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McDonald’s is Getting VR Happy Meals in Sweden

mcdonald's vr happy goggles

If I were to make a short list of the things I love (other than my wife and kids), it would go: McDonald’s, Sweden, and virtual reality, in that order.

So leave it to Swedish McDonald’s to go VR and make all of my dreams come true.

Taking a Google Cardboard-inspired approach, McDonald’s Sweden is releasing 3500 Happy Meal boxes that can turn into VR headsets for your mobile phone, letting kids experience the fun of virtual reality without the $800 price tag.

Ad Week are reporting that these “Happy Goggles” will only be available in 14 Swedish locations during the first two weekends of March as a trial run, and that McDonald’s Sweden marketing director Jeff Jackett suggests there may be a chance for Happy Goggles to pop up in other markets if the promotion is successful.

The game that McDonald’s has prepped for Happy Goggles debut is Slope Stars, a skiing game that coincides with Sportlov, a week-long Swedish school holiday about outdoor winter activities and exercise.

[AdWeek via The Verge]

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Clash Royale – Card Spotlight: Ice Wizard

Assassin’s Creed Identity Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Assassin's Creed Identity Fight

Assassin’s Creed Identity puts you in the shoes of an elite member of the Assassin’s Brotherhood, and you’ll have to play it smart if you hope to survive the mean streets of Renaissance Italy. Assassin’s Creed Identity takes the series’ iconic gameplay and translates it to the small screen, and it’s quite a bit more complicated than most mobile games. Gamezebo’s Assassin’s Creed Identity tips, cheats, and strategies will help make you a master assassin and bring the Templar Order to its knees.

Choose a Class

Assassin's Creed Identity Art

Assassin’s Creed Identity has four classes, three of which are available from the start of the game.

  • Berserkers are for people that want to charge in swinging. They have a bonus to health and strength and can pack, and take a wallop. Their special abilities can stun opponents, damage multiple enemies, and use special bombs to bleed your opponents out.
  • Tricksters complete their objective by running past opponents, making the kill and running out. Their bonus to evasion will help you get away from guards quicker than other classes. They have the ability to confuse enemies, use disguises, and set time bombs.
  • Shadowblades lurk in the darkness or plain sight and kill without anyone even noticing. This classes bonus to stealth will let you blend in right in front of the guard’s noses. Shadowblades can throw knives, pierce armor, and use smoke bombs.
  • The Thief class is locked and must be unlocked with Hero Coins (more on that later). Once you unlock it, you’ll gain the ability to pickpocket and blind enemies.

Bring a Friend

Assassin’s Creed Identity includes a social feature called Hirelings. Hirelings can be summoned once a mission to take care of an enemy, but their real usefulness comes from their passive buffs.

  • Shadowblade Hirelings raise your critical hit chances.
  • Berserker Hirelings raise your health.
  • Trickster Hirelings increase the chances of your enemies fleeing a fight.

However, once you use a hireling’s active ability, their passive ability vanishes for the rest of your mission.

Use Your Skills

Assassin's Creed Identity attack

Combat in Assassin’s Creed Identity is simplified in comparison to the console versions. Most of the dodging and parrying are done automatically based on your stats, so to even the odds you’ll have to use your special skills.

Pulling the skill wheel up from the bottom of the screen allows access to your skills. This lets you pull off moves that can quickly turn the tide of battle and allow you to take on large groups of enemies.

Also, play attention to the meter at the bottom of the screen. It fills a bit each time you land an attack, and once it’s full, you can tap it to execute an instant kill.

Look Before You Leap

Assassin's Creed Unity parkour

The parkour system in Assassin’s Creed Identity is a bit more touchy than its console brethren. To aid you, Ubisoft introduced the Parkour Helper, which is a white line that shows you where you can parkour to, and how you’ll land if you jump off a ledge.

You can also make a jump by tapping where you want to go. Sometimes this is the easiest way to make a jump since it allows for more precision than using the virtual thumbstick.

Contract Missions

These side missions aren’t part of the main story, but that doesn’t make them any less relevant for you. These short, direct missions are an excellent way to get extra experience points, level skills, and gain extra coins. After the campaign, you can also start earning Hero Tokens in them.

Hero Tokens

Hero Tokens are premium currency you must use to purchase new locations, contract mission types, and better character options. It won’t be until after the intro campaign, A Murder of Crows, after which you start earning Hero Tokens. However, once you do, every contract mission completed will earn you some tokens.

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Doc Goes McMobile v1.0 Apk + Data for android

Doc Goes McMobile is a Casual Game for android
download last version of Doc Goes McMobile Apk + Data for android from revdl with direct link

In the Doc McStuffins Appisode featuring “Doc Goes McMobile & Frida Fairy Flies Again” preschoolers experience the magic of watching, playing, and interacting directly with their favorite Disney Junior TV show in a whole new way!

They will touch, tap, swipe, tilt, shake and talk their way through an episode by watching and completing various fun-filled interactive activities. It’s a fully immersive interactive TV episode that reinforces developmental values.

It’s time to check in with Doc McStuffins! You’ll help build the DocMobile in Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile, then you’ll work side-by-side with Doc as she fixes a fallen fairy in Frida Fairy Flies Again!
• Build the Doc Mobile and race back to the playground to save the day!
• Help Norton put the some spring in his step!
• Help Doc diagnose the problem and help Frida fly again!

• Interactive full-length Disney Junior Doc McStuffins TV episode.
• Over 20 interactive activities featuring your favorite Disney Junior Doc McStuffins characters.
• Available on Android devices.

Downloading and playing this Appisode requires permission to record audio and access photos, media, and files on your device.

Doc Goes McMobile

Doc Goes McMobile

Doc Goes McMobile

Doc Goes McMobile

Doc Goes McMobile

Doc Goes McMobile

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My Talking Kitty Cat v2.2 Apk for android

My Talking Kitty Cat is a Casual Game for android
download last version of My Talking Kitty Cat Apk for android from revdl with direct link

“Meow! Meow! Come and play,” says this cute kitty cat! My Talking Kitty Cat is one of those virtual pet games you will love. She is a charming funny kitty you will want to show off to all your friends. Download the game and join the cat world.

This talking cat will sweep you off your feet with her elegance and cuteness. Play cat games with the little kitty and laugh at her silly moves. Once you start playing with this talking cat, all you will want to say is “My virtual pet”. She will become an angel in the house, loved by the whole family.

To hear the kitty talk, say something and she will repeat it in a funny voice. The game is simple and interesting, which is why it belongs to games for toddlers and kids. It also contains mini games which can be fun for teens and adults, too. But that is not all! Since the kitty cat is a virtual pet, the children will have an opportunity to see what it feels like to take care of a pet who is hungry, thirsty, sleepy or wants to play. What is more, the game encourages creativity in children with its dress up games. Choose the best outfit, match the sunglasses and parade your fashionable kitty cat wherever you go!


– Talk to the kitty and she will repeat everything you say in a funny voice.
– This kitty is a true virtual pet so you will need to care for her all the time
– Give the kitty bath to make her clean after a play day.
– Play dress up games with the kitty cat and make her look elegant and fashionable.
– Play mini games with this cute kitty.
– Pet the kitty to hear her purr.
– Poke, tease or slap the cat to see what else she can do.

With this miss kitty, cat sounds turn into cool kitten noises which will make you smile all day long. Soon this charming kitty will be one of your favorite virtual pets!



Make your kitty run and get as much food as you can while trying to stay alive for as long as you can. Fly your kitty as a bird and make sure she gets around all the obstacles.


Move your kitty cat around to get as much good food as possible. Make sure she eats only what is edible because a rotten one means game over.


Tap the screen so that the larger one jumps over the smaller one. If they crash, you lose!


Keep your kitty moving on the screen, but make sure she does not touch the spikes. If she does, or falls too low, the game ends.


Make this kitty cat go as high in the sky as possible.

Talking kitty is a virtual pet you have always wanted! You will have to feed it, tuck it into sleep or give the little kitty bath. But most of all, she will want to play! If you enjoyed playing with other talking animals, such as talking cats or talking dogs, you will definitely enjoy your new kitty cat virtual friend. This game for boys and girls will add more laughter to a casual day. Download My Talking Kitty Cat and say hello to your little kitty!

*** This free game is an intellectual property of DigitalEagle – copyright 2015. ***

My Talking Kitty Cat

My Talking Kitty Cat

My Talking Kitty Cat

My Talking Kitty Cat

My Talking Kitty Cat

My Talking Kitty Cat

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