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Webzen celebrates Shot Online Golf: World Championship rollout with a week of events

Shot Online Golf: World Championship is the first mobile spinoff of the hugely successful Korean golfing MMO Shot Online Golf. It sees you taking on other players and levelling up your character in a giant, gorgeous, fun-packed virtual golfing world.

Having spent several months polishing its clubs and pressing its slacks after the CBT from last year, the game is now entering a massive launch. It’s available everywhere in the world except the US, EU, Korea, and Japan.

The game has had an update too, adding a heap of new content. But before getting to that, let’s start with the basics.

Shot Online has been around in some form since 2004, giving it a massive following. Therefore, Shot Online Golf: World Championship has plenty of willing opponents to play whenever you boot it up. The 1v1 matches take place in real time, and there is also the Betting Challenge to keep things spicy, along with skills and items to collect.

The latest update adds a number of features and improvements, including boss stages in the Academy. Challenging and beating these bosses lets you unlock new stages and missions, as well as increasing your skill.

Plus, there are hundreds of clubs and items of clothing to acquire, letting you customise your character in intricate detail. Not only that but you can level up your clubs and clothes, making your favourites even more unassailable.

And to celebrate this new launch, developer Webzen has created several new events, such as the Betting Challenge Victory Count Event, which you take part in by playing the Betting Challenge.

It lasts from February 28th until March 11th, and it gives you a number of different rewards depending on the number of wins you rack up.

Then there’s the Special Login Event, which gives you a reward every day for logging in, and the Hole Cup In Event, where a gold box will appear when you hole out. These are available between February 28th and March 11th too.

So if you’ve been eagerly await the arrival of Shot Online Golf: World Championship in your territory, your patience will be rewarded with a host of goodies.

For the rest of US and European players, its final round for the grand opening will take place in the first half of 2018.

Grab Shot Online Golf on Google Play and the App Store for free right now.



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Back MMOAuctions now on Kickstarter

If you’re an online gamer, here’s a problem you’ve almost certainly encountered: you want to switch to a different game, but you’re reluctant to give up the wealth you’ve amassed. The only solution is to cash it in, but the websites that let you do this are shady, confusing, and charge exorbitant fees. It’s not worth the risk or the hassle, so you just write it off.

Well that was the past. The future is a Kickstarter project called, which is aiming to provide a safe, fast, responsive, and modern platform for trading gaming goods.

Let’s start with safe. Security is paramount in any online transaction, and the team at has come up with a whole suite of measures to give you peace of mind. Not only is there a six-step verification process to confirm that you’re dealing with a real person, along with a filter that eliminates VPN and TOR accounts, but has come up with its own Scamkiller system to make doubly sure the site is free of scoundrels.

Scamkiller is a vast publicly available database of information about online fraudsters gathered from various forums and websites. It already contains 28,000 entries, and more are being added every day. On top of that there’s a badge and feedback system, so you’ll be able to tell at a glance whether the person you’re dealing with is a goodie or a baddie.



Another thing that differentiates from the online trading platforms that have gone before is its high quality design. There’s no unnecessary flashiness or flair, but the layout is intuitive, the design is clear, and the whole experience is incredibly smooth. What’s more, this is a responsive site, so it looks great in every resolution and orientation. A free mobile app will follow in due course.

The team at is placing a huge emphasis on making the site fast and easy to navigate. Adding an offer takes about two minutes, while managing deals is extremely straightforward thanks to facilities like mass-relisting and quick offer-editing. Alongside the suite of convenient seller tools there’s also a built-in chat function, putting you directly in touch with other reputable users.

If this sounds like the kind of service you’ve been looking for, you may want to head over to the Kickstarter page to make a pledge. For $1 you’ll get early access to the site, among other perks, while backers at higher tiers will enjoy a raft of goodies such as custom profile themes, MMOPro access, moderator privileges, and a variety of different badges and trinkets.

The current Kickstarter goal is $10,000, but the development team has identified a number of stretch goals should it exceed that target. They include:

  • A clan system, allowing clan members to see their offers
  • A digital key marketplace
  • A gaming peripherals marketplace
  • A skin market

If you want all this good stuff in your life we suggest you visit the Kickstarter right now and make it happen.



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Infinity Merge – Can buy any Power Up’s/Background’s Mod Apk

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Jetpack Joyride – Unlimited Coins Mod Apk

Unlimited Coins Mod Apk goes perfect with the magnificent game Jetpack Joyride! Jetpack Joyride is a game where you will see bullet-powered jetpacks, giant mechanical dragons, birds that poop money! Suit up with a selection of the coolest jetpacks ever made and test your skills as a legendary action hero Barry Steakfries. Over 500 million players can’t be wrong. Download it ...

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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition tips, hints and basics

Final Fantasy XV; Pocket Edition

It’s hard being a prince. At least it’s hard being a prince when you’re betrothed is a world away, your dad gives you the bum’s rush out of your kingdom and more forces are working against you than you ever imagined. Then again, Prince Noctis, hero of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, at least has three loyal companions and the ability to make weapons out of thin air, and that’s not nothing.

He also has you at the controls. Or at least he will once you read our Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition tips and hints, the better to start you on your way to surviving the world of Eos.

The basics

Everything in Pocket Edition has been made over with touchscreens in mind, and the controls are about as simple as they can get. You move and fight with only Noctis, as his companions act automatically with one important exception we’ll get to shortly. Simply tap to move around, tap on the bubbles above NPCs’ heads to talk to them and … well, mostly tap on everything. Unlike the console version, this isn’t an open world game, so if you try to go somewhere you aren’t permitted to go, you;ll be gently guided back to the area in play.

A single hamburger button in the upper-right corner houses all you menus and other useful goodies. It defaults to showing you the map but you can also access your gear, skill tree, items and shops from there.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

In some parts of the game, you’ll find yourself in Noctis’ car, the Regalia. The car is on tracks and will drive to where you need to go, though you can also steer it using the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen. Might there be a purpose for this? We won’t spoil that here.

Combat, or the art of ghostly weapons

When it’s time to throw down, Noctis can handle himself just fine thanks to his power to create spectral weapons. You still need to equip him with swords, however. In combat, you simply tap on enemies to target them and Noctis will attack them when within range.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

He’ll also take some hits while he fights, though any big blows will give you the chance to parry or dodge. The game will slow down slightly and a crossed sword icon will pop up; tapping it in time will parry the blow and Noctis will deal damage to the attacker. Waiting slightly longer will offer a dodge icon instead, allowing Noctis to avoid damage but deal nothing in return. Wait too long and whammo, you take all the damage.

Noctis can also warp strike enemies if you tap and hold down on them, causing him to teleport directly to them to attack. This uses up magic points, so you’ll want to do it only when foes are particularly vulnerable or in hard to reach places like on very high ground.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Finally, Noctis’ companions each have special skills that can be activated after a certain amount of time in combat has passed. When available, they will appear as small circles on the right side of the screen, and you simply tap on them to utilize the attack or other ability.

Ascension: A fancy name for skill tree

Upon leveling up, your characters will earn AP which are pooled to use in the Ascension chart — like we said, just a fancy way of saying skill tree. This allows you to purchase new passive and active skills for Noctis, with nodes further down the tree costing more than the ones near the top.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

However, the Ascension tree also contains nodes for your companions, so there are some decisions to be made along the way. Do you continue to work on Noctis’ combos or grant more power to Ignis? It’s up to you, and the flexibility the system provides is actually pretty nice.

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