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Subway Surfers Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 10 Great Strategies You Need to Know

Last week, Kiloo released an update for its popular Android and iOS game Subway Surfers. According to the developer, the update allows you to continue the Subway Surfers World Tour in Africa, and a chance to “race through the beautiful cliff landscapes” of Kenya. Super Mystery Boxes could earn you new and exciting rewards, while the shiny shields on the tracks could earn you prizes for the weekly hunt. There’s also a new character – Masai girl Zuri – who could join the existing three characters Jake, Tricky, and Fresh. As for the game itself, the basic premise is that you’re grinding trains on your hoverboard, among other items, and trying to escape from the game’s antagonists – the “grumpy inspector” and his pet dog.

We’ve already given you a list of Subway Surfers tips and tricks in the past, but in case you’re reading this for the first time, downloaded the game after the update, or simply downloaded and installed the update for your existing copy, we’ve got ten great tips you might want to try out for yourself.

1. Play With Two Fingers

When it comes to the swiping mechanic, there are some players who prefer to use one finger, and others who are more comfortable one on the left and one on the right. There’s no real rule of thumb and it all depends on you – choose whichever style suits you the best. But if you’re having difficulty with one finger, why not try two? For example, you can use your right finger to move right and do special tricks, and your left finger to move left.

2. You Can Escape A Jump And Keep On Running

One cool thing about Subway Surfers is the number of trick moves you can pull off – it’s not all about figurative style points here, though! Some of these moves are quite practical, such as swiping down to leave a jump in midair and continue running. This is a good trick to pull off if you weren’t able to time your jump properly, or if you foresee yourself making an awkward landing, or one that doesn’t seem so good after all. Additionally, you can swipe left or right while in midair to change direction – this is another way to correct yourself in the game.

3. Do Your Runs On The Trains And Stay There

As opposed to running on the ground, it’s a better option to run on the trains instead; staying on the ground increases the chance of getting hit by an obstacle, or worse, by a speeding train. You will, however, have to stay there, so practice the tip we told you earlier – changing directions while jumping.

4. Make Sure To Activate Your Hoverboards

Hoverboards could allow you to extend your run in an inexpensive and simple way. Activating a hoverboard while you’re running allows the item to essentially take the hit should you crash into an obstacle. Of course, they’ll break when that happens, though you would still be able to continue your run. Make sure to activate your hoverboards quickly if you sense that you’re about to crash; if not activated, they won’t work.

5. Watch Ad Videos To Get Free Coins

Need more coins for the game, but not willing to spend your own money for them? You can get yourself some coins for free by watching an advertisement video; go to Shop, then Earn Coins so you can take advantage of the option to watch ad videos. One video watched will earn you two coins for free, though you’re typically allowed to watch only one video per day.

6. Don’t Waste Your Keys

If you’ve wiped out in one way or another, you can use your keys so you can keep on playing. But don’t make the mistake of using those keys over and over again in a run; you may not realize it, but you may find yourself all out of keys faster than you expected. Remember that the number of keys needed to continue increases each time you crash; the first extension is worth a key, the second worth two, the third worth four, with the number increasing exponentially.

When would be the best time to use your keys? Use them after you’ve wiped out following a particularly impressive, high-scoring run.

7. Upgrade Your Boosters Regularly

As you go on in the game, you’ll collect your share of boosters, but their activation period is solely dependent on their level. Choose the boosts button in the shop and upgrade them if you can afford it, so as to extend their efficacy and further help you in your runs.

8. Be Sure To Increase Your Multipliers

Multipliers add up as you complete the various missions in Subway Surfers, and you can get yours up to x30 over time. Temporarily, you can collect the 2x Multiplier power-up and get your multiplier up to x60, though the key thing here is that it’s all temporary. Increasing your multiplier will also be easier if you’ve got a good idea of which missions you’ll be taking on next – check the Missions button for an idea of what to expect.

9. Keep On Practicing

This tip, while overly simplistic by our own admission, does have its merits, considering Subway Surfers has just gotten updated. Practice is the best way to improve on your old high score, beat your friends, or hone your skills in general. And since the Africa update does add some new features, practicing becomes more important than ever – you want to familiarize yourself with the changes as quickly as possible.

10. Don’t Hack The Game

This may sound like a public service message more than it is a tip, but too many gamers have fallen for the promise of cheap thrills and high scores through Subway Surfers hacks. Some of these hacks do give you infinite coins or keys, but come with a dangerous tradeoff in the form of malware or viruses. Worse, others don’t work at all, and simply promise the aforementioned rewards as a way to lure you into their malware trap.

Do you need some more help to succeed in Subway Surfers? We suggest you to check out our latest guide, which explains you the different type of boosters and how you can use them in the game.

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SPL-T Tips, Cheats and Strategies


SPL-T is a puzzle game from Simogo. In this game, you create number blocks by splitting the screen horizontally and vertically. Number blocks contribute to your score, but if they pile up, they can end your game as well. Balance is key. Gamezebo’s SPL-T Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you improve your score — and delve into some of the weirder recesses of the game.

Keep an eye on the little dude at the top of the screen so you don’t lose your place

SPL-T Tips, Cheats and Strategies

He’s small, he’s tucked out of the way, and he’s imperative to your success: He’s the little stick guy at the top of SPL-T’s screen.

This fellow isn’t just for show. He indicates what kind of line you’ll make with your next turn. If his arms are spread out, your line will be horizontal. If he has his arms up in the air, your next line will be vertical.

It’s very easy to lose your place in SPL-T, and a single wrong move can blow a whole game. Don’t neglect your little friend. Always check his bodily actions for safety’s sake.

Make some big number blocks early on

When you make four blocks of the same kind in SPL-T, they become number blocks. The number on the front is determined according to how many splits you’ve made up until that point. The number counts down with every subsequent split you make. It’s not a bad idea to make some easy-to-clear number blocks at the start of the game in order to give your score a bit of an early boost.

Make number blocks on top of number blocks that are on the verge of clearing away

SPL-T Tips, Cheats and Strategies

An important strategy to remember in SPL-T is that when number blocks fall down, their remaining countdown is divided in half.

You should therefore make new number blocks on top of number blocks that are on the verge of disappearing. Just make sure they’re shaped in a way that lets them fill in the gap left behind by the old number blocks. Otherwise they won’t fall, and you’ll be left with an unsightly and useless white space.

Divide a quadrant of the screen into smaller boxes to help you with your countdowns

Make smaller boxes out of a large box to help fuel your number blocks’ countdowns. Just make sure to alternate your horizontal and vertical splits carefully so you can avoid making unwanted number boxes.

Hold down on the SPL-T logo for a ball-balancing game

SPL-T Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Though it looks simple, SPL-T wouldn’t be a Simogo game without some kind of secret. On the title screen, hold down the “SPL-T” logo to get a ball-balancing game. Use your mobile device’s accelerometer to keep the ball on the balance beam for as long as possible.

Shake your device to change colors

Not too fond of boring old black and white? Shake your device at any point while playing SPL-T to cycle through different color palettes, including green, blue, and pink.

Turn your device upside-down to invert colors

SPL-T Tips, Cheats and Strategies

If you’re really in the mood to be daring, turn your device upside-down to invert the game’s colors. This works on alternate color palettes, too!

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Alien Creeps Hack Android Apk

alien creeps td hack android apk mod

The time has come to announce to you that on our server was uploaded new Alien Creeps Hack Android. This time, our developers are able to cope with the large number of obstacles and completed the final versions of the program. Our beta-testers reported to us and wanted to be the first to feel the power in the game. They tested the Alien Creeps Hack Android Apk and the response was very positive. Surely we can say that you wont be disappointed. As usual, you will have the opportunity to add to the game things that you need most. The time and money that you need to receiving materials, now will get in a few seconds. Our program will make a big smile on your faces and players who of us still do not know – a lot of embarrassment. And it is because of that moment you add countless coins and gems…and you do it with 100% security. Our developers are continuously updating the security system and anonymity. Your activity is not detected in any way. Our program also has been inspected and is free from viruses and malware. In our program you will connect with the game servers very quickly and it is with a single click. Still we strive to make our program as a perfect tool. At the moment, we can certainly say that Alien Creeps Mod Android is intuitive, user-friendly and aesthetic. Even real layman can handle the addition of raw materials. Even if you do this you can always look at our detailed instructions. Our program is highly compressed and therefore will not contain a lot of space in the memory of your phone.


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As usual our Alien Creeps Hack Apk is compatible with all versions of android. The resolution also is adapted to all models of smartphones and tablets. Our solutions, which introduced are friendly to guidelines of Google Play. This will not be news to you that our program does not require rooted phone. Our Alien Creeps Hack creates a temporary root itselfs, which allows the modification of your account in the game. Detection of games through our software takes place automatically.Now you can compete with the best players! With a great amount of materials you will build a great empire. All done in a few seconds. You need only a USB cable, a WiFi connection or any other and file explorer. Do not waste your time ! Do not spend more real money. Now you just need to download our Alien Creeps Mod Apk and everything becomes possible. You’ll get to a higher level in a short time. Help your friends and together play with a lot of fun. Remember that your e-mail address must be registered on Google Play!
We also introduced a novelty – from now if there is an update to our program, you will get information in notification bar! Below you will find clear instructions on how to install and enable our Alien Creeps cheats.

Alien Creeps Hack – Instruction:


1. Download Alien Creeps Hack Apk

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3. Copy and paste Alien Creeps Hack Apk to your internal memory or microSD Card

4. Open any File Manager e.g. Astro or ES File Manager etc.

5. Find the application and click install

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7. Push the hack button and the app will do everything automatically

8. You will be informed about the success. Enjoy the game !

File: Alien Creeps Hack

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Watch the video and see how easy it is to add coins and gems in Alien Creeps Hack:



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 How To Download Alien Creeps Hack Apk:


Land Sliders’ Mysterious Coordinates Send Players on a Global Adventure


In our review of recent arcade obsession Land Sliders, we praised the game for being something bigger than just its spectacular gameplay and characters: it is a true adventure, packed with puzzles and secrets we were still trying to unravel. Now, we don’t feel so bad about being in the dark—turns out at least two of those secrets require teamwork on a global scale in order to solve.

Players who have spent enough time in the Land Sliders world have undoubtedly come across some strange stone architecture. Some of these objects have clear uses in-game, while others contained hints or puzzles with no apparent solution. Thanks to our friends over at Touch Arcade and their clever community, those solutions are finally being pieced together.


One of these mysterious objects is a stone tablet containing latitude and longitude coordinates, along with some sort of hint—such as “rock,” “pipe,” or “look up.” There are many different such tablets in the game, and stumbling across them—as well as which coordinates you receive—seems random. Players in the Touch Arcade forums (including some Land Sliders fans from Gamezebo) began sharing these coordinates and figuring out the real-world locations they represented, which ranged from cities in Australia to a park in San Francisco to a bridge in Istanbul. Meanwhile, other Land Sliders explorers were also making these connections, and trekking out to the coordinates they lived near.

The first results of these trips are being reported back on via Twitter and the TA forum thread, and they are exhilarating. Twitter user @lauraehall (or actually, her father) visited one set of coordinates and discovered a bag with a USB stick and a note from developer George Broussard. On the USB drive was a single image containing what appears to be a mash-up of Land Sliders characters into an abstract background, as well as a single symbol.


If you’ve been playing Land Sliders, that symbol may look familiar: it’s part of the other outstanding puzzle in the game, the “Restricted” keypad that appears if you stand on the sunbursts that occasionally pop up in-world. And, even better: shortly after @lauraehall’s discovery, forum user flenser found a similar USB stick containing a nearly identical image—except with a different sunburst symbol.


What this seems to mean, all taken together: developer Prettygreat devised an encrypted puzzle in-game that requires a complex code to solve. To solve this puzzle, they placed pieces of the solution on individual USB sticks and had developers and friends around the globe hide them in real world locations. They then created hints to finding those solutions and scattered them about the game world itself. The result is a massive, world-wide scavenger hunt that requires players to collaborate and share both in-game and real life experiences with each other.

We got butterflies just from typing that. Land Sliders is a true adventure, and now it’s a real one as well. If you’d like to take part, head over to Touch Arcade and share any coordinates you’ve found, or see if there’s one near you! We still don’t know just what all this madness will unlock in the end, but the trip is half the fun.

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Punch Boxing 3D 1.1.1 Apk + Mod (a lot of money) for Android

Punch Boxing 3D is a Sports Game for Android

Punch Boxing 3D is a boxing game where players create their own boxer and try to take him to the top of the boxing world.

Champions aren’t born, they are made! Punch Boxing is the world’s #1 combat sports game available on Android.

Punch Boxing offers fighting game fans an adrenaline pumping world of boxing action. Polished animation and stunning 3D graphics bring the real boxing experience to your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushing boxers from Bangkok, Las Vegas, London, Montreal and Washington. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleash fierce punches and combos, beat all opponents and become the king of boxing now!

Game Features:
– Console quality realistic fighting experience
– 120+ uniforms and equipment for you to choose
– Level up in gyms and prove your skills


Download last version Punch Boxing 3D apk + mod money for android from revdl with direct link.

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