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Qubed Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a Super High Score

The Blu Market has released a new iOS game recently called Qubed, which is a super addicting puzzle game that will have you hooked with its seemingly simple gameplay. The basic goal here is to fit all of the shapes into the empty spaces, and add to your point total by filling one whole row. And if you run out of space, you get eliminated. Think of it as a game with a lot of Tetris elements, with a few 1010!-esque mechanics thrown in. That’s all there is to it, and if you come to think of it, getting a super high score and climbing up the leaderboard should be your ultimate goal.

Of course, these games are as hard to master as they are simple to play, and that’s probably why you’d need these Qubed tips and tricks. You wouldn’t want to be far behind the rest of your friends or near the bottom of the Game Center leaderboard, right?

1. You Can Make Horizontal And Vertical Lines Alike

Looking at the sample images, you can make both horizontal and vertical lines; it isn’t just about focusing on the rows, but not on the columns. It’s about clearing as many lines as possible to free up more room on your board. If you’ve got a long, straight piece, then make sure you use that to your advantage – it could really help clear out those lines.

2. Clear Out The Board From The Outside

When playing Qubed, you want to start working from the outside, then working your way inwards as you put down the pieces. That eliminates the possibility of huge gaps in between blocks. Also with this objective in mind, you also want to place the longest side toward the wall whenever you could.

3. Leave Room For A 3×3 Block

3×3 blocks are, by far, the most frustrating blocks in this game. That means you should always have some open space for 3×3 blocks, as the blocks appear at random and you’ll never know when a 3×3 is going to rain down. Doing so will make it easier for you to clear lines, as a 3×3 block can theoretically eliminate three whole lines in one go. That’s similar to how it works on Tetris, and likewise, eliminating more lines in one go means much more points for you.

4. Watch Ads To Get Free Coins

The shop button on the left side of the score will allow you to win some free coins by watching an ad video. Every time you view ads on the videos, you can earn coins for free, though you can also buy them at the store as an in-app purchase. But what if the coins don’t appear right away? You may have to close out the game and reopen it to see your coins applied toward your total.

5. Take Breaks

Finally, we’re ending up with a classic tip that applies to just about every title in the casual genre – things can get hectic, so you might want to take breaks every once in a while to reduce frustration and allow you to clear your mind, thus allowing you to return to the game at full speed.

For now this is our list of Qubed tips and tricks. If you happen to know more hints for this addictive puzzle game to improve the high score, be sure to let us know!

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Clash of Clans – Chief CLUTCH! (Clan War Attacks)

Tap Tycoon – Country vs County Ultimate Guide: 13 Amazing Tips & Tricks to Dominate the World

By now, you’ve seen us cover Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country quite a bit. With a glut of big releases in the final month of 2015, the game has emerged as a big hit on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and we’d say it’s because of its simple gameplay and the twists it brings to your usual clicker game. Those twists include the game being set in the 35th century, with some far-out technologies that you can invest in – these include the anti-gravity fork, luggage shrink ray, holographic window view, and many more. And like you would in other games of this type, you’ll also need to upgrade your businesses regularly.

Of course, you probably know that the main twist here is the “country vs country” mechanic, as you team up with countrymen in global competition. There are more, as you’ll find out, and if you’re looking for a one-stop shop that compiles all our best tips and a few new ones, do check out our exclusive Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country ultimate guide.

1. Upgrade Your Taps For A Fast Start

Upgrading your taps is one of the first things you will want to do in this game. If you’re playing on an average-sized phone, say, one that’s about 4.5 to 5 inches, you can tap with two fingers at once. But if you’re using a tablet, or even a phablet, you can use anywhere from four to six fingers at the same time without much difficulty. Consider how much money you could earn in such a short amount of time if you upgrade your taps.

2. Tap On The Fat Cat For Ad Videos

When you see the Fat Cat appear on your screen, that’s your cue to tap on him and watch an ad video. The ad videos in this game give you 2x income multipliers for taps, buildings, and everything else. And as you keep unlocking skills and buying upgrades, the effects of these ad videos will become more pronounced.

3. Tap On The Boxes Too

Aside from the Fat Cat, you can also tap on the boxes flying on the screen so you can earn special skill bonuses and free diamonds, which are the premium currency of the game. With your diamonds, you can buy new tech cards (more about them later), and give your business a big overall boost by “supercharging” it. You can also use it to “make it rain,” as the expression goes – making it rain with money, that is.

4. Keep Your Eye Out For Building Perks

Once you buy buildings for your city, keep an eye out for which level they will be earning perks for you. Typically, you’d get them at Levels 10, 25, 50, 100, or any similar “milestone”-type numbers. Perks may include a bonus profit multiplier or a speed boost, and speaking of speed boosts, you can get even more speed bonuses when ALL your buildings are at the same milestone level.

5. How To Earn Tech Cards

Tech cards are another important part of Tap Tycoons, and you can earn a lot of them once you’ve gone for a while without prestige-ing (see below tips) and substantially boosted your maximum net worth and prestige points. The gauge here is the increase of your net worth and prestige points relative to your present net worth and prestige points. And if this confuses you a bit, the easy way to put it would be this – wait a good long while in between prestiges and you’ll have a better chance of earning free tech cards.

6. A Quick Refresher On Prestige

Prestige, as we told you in our previous Tap Tycoon guide, is mainly used as a verb in the game’s context, and not so much as a noun. You would first be able to prestige once you’ve earned $20 trillion, and being able to prestige pretty much means you’ll have the ability to deploy your soldiers as they “fight” in the international money war. You will earn bonus tech cards by doing this, though you can also earn tech cards by paying with diamonds.

7. About Prestige Bonuses

Now that you know when to prestige and what it means in Tap Tycoons’ context, let’s talk about prestige bonuses. It will all depend on the total amount of money you have made, as well as your net worth at the time you prestige. The game doesn’t say the exact multiplier per prestige point, but as a general rule of thumb, you can earn more cash by default with more prestige points. Also, percentage multipliers go higher by varying amounts each time you prestige, but never go down.

8. How To Deploy Your Soldiers

Unfortunately, it can be a bit challenging to get more soldiers in the game; in fact, it’s harder than it is to get prestige points. The number of soldiers you can add is based on the prestige points that can be added in relation to your current amount of prestige points – yes, it can be a bit confusing. But if you want to keep it simple, we advise sending lots of soldiers early on, rather than sending them after prestige-ing several times.

When deploying your soldiers, you also want to do so regularly, after consistent periods of time. That typically ensures your name remains on the leaderboards in time for the next country vs country war. Logging into the game adds you to a country’s banners, with your country corresponding to where your mobile carrier is located. It is possible to use a VPN to switch countries, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you played the game with the idea of representing your own country in Tap Tycoons? Sometimes it isn’t, and we’ll tell you why on the next tip.

9. What Can You Do If You’re Able To Switch Countries?

The drawback of representing your home country is the fact that a higher rank in terms of soldiers contributed means bigger bonuses. So if you’re from a country where there are a lot of players, say, the U.S. or the U.K., your bonuses may be on the small side. Now if you want to, and are able to switch countries, you should choose a smaller country, so as to allow you to rise higher on the list of active players. The Make it Rain feature can help you rank higher through angel investors and tech cards, though this isn’t always the smartest thing to do, given that you can spend 500 gems to buy five tech cards straight away.

10. Know The Advantages Of The Different Skills

You have different skills in this game which you can upgrade, and from left to right, we shall be recapping them with you and giving you a brief explanation of what you can expect.

Quick Cash, first of all, allows you to earn immediate cash, with that instant cash multiplying via Fat Cat and Business Supercharged. Business Supercharged, which we also mentioned above, gives you a 2x income multiplier or more depending on your upgrade level. Auto-Tap is self-explanatory – it does all the tapping for you, and can be a great way to help you rest a bit in the game. Cash Stack boosts your chance of a cash stack event, which can be best described as one tap translating to much more cash. And last, but not the least, Midas Touch boosts your tap value by a whopping 100x or more, again depending on your current level.

11. What Happens If You Activate All Five Skills?

This is a very good question, and a very good way to get humongous cash bonuses. Once you’ve activated all of the five above mentioned skills, you can tap as quickly as you could, with as many fingers as possible. Keep on tapping frantically with all the fingers you could use until the skills run out. And once you reactivate your skills, you’ll get that big money bonus we were referring to.

12. Synergy Bonuses Explained

Once you’ve reached 100 points, synergy bonuses, or bonuses given when all of your businesses are at the same level, will come every 100 points earned. Each new milestone will give you a chance to either double your speed or double your income. You would also want to prestige if it takes too long from one milestone to another.

13. The Benefits Of Playing Online

Advertisements popping up randomly in games may suck, to put it very bluntly. That’s why many gamers prefer to play with their Internet turned off. But playing with the Internet turned on gives you a formidable chance of getting huge cash bonuses or five-diamond rewards. Just make sure the “fairy video” option is turned on in your game’s settings, so that you’re assured of some ad videos to watch…or ad videos to line your in-game pockets.

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Talking Tom Bubble Shooter Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Win in Multiplayer Mode

The folks from Outfit7 released another Talking Tom game these days, and it’s called Talking Tom Bubble Shooter. Essentially, this game is Talking Tom’s take on one of the more popular casual sub-genres out there – the bubble shooter – and Outfit7 does promise new features for some seriously thrilling adventures. Aside from hitting trick shots to take out bubbles, you’ll also have some bosses to deal with, and the opportunity to unlock Tom’s friends, and the option to face “real people,” or other human players, in online multiplayer mode. It may sound super-easy, but Outfit7 warns that playing is “no walk in the bubblepark.”

You may think that once you’ve played one bubble shooter game, you’ve played them all. However, this game seems to focus on the multiplayer mode, and that’s what we’re going to focus on as well. So with that said, we invite you to check out our list of Talking Tom Bubble Shooter tips, tricks and strategies for multiplayer mode.

1. Know The Basics Of Bubble Shooting

You’ll know when the bubble wall will be moving down one step lower when you see the upper border glowing. That means you’ll want to be more careful than usual when shooting the bubbles; with each step down, the bubble wall will move closer toward the danger line. That, in a nutshell, explains the danger line, which is where you definitely do not want to be; focus on the first line of bubbles as that’s pretty much the front end that draws closer to the danger line.

Now it may take some time before the wall starts going down, and it may take at least a shot or two before that actually happens. One strategy you can try is to take your best shot in your first attempt, then work your way inwards, targeting bubbles of the same color in the first row, then in the second, until you’ve got only two or three rows remaining. What you want here is to keep the wall down to about three to four rows tops. In addition, you shouldn’t confine your efforts to the first row; it’s a good idea to move bubbles into anywhere empty on the board. The shorter your wall is, the more time it would take for it to make it to the danger line. But what about your opponents? Our next tip will tell you how to “work” their walls.

2. How To Make Your Opponent’s Walls Go Down

We’ve observed that all you have to do is to keep making matches while keeping your wall as short as possible, so it takes a while to go down. That usually results in the opponent’s bubble wall moving down faster; what you’re doing here is sending more lines to your opponent per bubble matched.

3. Rely On Your Bank Shot

This appears to be a consistent tip on many of the bubble shooter games we’ve checked out, but bank shots can be life savers if you can’t find any possible match on the first row of the wall. A bank shot is when you bounce the shooter bubble at an angle off the side walls, so that you can take out those harder-to-reach bubbles. Bank shots are usually utilized when there is a number of same-colored bubbles in hard-to-reach areas. They can also help you squeeze bubbles in to fill up blank spaces.

4. How To Remove Hanging Bubbles

It can be very irritating to see bubbles dangling off of a set of other bubbles, specifically those of the same color. What you should do here is to aim at the higher bubbles so you can get rid of the one connected to them. That would often cause the first row of bubbles to be gone quickly, as well as a huge drop of bubbles. Again, the bank shot can be a great way to get rid of those hanging bubbles.

5. About The Sticker Mechanic

The number on the large red bubble above the PvP button is your player vs player rank. For each time the bubble border fills up, you’ll earn a new rank in the game. And as you may have surmised, success in PvP battles is key to filling up that rank meter quickly. You will win a random sticker set for free once you’ve filled the meter up.

6. Another Way To Get Stickers

As a bonus tip, you can win sticker packets when playing in single-player mode; we’ve see that Levels 5, 10, 13, and 17, for starters, come with free sticker sets as a reward. You may even luck out and get yourself a gold sticker, the rarest one in the game. These sets, however, are normally available in the boss levels, such as Level 30.

7. You Can Also Trade Stickers

Moving back to the multiplayer aspect of Talking Tom Bubble Shooter, you can trade coins for other players’ stickers if you’ve only got one or two stickers missing in a poster puzzle. Simply tap on the sticker packet icon, then on the trading button found at the lower-right part of your display. You’ll see the stickers other players have, though those stickers will come at a price.

Duplicate stickers are also sent automatically to the sticker marketplace. Duplicate sticker prices, however, are set by the game’s AI, which could leave you holding the short end of the stick; normally, you’d expect to have a right to price stickers to your liking. Then again, we think Outfit7 is doing this to avoid the possibilities of players gaming the system.

8. Use The Bombs

Bombs appear at random on the board, and you should use them when you see them in multiplayer mode. Aim and fire bombs like you would normal bubbles, and they will detonate bubbles within its range. They can really speed things up for you and help you win in PvP, and while some may be difficult to reach, you can use your bank shot to detonate the bomb.

9. Take Advantage Of The Other Power-Ups Too

Bombs can be considered among the game’s power-ups, but when it comes to these power-ups, you cannot use them more than once in a game. What about the other two available power-ups? First of all, the lightning power-up destroys a group of bubbles anywhere on the board, and is best used when the first row is very close to the danger line, while the laser fires off a beam through the bubble wall, obliterating any bubbles the beam would hit.

And this completes our list of Talking Tom Bubble Shooter tips, tricks and hints. In case you know additional hints for this exciting new game, don’t forget to share them with us!

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Eco Birds Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a High Score and Complete More Achievements

Storm Watch Games’ new Android and iOS title Eco Birds is quite an interesting one – it’s a tap-to-fly game that may sound a bit like Flappy Bird, but that’s where the similarities end. In the game, you’re controlling a bird who’s trying to stop evil villains from cutting down trees, polluting the oceans, and destroying the environment, and you will be doing that by taking a dump on their heads. Yes, you read that right – you will be doing your business on the bad guys’ heads, but then again, you will also be doing other things to save the environment, mainly replanting trees.

The concept may sound odd, but Storm Watch’s heart is in the right place – this is a game with an environmental focus, and the villains here represent deforestation, big oil companies, and others. So if you want to save the environment the right way, we recommend you to read our list of Eco Birds tips and tricks.

1. Save Your Pooping For Villains And Stumps

Curiously, pooping is a measure of energy in this game, and you will only be allowed a limited number of poops. That means you should only take a poop when it’s absolutely necessary – either do your business on an enemy, or do it on a tree stump. Doing that will earn you Eco Points. And don’t just fire away indiscriminately – you should prepare your poop to be fired, and that will come in to play when it comes to aiming.

2. You Can Still Jump Around Even When Out Of Poop

If you’ve done all the business that there is to be done – you know what we mean – you can still jump. This is just a quick tip, but nice to know nonetheless even if you won’t be able to poop in such a situation.

3. Use Your Gliding Abilities With The Default Bird

Cuckoo Cate is the default starting bird for all Eco Birds players, and gliding happens to be her unique ability. Have her glide with a simple tap-and-hold gesture; that’s going to slow her down as she descends, and while doing so you would be able to cover a lot of ground without having to poop to jump. Make full use of her special ability while you’re still using her as your Eco Bird!

4. Don’t Stick With One Bird – Buy The Others

You have the option to unlock birds, or should we say, buy them with your coins. And each has their own special abilities. Chris Condor, for starters, comes with infinite energy, therefore infinite poop. (In other words, he’s full of you-know-what.) Buzz the Eagle launches mega poops with his special ability. Lastly, Timmy Toucan comes with a passive double coin bonus, allowing you to earn coins faster.

5. Complete More Achievements

However, buying a new bird can be very expensive. And if you compare the price of birds to the amount of coins you earn per run, you may have to play for quite a while before you can afford some of them. But there are achievements which you can find on the title screen, and most of them are easy to pull off, if often time-consuming. Typically, the achievements revolve around re-planting so many trees or pooping on so many enemies, and while they will get harder over time, the coins you earn will make it worth it.

This is our compilation of Eco Birds tips, tricks and hints. If you happen to know more tips for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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