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Castle Raid 2 v1.1.0.1 Apk + Mod (Moud Complimentary Upgrades) + Data for android

Castle Raid 2 is a Strategy Game for android
download last version of Castle Raid 2 Apk + Mod (Moud Complimentary Upgrades) + Data for android from revdl with direct link

It’s the coming of the new age of war, Castle Raid 2 – New alliances is here. Are you prepared to do battle?

Castle Raid is back, bigger and more challenging than ever before! In this unique tug-of-war you once again fight to defend your castle against the enemy’s hoard. Get ready to enter the magical world of noble knights and sage wizards, dragons and assassins, and set out on a new epic adventure. Fight your way through the snow covered lands of the Frozen Plains and the beautiful open fields of the Greenlands. Learn the ways of your new enemy, the Reavers – You’ll be seeing a lot of them.

Castle Raid 2 features tons of new exhilarating content guaranteed to knock your socks off. Play against your friend on the same device or take on the challenge of completing the game in campaign mode. With 20 new battlefields, three difficulty modes, gladiator and time challenges, 9 unit classes to choose from and upgrade, you’ll be sure to have a great time!

– Unique single device multiplayer – Fight your best friends to see who’s the boss!

– Fight your way through 20 battlegrounds, in two different worlds. With delightful new obstacles such as dangerous spike traps and thorny defense barricades, arrow firing fortified turrets and strategically placed guard zones. Oh, and did we mention the dragon? We have a dragon.

– Choose from 9 different units when setting your battle formation. Meet the evil Warlock, the sneaky Rogue, the King’s Guard, the cunning Wizard and the reckless Demolition Expert.

– Find out who the Reavers are and why they talk so funny (hint: they make up for their speech impediment with brute force).

– Can you outsmart the computer opponent in Casual, Normal or Heroic difficulty? He’s got like… loads of RAM, so good luck with that.

– Intuitive gameplay, pick up and do battle – Castle Raid style!

– Story based campaign mode with beautifully illustrated graphics.

– Have you beaten the computer opponent in campaign mode and think the game is over? Think again. To really beat the game you have to complete all challenges: Time challenge – beat the level within a specific time. Gladiator challenge – beat the level with a predefined unit setup (trim your fingernails for this one!).

– Stunning retina graphics and beautiful animations.

– Use our global leaderboards and over 40 achievements to compete with people all over the world.


Castle Raid 2

Castle Raid 2

Castle Raid 2

Castle Raid 2

Castle Raid 2

Castle Raid 2

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Bakery Story 2 Hack Android Apk

bakery story 2 hack android apk mod

It is high time to introduce you to our latest creation. To our collection joined today our newest Bakery Story 2 Hack Android. It’s been a long time since our last publication, but as always we have put in a lot of effort. After swallowing hectoliters of coffee we managed to create a program that will call on you a lot of fun. Undoubtedly, this is for us a big step forward, because our new program – Bakery Story 2 Hack Android was established in our new studio, where we have a much better working conditions. Our developers have done a lot of things to make our Bakery Story 2 Hack Apk, that you won’t be never disappointed. For fans of the game Bakery Story is a real treat, because from now you will bake everything what you want. Your pastry will prosper as never before! What it is already a standard – of course, transparency of the program, prostora and speed. This time our program connects to the server and identifies the game even faster than before. Our Bakery Story 2 Cheats Android are already compatible with the recently released Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Of course, all previous versions are also supported. We can also add that our Bakery Story 2 Hack Android is highly compressed and takes up very little space in memory. Its main advantage is that it updates itself.


  • add unlimited coins
  • add unlimited gems
  • anti-ban protection
  • anonymous proxy
  • fast connection
  • user­friendly interface
  • no root required – the application creates a temporary root itself

Our new “child” is compatible with all models of smartphones and tablets. Although we are working  mainly on Android, our program also has a built-in extension for phones and tablets from Apple. Our Bakery Story 2 Apk Mod installs very easily. Just copy your file on your memory card, install, turn on wifi connection and click “hack”, it’s all – very easy, is not it? Our Bakery Story 2 Hack Android generates an unlimited number of coins and gems. This add-on will give you more fun with this game. Our program will be work completely properly, when you enter your e-mail address that is associated with your Google account. Our mod is very quickly and efficiently connects to the server and making it completely safe. The connection is fully encrypted, so you do not have to worry about anything. A secure connection to our hack uses an anonymous proxy. It also has built-in protection “anti-ban”. All details concerning the installation and download the file you will find below.

Bakery Story 2 Hack – Instruction:


1. Download Bakery Story 2 Hack Apk

2. Connect your device with your Computer via USB Connection

3. Copy and paste Bakery Story 2 Hack Apk to your internal memory or microSD Card

4. Open any File Manager e.g. Astro or ES File Manager etc.

5. Find the application and click install

6. Turn on Wi-Fi Connection and open Bakery Story 2 Hack, write your e-mail registred in Google Play, enter the number of supplies that interest you

7. Push the hack button and the app will do everything automatically

8. You will be informed about the success. Enjoy the game !

File: Bakery Story 2 Hack

Size: 0.82MB

Price: Free for people who complete the survey and download from



download1MIRROR #2


download mobile

Watch the video and see how easy it is to add coins and gems in Bakery Story 2 Hack:

bakery story proof 1

How To Download Bakery Story 2 Hack Apk:



Mabinogi Duel Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Mabinogi Duel tips cheats strategies

Mabinogi Duel is a new collectable card game from Nexon that compliments the Mabinogi game franchise. As a collectible card game, players will need to employ plenty of strategic decision-making if they are looking to defeat the game’s A.I. opponents, as well as the decks of other players.

Even though Mabinogi Duel does an excellent job explaining the basics, our Mabinogi Duel tips, cheats and strategies gives player a boost of extra info that they can utilize as they had into the game, eager to defeat any opponent they come across.

Position, Position, Position

Mabinogi Duel tips cheats strategies

If I could, I’d make every tip in this guide echo the fact that card position and placement so supremely important in Mabinogi Duel that it;s more important than any other aspect of the game.

So many cards affect the cards around them, whether their direct neighbors, cards across from them, cards not across from them, or the entire game board, that playing a card without first considering where to place it is just as reckless as blindly picking cards to play.

You have no time limit in Mabinogi Duel, which one of the benefits of not having to deal with live multiplayer (like you do in Hearthstone), so read over your card carefully and consider how to best utilize it in your turn. Look around the board carefully, notice which slots you currently have open, what affect placing that card in one of those slots would have on the cards around it, and then consider how your opponent my attempt to counter that card.

The Book Is Always Better

Mabinogi Duel tips cheats strategies

Sometimes the reading isn’t even that hard.

I know, I know — some of you just seem to hate reading those lines of words we like to call sentences in your video games. I get it, and I’m certainly guilty of skimming through the occasional wall of quest text in more than a few games. But with Mabinogi Duel, I highly advise you to actually read what the characters have to say. Not only will they give you little tips and hints at how to best approach a level, particularly in the earlier levels, but some of the banter is actually kind of funny and allows you to develop a bit of an attachment with some of the characters. Getting invested into a game like that is an excellent way to enhance the gameplay experience, regardless of how well the gameplay can stand on its own.

So, in Mabinogi Duel, read your words.

Clear Them Out

Mabinogi Duel tips cheats strategies

Sometimes, not playing cards is a viable strategy. Some cards have effects like they can explode and deal damage to all the characters on the gameboard including your own. If you notice that your opponent is really stacking their side of the board up with weak, low-cost, cards, consider holding off on putting out some of your stronger characters and tossing out a bomb to deal massive damage that affects every card in play.

What Was That?

Mabinogi Duel tips cheats strategies

Here’s a quick little tip: on the gameplay screen, if you slowly swipe your finger downwards, it pulls down a combat log that displays the last handful of dialog and combat text, allowing you to re-read some tutorial text or figure out what just took out one of your cards.

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Epic War TD 2 v1.04.3 Apk + Data for Android

Epic War TD 2 is a Strategy Game for Android

As the second work of Epic Defense series, this game will bring you a number of new elements and magic towers…

“The graphics remind me of Diablo III, awesome! I can’t believe such amazing game can be found on android.”
“Well balanced after remake. It will become a masterpiece.”

It had been a long time since the last war between Terran and Orcs. The descendants of the Elements Masters had built their own kingdoms.
Time passed by, the elemental force of fire had become more and more powerful, and the fire lord was no longer satisfied with his territory…
Once again, war broke out.
The fire lord was blinded by his greed. He made a deal with devil to obtain power from the hell. Then, he summoned monsters from hell and made them invulnerable with dark magic…
When the fire lord had seemed to seize the absolute advantage, the other two tribes discovered an extraordinary energy fluctuation. They followed it and found another ancient tribe, the WIND!
Heroes, the World of Elements need you now!

In this myth-style Defense / TD game, you will see troops of undead, monsters and Orcs. Different from other TD games, you need to summon towers by using powers of gems in this game, rather than simply dragging towers and repeating over and over again. This is absolutely a must try for all TD lovers.

Key Features:
– Support English, 简体中文 , 正體中文, 日本語, 한국의
– New element – the Wind element! 11 new towers are waiting for your discovery!


Download last version Epic War TD 2 Apk + data for android from revdl with direct link.

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Review Galactic Greatness

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes review

It’s been a great November for Star Wars fans. With The Force Awakens just weeks away, the Star Wars hype hasn’t been at this level in a over decade. The arrival of Star Wars Battlefront has given console and PC gamers something to gnaw on while they await the film’s debut, and now mobile gamers get a great Star Wars game in the form of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Molded after many popular turn-based RPGs on mobile devices, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a familiar environment for mobile gamers to jump into. From the upgrade mechanics to the combat mechanics, the elements of the game felt very familiar to me once I learned the Star Wars-themed lingo for everything (for example, Data Cards are the treasure chests of Galaxy of Heroes).

With that said, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes doesn’t try to be too different or unique, which obviously hurts the game’s creativity. But this is largely a case of previous games gradually presenting the players with a more streamlined experience to the point where current games can easily adapt to them. The lack of originality is easily made up for by Galaxy of Heroes’s thematic approach.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes review

As I mentioned, everything in the game (which can pretty much be found in any other collection-heavy turn-based RPG) was painted over with a Star Wars theme. The whole concept of the game is taken from the franchise’s fictional board game, Sabaak. It’s the chess-like game you saw R2-D2 and Chewbacca playing on the Falcon. Instead of alien monsters, players get to control characters from the Star Wars universe, which is a bit odd when you think about people from the Star Wars universe playing a game about other people in the Star Wars universe …but just roll with it. I suppose it isn’t too different than people playing chess with game pieces carved after historical figures.

Players unlock characters which act like game pieces that each have their own special abilities, and all of which can be upgraded to utilize increased offensive and defensive capabilities. Every character starts with one special ability and a basic attack, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes wisely keeps characters’ special abilities relevant to the character using them. In my experience, players can have Chewbacca roar to taunt enemies to focus fire on him (he’s tanky so it’s okay), a Jawa can deal a little bit of damage to all enemy characters at once with a bonus chance to disable robotic enemies, and Mace Windu can dish out a strong lightsaber attack that can remove buffs from a particular enemy character.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes reivew

Initially, it can be a little weird to see Chewbacca fighting alongside a Jawa and Mace Windu, but you just have to keep reminding yourself this isn’t a canon experience, it is instead a game based in the Star Wars universe on the canon of the Star Wars universe.

You get all of these characters by collecting data cards which you can purchase with in-game currency, collect for free by simply checking into the game throughout the day, or by using in-app purchases. Each data card contains a randomly generated item, so you might get a playable character in one, shards used towards earning a character in another, or an item to equip a character with. I guess I got pretty lucky because in my second day of playing the game I unlocked Mace Windu, a 4-star character (that my editor has since seen touted as the star of a $40 in-app purchase bundle).

The character selection is pretty impressive, featuring characters from the two trilogies, as well as the Clone Wars television series, characters from the upcoming trilogy, and more. Fan favorites like, Vader, Boba Fett, Chewie, Leia, and Obi-Wan are included, and there are a bunch of lesser-known Star Wars characters I thought it was cool that they included like Old Daka, Savage Opress, Barriss Offee, and Eeth Koth. Oddly missing though are Padme, General Grievous, and Yoda. Yoda is even featured in the logo art (see the trailer below), yet isn’t available in the roster. Still, they’ve included HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic, which pretty much makes up for any of the roster’s omissions in my opinion.

My only real issue with Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is that during combat I often had difficulty switching between targets to attack. The game just struggled to realize I was tapping different characters. This would occur even when there were no active taunts among enemy characters. It certainly isn’t a game-breaking issue, but it was annoying nonetheless.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the best Star Wars game to release for mobile devices in recent memory. It’s a great mix of fun franchise and tried-and-true gameplay mechanics. You won’t find anything particularly new in the genre here, but you will find some great turn-based RPG gameplay with some of the galaxy’s best warriors.

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