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CSR Racing 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

CSR Racing 2

It’s time to get off the line quickly again. By that we mean drag racing, and by that, we mean not challenging the person next to you at the stoplight, but tackling some CSR Racing 2.

The sequel to the very popular CSR Racing has finally arrived from NaturalMotion and Zynga, and the basics are still the same. Hone your skills at drag racing, improve the cars you have, acquire new ones and advance through progressively more difficult race crews to prove your mettle Not much is different from last time out, right?

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Just enough is different to make things potentially confusing at times. But fear not: we’ve been playing CSR Racing 2 since it was in soft launch, so we’re happy to help. Browse on through our CSR Racing 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies and you’re almost certain to find something to help make you a more successful racer. Just, uh, please don’t test any of these ideas out in real life.

Keep It in the Green


Gone is waiting for the green light to appear in your dashboard when launching and waiting for the right time to shift gears. Instead, your new buddy when it comes to going fast is an area of green on your tachometer.

At the start of a race, you’ll have to rev the motor so that the needle falls in the green zone when the countdown hits zero for a perfect launch, or pretty darn close for a good launch. Then when you are in the heat of the race, you’ll need to shift when the needle finds its way back into the green again.

Of the two techniques, finding a way to launch correctly is much trickier. Every car has a different launch zone, and you might have to do some experimenting every time you earn a new ride, because it’s almost guaranteed that what worked in your last one is no good.

BONUS TIP: For some cars, over-revving and timing it so the needle falls back into the correct zone at the end of the countdown might be worth a try.

A Brief History of Upgrades

Just like in the last game, your car gets faster by upgrading its various components. There are five levels of upgrades for all seven parts possible just by spending money or gold, with a sixth level that you can install only if you win the correct, car-specific part.

The first three levels (or Stages) of upgrades can be installed immediately. Stages four and five are imported parts (in the game’s world, anyway) and take time to be delivered unless you spend gold to skip the wait.

There are also special items called fusion parts that can be installed after you’ve done several upgrades to any given component. Fusion parts don’t add all that much to your vehicle’s potential, but they can make the difference between otherwise evenly matched cars, and they are linked to certain makes, not models, meaning an uncommon engine fusion part for your Tier 2 BMW could also be used in a Tier 3 BMW if so desired.

Besides just generally getting faster, it’s important to level up your nitrous, transmission and tires a few Stages, because …

Quarter or Half?


The tune option at the bottom of the garage navigation (the icon looks like a spark plug) isn’t just for show. Once you’ve installed Stage 2 upgrades, you can use it to exercise more control over the following aspects of your car’s performance:

  • Nitrous Oxide – Unlocks at Stage 2, allowing you to choose the balance between the power and duration of your nitro burst.
  • Final Drive – With a Stage 4 Transmission upgrade, you can tinker with the gear ratio of your car.
  • Tire Pressure – With Stage 3 or better tires, air pressure comes into play to balance between acceleration and grip.

The combination of tuning factors can either add or subtract from your car’s potential, as indicated by a positive or negative number at the top of the screen next to the base PP. Again, every vehicle is different, and you can use the Dyno and Test Run options in the Tune menu to experiment.

However, there’s one very important reason to visit the tuning screen, and that’s because not all races in CSR Racing 2 are created equal. Most are a quarter-mile, where being quickest off the line is key. Other races go a half-mile, and then it’s a good idea to sacrifice some initial acceleration for more top speed (since there’s time to build up to it).

We’ll go even further and say you will lose half-mile races if you don’t tune your car specifically for them. Check out the Final Drive once you have that option, and be sure to use the Dyno to see what impact changes make to your top speed.

Squad … er, Crew Goals

CSR Racing 2 crew stats

The big social addition to CSR Racing 2 comes in the form of crews. Like alliances or clans from other games, crews allow groups of players to work together toward common goals, earning perks that benefit all members.

Currently, there’s really no downside to joining a crew. While the goals are separated into “seasons” that span a few days, there’s no specific time you need to be online to contribute like in some games, and the goals are so general in most cases (like number of races, money earned, etc.) that simply playing the game tends to help the crew in some way.

Thus, even if you’re not usually a joiner, you’ll probably want to make an exception for crews. Just trust us on this.

Go Live


A really interesting aspect to CSR2 is the ability to face off against other human racers in live head-to-head multiplayer. No need for any asynchronous foolishness here.

While it might be intimidating to step up and take on other players, it’s definitely worth checking out. Win streaks in Live Races are among the best ways to have shots at rare cars, and you don’t lose anything (but some pride, one supposes) for losing a race in that mode.

Also, while you can wager in-game cash on Live Races, you don’t have to do so. In fact, money is only at stake from your personal stash if you agree to it. Give it a shot and see how you do, because you might surprise yourself.

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Teeny Titans Review: Heroes, All


Right now, Robin, Batman’s teenage ward, is wearing a dog costume. He’s changed his name to Dogbin, in order to sneak into a figure battling competition in a pet shop. This is just one of the reasons that Teeny Titans is glorious. It’s a bright and buzzing cartoon adventure with shades of Pokemon thrown in for good measure. And It drips quality from every one of its multitudinous pores.

If you’re looking for a new RPG with a cheeky sense of humour and a stuff-collecting backbone, then you owe it to yourself to pick this one up and give it a go.


The game stars all of your favourite Teen Titans from the cartoon, but even if you’ve just got a passing interest in DC Comics, you’re going to know enough about the characters to raise more than the occasional smile.

A new craze is sweeping through the Titan’s home city, one that involves collecting and battling action figures of the heroes themselves. As Robin it’s up to you to collect all of the 70 figures and become the best battler in the world.

Everything in Teeny Titans is split into a series of quests. Some of these push the story along, others are optional. You earn gold by winning battles, and you can spend the cash on new characters to add to your roster.


The battles see you taking three of your team into a clever mix of turn-based and real-time combat. Each of your characters has a set of attacks, and it takes a specific amount of time for them to charge up. A bar at the bottom of the screen shows you when they’re ready.

More powerful attacks take a full bar to unleash, but you need to balance that with being vulnerable while you wait for the chance to attack. You can see your opponent’s bar as well, and plan accordingly.

Different attacks have different effects, and sometimes whomping a foe will get you a special box that delivers a buff for your next attack. Your characters all have different roles to play, and there’s some excellent interplay between them. You can swap whenever you want, and some moves will stack and effect the other members of your team as well.


And the whole thing plays out wonderfully. The animation is excellent, the battles are tight and surprisingly strategic, and there’s a sense of progression at almost every turn. This is a balanced and intelligent RPG with enough swagger that it’s hard to dislike.

There are a few problems here and there, mainly involving navigating the world map. The controls are a little fiddly and it’s sometimes a bit too easy to end up in a dead-end. Unlocking warp points helps out, but it takes a while to do that. But these are small niggles compared to the fun you’ll have collecting and battling the vast number of figures here. There’s a depth to the game that’s belied by its cartoon styling. Upgrading your characters, learning the best combinations, and picking a solid back-up team are all key if you want to succeed.

Teeny Titans is a brilliant mash-up of RPG ideas, all gelled together by a top notch presentation and a clear passion for the source material. It’s about as vibrant and engaging as mobile games get, and you should definitely give it a go as soon as possible.

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Grab ZPlay’s New Release Inner Circle from the App Store Now


If brain-twisting puzzle titles with catchy soundtracks and a slick aesthetic are right up your alley, ZPlay’s new release is the one for you. Incorporating a simple premise with a beautifully laid out actuality, the game is a must-play for gamers of all generations.

The developer and publisher, ZPlay, have truly put their own stamp on the mobile gaming industry, attracting over 400 million players since their beginning in 2010. With an array of top 10 rankings up their sleeve, players can be sure they’re getting a quality release.

0x0ss (4)

The general gist of Inner Circle is that players must strive to align the two circles together with their colours matching, before the two collide. To achieve this, players must tap the screen repeatedly to ensure that the colour align as they travel towards its centre, then swipe to speed up the process and consequently, earn more points.

Due to this easy-to-grasp idea, the game opens itself up to a wide audience, young and old, as it encapsulates the simplicity of a traditional puzzle game with a souped-up look and sound.

With a huge number of levels to get through – around 250 – the game is a sure-fire hit with any veteran puzzle players and offers ample entertainment for players on the go.

Two exciting features of the game include a night-mode that allows players to alter the colour scheme of the game to suit differing lighting situations, and an Arcade mode that opens up the game to indefinite levels, allowing players to plough through to their heart’s content.

Available now for iOS devices.

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partners.

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This Week’s 11 New Mobile Games You Should Be Playing


There are big weeks on mobile, and then there are BIG weeks on mobile. This week is very much the latter. Huge franchises, a big celebrity, and one of last year’s very best games finally comes to Android.

It’s a very good week to be a mobile gamer.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

final fantasy brave exvius

A brand new, fully-fledged Final Fantasy built from the ground up with mobile gamers in mind. If that sentence didn’t make you drool uncontrollably, this probably isn’t the right game for you. If it did? WELCOME TO PARADISE!

CSR Racing 2

csr racing 2

NaturalMotion had a huge hit on their hands a few years ago with CSR Racing; a game of tuning muscle cars testing them against other players, so it’s only “natural” that they’d bring a sequel to the App Store and Google Play. This one has been in the works for a good long time, and according to our review, the wait has thoroughly paid off.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

lego star wars force awakens

Here’s an interesting one: LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens on mobile launched day and date alongside its console counterparts this week — but is it the same game? Yes and no. You can enjoy the first bit of play for free, but unlike its bigger sibling, you’ll have to buy new levels and characters that will be released sporadically throughout the year to complete the adventure.

Farm Heroes Super Saga

farm heroes super saga

Need a little more match-3 in your life? King has just launched the sequel to one of their most popular puzzle games, and this time things get a little windy. Be sure to check out our full review, and get a leg up with our Farm Heroes Super Saga tips, cheats and strategies.

Her Story


One of 2015’s best games finally came to Android this week. If you enjoy games that play with narrative, few are quite as successful in experimentation as Her Story. Piece together a mystery by searching through a police database to watch snippets of interrogation tapes that take you further and further down the rabbit hole.

Gordon Ramsay DASH

gordon ramsay dash

Glu has released a really sensible celebrity game, pairing their hit Diner Dash franchise with the world’s most famous chef. (Fingers crossed this leads to a Hotel Dash / Hotel Hell crossover someday!)

Twilight Struggle

twilight struggle

For a number of years, Twilight Struggle was the #1 board game in the world according to users at BoardGameGeek (the web’s de facto gathering place for tabletop hobbyists). If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, but didn’t want to spend an absurd amount of money on the physical version, you can join all of the Cold War drama with a tidy little purchase for your iPad.

Pocket Arcade Story

pocket arcade story

After dabbling their toes recently in the world of free-to-play, Kairosoft are returning to the paid formula that’s always worked so well for them. Run your very own arcade this time, just like your dreams in the 1980’s promised you!



Ready for a game that’s deceptively challenging? Teeter tasks players with carefully guiding a ball by teetering a board left and right. You’ll need to bypass dangers (and just not drop it!) if you want to succeed time and again.

The Little Fox

the little fox

Are you a longtime fan of The Little Prince? If so, this should be high on your radar this week. It’s an alternate telling of that tale, starring a fox who travels across 13 wildly different planets.

Neo Turf Masters

neo turf masters

An NEO GEO golf classic is reborn on mobile devices thanks to DotEmu. If you’ve ever spent an afternoon playing arcade golf in the 90’s, it was either this or Golden Tee.

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Pokémon GO Beta Impressions: Layering Your World in Pocket Monsters


Headed into the beta period, or what the companies behind Pokémon GO called its field test, I had just one burning question: Since most people would probably be putting the game through its paces in big cites and other exciting locales, would it transform my sleepy little town (population: 4,520) into a place teeming with Pokémon too?

Happily, the answer to that question was “yes.” The augmented reality aspects of Nintendo’s first true foray into mobile work charmingly well regardless of where you’re playing, transforming local landmarks into PokéStops and Gyms. In my case, that meant things like the local cemetery, the hotel turned restaurant in the middle of town (which the game itself told me dates back to the early 1800s), churches and more.


As emphasized during Nintendo’s Treehouse streams during E3, the ‘GO’ part of Pokémon GO isn’t just branding, but what you’ll have to do to get the most out of the finished product. While you’re kept in the loop about which Pokémon are nearby, actually capturing means getting off your rear and exploring. The in-game map worked almost eerily well to pinpoint my location (save for which way I was facing at times), had a day/night cycle and the whole nine yards. Will you be healthier playing it? Not necessarily, but you won’t be rooted to your couch either.


What the game might need before its official launch is a little more hand-holding for new players. The game mechanics aren’t very complicated, but there’s also not much in the way of explanation on even things as basic as throwing a Pokéball — a staple of the game. Sure, most people have done that thousands of times across the many different forms the brand has taken over the years, but this time you’re really hurling the sphere at Pokémon that have shown up in your backyard or are defending the library.

The interface is smooth and already fairly polished, and details like the avatar customization and music already ring true. There’s also an undeniable feeling of amusement mixed with delight at interacting with Pokémon while you’re out and about. The compulsive need to “catch ’em all” definitely takes on a whole new dimension when overlaid on the real world, regardless of where you are in it, and that drive should make plenty of people flock to Pokémon GO when it first launches.

pokemon go battle

And since Nintendo, for whatever reason, seems almost allergic to using the term “mobile game,” perhaps finding it too limited in some way, rest assured that Pokémon GO is indeed a game, not just an app, and one that appears it will be pretty fun when it finally sprouts into iOS and Android in the near future.

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