulation 19

Truck Simulation 19

Truck Simulation 19

Truck Simulation 19

Truck Simulation 19

Truck Simulation 19


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