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Beach Volleyball 2016 v1.2.8 Apk for android

Beach Volleyball 2016 is a Sports Game for android
download last version of Beach Volleyball 2016 Apk for android from revdl with direct link

We love listening to your feedback so please keep it coming! A feature you’ve been asking for that we couldn’t wait to share with you is finally here!

Character Customizations!

Change facial expressions and features, hair styles and hair color. There are a bunch of new customizations available for you to choose from! The choice is yours!

Are you ready to experience Beach Volleyball like never before? Well pack your bags because you’re headed to some of the world’s finest Beach Volleyball courts.

From the team that brought you, “The Best Beach Volley on iPad” game, Beach Volley Motion Sensing, comes the all-new Beach Volleyball 2016.

Choose to play for your favorite team and hear the crowd cheer you on as you outplay your friends in head-to-head online matches. Pass, assist, attack, block and dig your way to the championships and bring home the trophy for your country.

– Choose from 16 International Male or Female teams
– Change the speed of game play by choosing normal, medium, fast or fastest speed. Perfect for all skill levels!
– Play on 5 different exotic courts around the world.
– Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Tournament Modes.
– Change facial expressions and features, hair styles, hair color, and more.
– Fully Immersive 3D Graphics and Animations.
– Compatible with iOS version 6.0 or higher.

Beach Volleyball 2016, “You’re in the Game”

Beach Volleyball 2016

Beach Volleyball 2016

Beach Volleyball 2016

Beach Volleyball 2016

Beach Volleyball 2016

Beach Volleyball 2016

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Puzzle Your Way Through Art in Inklings


As someone who’s no expert on art, I can’t always appreciate a painting or drawing the way some people can. What I can recognize is how cool art-style backdrops would be as levels in a mobile game, which is why Inklings caught my eye.

Its creator, Applepine Games, describes Inklings as “a beautiful Lemmings-style puzzler featuring artsy hand drawn and painted levels.” The Inklings themselves are small round beings with glasses (maybe being too close to the art is having detrimental effects on their vision?) who need your help to get to the goal of each level, which appears to be a pretty literal hole in reality.

As you can see in the trailer below, guiding the Inklings through each hand-drawn or painted level takes some doing, thanks to the varied nature of the backgrounds and a host of interesting game mechanics.

The way the characters interact with their environment looks extremely engaging, as you can see the Inklings erasing parts of the paintings, shifting objects around, using portals and much more. Physics also appear to be variable, which, let’s face it, is kind of what you’d expect if you were sucked into a painting. Not that I’ve thought about that since Mary Poppins, mind you.

In any case, Inklings is on the way for both iOS and PC/Mac on October 6. It’s already got a Steam page to call its own and an official site, and since it’s a “pay one price” affair and not free-to-play, you may want to consider setting aside a few bucks for the App Store if this tickles your artistic fancy.

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Pumped BMX 3 Review: Pumped Up


As a kid, I was too big a wimp to try BMX biking, despite watching a few friends pull off some cool tricks. A lack of dexterity in my body and some good old-fashioned cowardice got in the way for me. Luckily, I have some dexterity in my hands which means that games like Pumped BMX 3 are ideal for my wishful thinking.

The third and final instalment in the popular Pumped BMX series continues to build upon the success of earlier games. You’re tasked with over 720 challenges to work through, participating in various different arenas across 6 interesting environments. That’s a lot of content. It’s also admittedly content that not everyone is going to see. Pumped BMX 3 is pretty tough at times. It’s something that you can learn and improve at, but don’t expect it to be an easy ride.

Pumped BMX 3 Review: Pumped Up

Starting out, a tutorial guides you through the basics. A pump button helps you accelerate down the course, while spin has you spinning in midair. A joystick can be tilted in numerous different directions in order to pull off certain moves while you’re flying through the air. Oh, and tilting your iPhone affects how you lean on the bike. That’s quite a lot to take on board, but Pumped BMX 3 is reasonably good at easing you in.

The key to many levels is to be able to build up sufficient momentum in order to even get to the end. Oftentimes, you’ll have to replay stages to get a feel for a stage before knowing when and where to pull off a few tricks. Luckily hitting restart takes hardly any time at all. Juggling tricks and the many different ways in which you can achieve them is a real balancing act, but it’s satisfying when you manage it. The idea is very much a matter of “don’t run before you can walk.”

Pumped BMX 3 Review: Pumped Up

Where Pumped BMX 3 helps you out is through the Skill Challenges section. Upon selecting a level, you’re given a series of objectives. These relate to different medals. You can gain a bronze medal simply for completing a level, while a platinum might have you pulling off a series of cool tricks in a row. It’s an excellent system because it means that most ability levels will still be able to achieve a bare minimum medal. It also gives you the perfect reason to go back for more, trying to improve upon your earlier scores.

And that’s the beauty behind Pumped BMX 3. It’s tough but consistently rewarding. You find yourself going back for more, even if it might make you yell a few choice words along the way. For the personalization fan, there’s the option of picking out different bikes too, as well as changing up your rider. It’s a small but neat touch in a game that’s full of sensibly thought out ideas.

At times, the physics engine might seem a little dated. Certain moments have your rider stuck in the ground in a way that looks awkward rather than charmingly ragdoll-ish, but mostly, Pumped BMX 3 hits the spot every other time. Not everyone is going to manage to complete all 720 challenges, with some particularly fiendish, but the journey there is satisfying stuff. Even more so when completely free of in-app purchases. Pumped BMX 3 is an ideal premium purchase.

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Wheel of Fortune Free Play Review: Not So Lucky


Wheel of Fortune Free Play is a game that’s simultaneously quite fun and utterly forgettable. Kind of like the TV show it’s based on. We’ve all enjoyed a few episodes of Wheel of Fortune here and there, but I can’t imagine anyone has thought “I can’t wait to see the next show!” The gaming equivalent is much the same. It’s fun, but you won’t exactly be rushing to return to it.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play attempts to throw some kind of structure into the core game by having you travel the world by completing different themes in various cities. Along the way there are upgrades to pick up too, helping to give you a sense of progression. Despite this attempt at turning Wheel of Fortune Free Play into a kind of story-led game though, the bulk of the experience is pretty much what you’d expect.

wheel of fortune free play review
You take your time spinning the wheel, picking out letters, and trying to solve the puzzle by guessing what the phrase is. It’s a format that’s familiar to anyone who has owned a TV set in the last 30+ years. There are different categories available, ensuring there’s a fair amount of diversity.

Where Wheel of Fortune Free Play falters is that some of the solutions can be a tad obscure. This is partly down to them sometimes being niche references, but also because they don’t always fit into the category hugely well. When pursuing something listed under ‘people’, you assume it’s going to be a famous person rather than a group of people that happen to be related to each other. But you’re just as likely to find “School Principal” as you are “Angelina Jolie.”

Despite this, Wheel of Fortune Free Play is still pretty fun once you learn its eccentricities. Each game only takes a few minutes and follows the format of the show closely. You take turns with other players, opting to spin for a consonant or pay for a vowel. Win a game and you get to partake in a bonus round which leads to additional bits and pieces that all tie into the many freemium style elements of the game.

wheel of fortune free play review

And yes, this is unfortunately a game that offers an energy system, meaning you won’t get to play for as long as you might like. It doesn’t even have the decency to restore your energy when you level up. This probably isn’t a game you’re going to want to play for hours on end anyway, but it is notable that Wheel of Fortune Free Play feels increasingly like it wants your money. As well as the energy system, you can buy hints for a price too.

On the plus side, there’s a goals/achievement system that encourages you to complete certain things before earning diamonds for doing so. Those diamonds can then be used to buy hints and other bonuses. In a way, it’s all filler content. After all, merely completing the word puzzles themselves is pretty satisfying, but the achievements system does help those keen for more of a structure.

Those puzzles could be sharper, and the free-to-play elements less intrusive, but Wheel of Fortune Free Play manages to capture the feel of the show fairly well. Will it stick around on your iPhone for a while to come? I think that’s actually down to a hidden away addition — the ability to create your own puzzles and share them with friends. Get some people involved, and that’s where things are most rewarding. Otherwise, alone, you might find Wheel of Fortune Free Play a little too samey in the long term. One day, you’ll run out of energy/tickets, and you’ll simply forget to go back.

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Let’s Play Clash Royale #58: TRIPLE SPARKY.

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