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The best football games on mobile

Another Premier League season has come to an end and the pre-World Cup withdrawal symptoms are about to kick in, but there are plenty of places football fans can turn to keep them at bay.

The app stores are packed with beautiful games, from life-consuming football management sims, to casual togger titles that are basically the gaming equivalent of jumpers for goalposts. Here are the best of them…

10. New Star Soccer

New Star Games

Publisher: New Star Games

Available On: iOS, Android

New Star Soccer might feature a mind-boggling array of teams from around the world, but it’s pleasingly simplistic out there on the pitch. New Star Games’ mobile opus is based around an accessible swipe interface that lets you shoot and score with just one hand.

This is part swipey football sim, part casual life simulation as users are also in control of aspects of their player’s affairs away from the pitch. You can buy property, visit the casino and even get yourself into a relationship when you’re not banging them in for your team.

9. Real Football


Publisher: Gameloft

Available On: iOS, Android

Gameloft took a stab at porting the full FIFA experience to the palm of your hand when it brought Real Football to mobile devices several seasons ago. The game looks and plays just like a console-grade football title, with a virtual stick and buttons for directing the action on the pitch.

There are some real-life players and teams featured thanks to licensing deals, a range of game modes – including exhibition, league and international matches – and personalisation options. Users can customise their team’s kit and even upgrade their stadiums. Back of the net!

8. Tiki Taka Soccer

Panic Barn

Publisher: Panic Barn

Available On: iOS, Android

The age-old footy classic Sensible Soccer isn’t available on mobile devices, but that’s nothing to get all worked up about, since we have the next best thing on iOS and Android. Tiki Taka Soccer looks, feels and plays like a fitting homage to the Amiga and PC favourite.

The game shows the action from a bird’s eye view and uses a no-nonsense touch-and-tap interface. It’s simple to pick up, but takes a short lifetime to master. There’s more on offer here than just retro kicks.

7. FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile

Publisher: EA Sports

Available On: iOS, Android

FIFA’s leap to mobile saw the game reimagined as a social experience, in which you’ll spend most of your time blasting through match segments, rather than entire games. Typical challenges FIFA Mobile might throw at you include scoring as many as possible before half time, overturning a deficit with a quarter of the game remaining or winning a penalty shootout.

EA Sports obviously felt these scenarios are better suited to tablets and smartphones than full matches or entire seasons, but the depth comes in the shape of social features. There’s a big focus on squad building – bolstered by an extensive licensing agreement – competing online, challenging your friends and joining global competitions.

6. PES 2018

PES 2017

Publisher: Konami

Available On: iOS, Android

Konami took a different approach to EA Sports when it came to porting their bestselling football game to mobile devices. While FIFA was reimagined as an abridged experience suited to on-the-go play, Pro Evolution Soccer is the real deal, albeit with some necessary concessions.

If you’re after something close to the full PES experience on tablets and smartphones, PES 2018 has you covered, with its 3D visuals and extensive online features. The number of licensed teams and players may be thin on the ground compared to FIFA, but PES at least has legends such as David Beckham, Romario and Ian Rush on board this season.

5. Pocket League Story 2


Publisher: Kairosoft

Available On: iOS, Android

Pocket League 2 is football management at its most casual. You won’t find any real-life players or teams here, or be forced to navigate endless menu screens to set your tactics. Kairosoft’s take on the beautiful game is stripped down, upbeat and filled with cutesy sprites.

The game tells a true underdog story as you take a squad of no-hopers to the dizzying heights of football glory, building up your stadium, facilities, backroom staff and squad of fictitious superstars along the way. The sequel’s headline inclusion is a multiplayer mode, while lets users pit their winning XI against that of rival managers from around the world.

4. Top Eleven 2018


Publisher: Nordeus

Available On: iOS, Android

Top Eleven is basically a football management simulation for those who prefer a more ‘gamey’ experience than the mobile Football Manager instalments provide. It’s a streamlined offering designed with tablets and smartphones in mind, but that isn’t to say it lacks depth.

In Top Eleven, you’ll be in charge of every aspect of your club, from stadium construction to formations, transfers and tactics. There are more than 5,000 real-life players among the game’s ranks, so it doesn’t skimp entirely on authenticity. Here we have a happy middle ground between Football Manager and Pocket League Story 2.

3. Flick Kick Football


Publisher: PikPok

Available On: iOS, Android

The mobile gaming sector is broad enough to host a wide range of different football titles. If console-esque is what you’re after, PES 2018 is the way to go, while those seeking an in-depth management experience should look no further than Football Manager Touch.

But maybe you want neither of those things, and are instead looking for a quick flickabout to take the sting out of a commute. In that case, Flick Kick Football is where you should turn. It’s an ultra-casual, arcade offering based on pitch-perfect flick and swipe controls. Who’d have thought you could net a wonder goal with just one finger?

2. Football Manager Mobile

Publisher: Sports Interactive

Available On: iOS, Android

The first of two Football Manager titles to round off our list, FM Mobile 2018 is the one to go for if the idea of playing the game anywhere on your smartphone appeals. This is the definitive footy simulation scaled down so it fits in the palm of your hand.

Much of the porting process involved tailoring the game for handsets. There’s no 3D match engine – games play out in old-school, text-centric fashion – and the menu screens have been optimised for limited display real estate, but the depth and authenticity are still there. Players have the chance to manage teams from all over the world, backed by a massive database of real players, and the amount of tactical nouse FM Mobile 2018 calls for would put Pep Guardiola through his paces.

1. Football Manager Touch 2018

Sports Interactive

Publisher: Sports Interactive

Available On: iOS, Android

Sports Interactive pulled off something spectacular with Football Manager Touch by bringing the definitive Football Manager experience to iPad and Android tablets, so you can immerse yourself in it at home and away. To be precise, this is the streamlined Classic version found on PC, repackaged for mobile devices without concession.

From the 3D match engine to the jam-packed database and broad range of tactical options, it’s all in place here. You can even transfer your save game from the PC edition via Steam integration and continue on the move. This is the number one football management simulation on mobile.

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15 mobile games in soft launch you need to know about

No all mobile games hit every country across the world in one fell swoop. Some spend a good while in soft launch, doing the rounds in select regions so the developers can catch any bugs and glitches in their net and zap them ahead of the big, worldwide release.

Keeping a close eye on what’s at this stage in development is a good way of staying up to date with the future iOS and Android classics that are about to land in an app store near you, and here are the most exciting games in soft launch right now.

15. Battlelands Royale


Publisher: Futureplay

Available On: iOS & Android (Finland, Poland, Ukraine)

Battle royale is all the rage on mobile right now, so it comes as no surprise than another developer has stepped up to put its own stamp on the concept. Futureplay’s Badlands Royale is a casul entry to the genre in which players fight to the death with 23 others in a gradually-shrinking arena. Snap it up now if you’re in Poland, Finland or the Ukraine.

14. Emerge!

Gram Games

Publisher: Gram Games

Available On: iOS (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand)

There’s nothing like a simple, addictive puzzler to kill time when life throws a waiting room stay or a public transport journey at you. Emerge! is a new one from Gram Games and it promises a gentle learning curve and fiendishly compelling match-up gameplay.

13. Card Smash: Tribes at War

Heavyweight Rex

Publisher: Heavyweight Rex

Available On: Australia, Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, Philippines, India

Card Smash: Tribes at War is a mobile card battler made by a developer that sounds like a boxing dinosaur. Heavyweight Rex’s iOS exclusive challenges you to build the ultimate deck, scale the leaderboard and make your mark on a world where tribes are forever at war.

12. Diamond Diaries Saga


Publisher: King

Available On: Android (Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Poland)

When it comes to colourful puzzle games, King really lives up to its name. The Candy Crush studio is back with another infectious casual game that challenges players to match objects by colour. Diamond Diaries Saga is available now in Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Mexico and Poland.

11. Rocky Horror: Touch Me

Rocket Lolly Games

Publisher: Rocket Lolly Games

Available On: iOS & Android (Denmark, Ireland, Sweden)

Rhythm-action gets a Rocky Horror twist in Rocket Lolly Games’ Rocky Horror: Touch Me. With a swipe to the left and a tap to the right, you can star in your own version of Richard O’Brien’s hit musical and dance along to its most iconic tracks.

10. Quantum Siege

Armada Interactive

Publisher: Armada Interactive

Available On: iOS (Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, Qatar, Australia, Romania, Singapore, Ireland, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Iceland)

Sci-fi strategy Quantum Siege has you directing an army on an intergalactic battlefield, commanding all kinds of high-tech units from a top-down perspective. There are daily story missions and a fleshed-out multiplayer mode to keep space cadets busy for a good while.

9. League of Dragons

Social Point

Publisher: Social Point

Available On: iOS & Android (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru)

It sounds like something from Game of Thrones, but League of Dragons is actually a cute, colourful MOBA-style offering for iOS and Android devices. Collect dragons, spells and special moves in the form of cards and then stick it to rival fire breathers in PvP contests.

8. Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak


Publisher: Ubisoft

Available On: iOS & Android (Canada, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil)

Tom Clancy is sadly no longer with us, but his legacy is alive and well in gaming because Ubisoft’s keeps churning out titles with his name on them. Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak is the latest of them, and it’s basically battle royale with sniper rifles, console-quality 3D graphics and stacks of eSports potential.

7. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians


Publisher: Ubisoft

Available On: iOS & Android (Australia, Canada, Philippines, Singapore)

Ubisoft has several impressive looking mobile games in soft launch right now, and most of them are franchise fodder. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians is a squad battler entry to the long-running fantasy series, in which players assemble teams of five heroes, kit them out and pit them against waves upon waves of enemies.

6. Temple Run: Treasure Hunters


Publisher: Scopely

Available On: iOS & Android (Australia, Philippines)

There isn’t much running involved in the latest entry in the Temple Run series. Treasure Hunters is a spinoff which sees the franchise make strides into match-3 puzzler territory, and you can plunder it right now if you happen to live in Australia or the Philippines.

5. Guardians: A Torchlight Game

Perfect World Games

Publisher: Perfect World Games

Available On: iOS (Australia)

Action-RPG series Torchlight has been scaled down for mobile devices, but Guardians: A Torchlight Game strives to offer something close to the full-fat experience PC players have been enjoying for more than a decade. There’s dungeon crawling aplenty, weird and wonderful pets to rear and co-op to sink your teeth into.

4. Quest Hunter

2 Zombie Games

Publisher: 2 Zombie Games

Available On: iOS (Canada, Australia)

Quest Hunter is more than just another PC RPG that has made the leap to iOS devices. Sure, there’s randomly-generated dungeons, skill trees to climb and all that jazz, but its sharp narrative focus really sets it apart from the competition.

3. Sdorica

Rayark International Ltd

Publisher: Rayark International Ltd

Available On: iOS & Android (Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore)

Rayark International’s Sdorica whisks players away to a rich fantasy world where they’ll be solving puzzles one minute and taking on role-playing challenges the next. Still not convinced? You will be after you’ve feasted your eyes on the stunning animation this one boasts.

2. Monopoly Towns

Backflip Studios

Publisher: Backflip Studios

Available On: iOS & Android (Hungary, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa)

The board game that made tophats and irons trendy has spawned a mobile spinoff in the shape of Monopoly Towns, a game which throws everything from its source material out, besides the town-building aspects. It’s basically an accessible take on the Sim City formula with heightened social elements and no risk of going to jail.

1. Space Pioneer

Vivid Games

Publisher: Vivid Games

Available On: iOS & Android (Philippines, Malaysia)

Space Pioneer is an RPG which casts players as an intergalactic bounty hunter, and that means what you think it does: there’s ample opportunities to shoot aliens in the face. There’s substance on offer too, as exploration and discovering new worlds will also be high on your agenda, though not quite as high as gunning down anything that looks at you funny.

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Shadowgun Legends: A guide to progression and levelling up

Shadowgun Legends boasts more killer content than a mobile shooter has any right to possess, from its countless campaign missions to the never-ending delights of its multiplayer arenas. The bullets rarely stop flying, but there’s more to it than killing anything that moves. Thanks to its RPG components, the game comes with brains as well as brawn.

With this in mind, it’s important to put careful thought into matters such as the gear you equip, the skills you assign and the way you go about levelling up. These are the things you must consider if you want to become an intergalactic bounty hunting legend, and our golden nuggets of advice will help players of all skill levels make the right calls.

Slade is your man for fame and fortune

Madfinger Games

There are many ways to earn XP and fame points in Shadowgun Legends, your lifeblood when it comes to progression. Solo missions, PvP contests and co-op quests are all viable options, but sticking to the former is the quickest way to level up, especially when starting out.

Specifically, focus on completing the missions and side quests handed out by the vendor John Slade in the main hub, as they come with the highest helping of XP and fame once completed. Put PvP and competitive multiplayer on the backburner and tick as many of Slade’s missions off as you can. There will always to time to team up with other players or pit your skills against them further down the line.

Here’s a bonus tip: go for headshots when up against AI foes in campaign mode, as pulling these off will help you rack up extra ranking points.

Enter a sponsorship contract as soon as possible

Madfinger Games

Although many of Shadowgun Legend’s best items can be earned by completing missions, other gear must be purchased with in-game currency, so it’s important to keep your pockets well lined. Working through the campaign quests will help you do this, but it’s possible to make a tidy sum on the side by entering a sponsorship contract.

You can do this by visiting Hakim in the main hub, but he’ll only cut you a deal once you’re an established bounty hunter. Wait until your fame level has reached something close to 100,000 before pursuing this revenue stream, as that’s when things start to get lucrative.

Sponsorship contracts are Madfinger’s way of providing an incentive to log in regularly, and there are deals which reward you for playing daily, hourly or at fixed intervals. Enter the highest-paying deal based on how much Shadowgun Legends playing time you can fit into your schedule.

The Master Salesman skill lets you earn more for unwanted items

Madfinger Games

To become a legendary bounty hunter, you’ll need the best gear in the galaxy and that often means bankrolling its acquisition yourself. Sponsorship and solo campaigning will make you rich eventually, but there’s an optional skill you can unlock to get there faster.

There’s a passive ability located in the Survival section of the skills tree called Master Salesman, and it becomes available when you hit level five. With this under your belt, you will earn more for every item you sell to a vendor in the main hub. Since you’ll be offloading unwanted armour and weaponry on a regular basis, this is a skill you should consider unlocking, because it will literally pay off in the long run.

Plan your upgrades in advance

Madfinger Games

Attempting to apportion upgrade points evenly and simply unlocking the next available skills are common mistakes most Shadowgun Legends newbies are likely to make. The most important thing to consider when working your way up the game’s skills tree is to plan ahead, take a look at the endgame rewards in the Survival, Combat and Agility categories, as well as the hybrid sections because you won’t be able to accumulate enough points to unlock every one of them.

By tapping on an upgrade, you can check out what it entails long before your chance to unlock it arises, so have a scout around and take note of which skills are likely to complement your play style. For instance, reaching the top of the Survival-Agility hybrid tree gives you a power-up that makes you invisible for 15 seconds, and that will comes in really handy to anyone who plays a lot of PvP.

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Shadowgun Legends review – The stuff of legend?

Console-quality shooters on mobile were a thing before Shadowgun Legends came along, doing its best impression of Destiny, but with Madfinger Games’ latest blast-em-up now fully locked and loaded on iOS and Android devices, the quality we’re talking about is no longer the PS2.

Standing on the shoulders of games like NOVA and Dead Trigger 2, Shadowgun Legends takes the touchscreen FPS to new heights. It’s derivative in some respects, sure, but Madfinger deserves plaudits for taking a well-used blueprint and refining it to near perfection.

Everything about Shadowgun Legends screams ‘high-end shooter’ at a brash, confident pitch. If you’ve ever played a mobile FPS before, this is the kind of game you can pick up and play with minimal tuition. A swipe of the left thumb lets you look around, the right is dedicated to movement and firing is automatic if you stick with the default settings.

Madfinger Games

Madfinger shot for accessibility and simplicity and hit the bullseye in both respects. Besides moving and shooting, there are few commands to get your head around. A double-tap of the screen lets you aim, and further down the line, virtual buttons for additional abilities, such as grenade tossing, will appear at the foot of the display.

Keeping things streamlined was a shrewd move on the developer’s part, as this is what makes the game such a good fit for mobile. Including virtual buttons for commands like crouch and jump might have made Shadowgun Legends more sophisticated, but it would also have compromised the free-flowing, fast-paced action.

Graphically, it’s an absolute powerhouse that has the Unreal Engine 4 firing on all cylinders. The game takes place against a colourful sci-fi backdrop that encompasses everything from densely-populated planets to claustrophobic spaceship interiors straight out of the Alien franchise.

Madfinger has a reputation for churning out gorgeous-looking shooters that have about as much upstairs as one of the zombies from Dead Trigger 2, but this isn’t another addition to the mindless horde. The Czech-based studio has gone to great lengths to ensure there’s more to Shadowgun Legends than shooting anything that moves. Missions are spattered with light RPG elements and are objective-based, involving hacking puzzles, rescue escapades and fetch quests.

Of course, none of this is rocket science – even the missions which literally involve rockets – but it does at least create the illusion of depth and elevates the game above the likes of Unkilled. That said, there’s true variety to be found as well: the sheer volume of content and rewards on offer will keep you playing Shadowgun Legends for untold hours.

Madfinger Games

From the game’s main hub, there are always solo missions to embark on, as well as co-op quests and virtually every form of multiplayer versus contest you can think of. Whether teaming up with other players or gunning them down in cold blood, Shadowgun Legends’ infectious accessibility carries over to the online modes, making it competitive with recent throne contenders such as Fortnite and PUBG.

Both solo missions and multiplayer escapades come with bucketloads of XP, which helps you scale the game’s huge skills tree, and successfully completing them always yields new weapons and armour. These drip-fed rewards, and the fact they can be obtained by playing in short bursts, are a big part of what makes Shadowgun Legends so compelling.

Despite its successes, the game isn’t perfect. To say the storyline takes a backseat is an understatement: it’s been bound, gagged and shoved beneath the backseat to pave the way for all-guns-blazing carnage, and the free-to-play business model throws up the occasional obstacle for players with no desire to part with any real-world cash.

This is most apparent when the restrictive inventory cap comes into play. Players are unable to tick off a completed mission until they’ve accepted their rewards, and this means going through the rigmarole of clearing out inventory space every time, unless you’ve paid for additional slots.

These minor gripes aside, Shadowgun Legends is a strong contender for best mobile shooter on the market. The game would have shone on previous-generation home consoles from a visual standpoint and everything about it feels tailored for tablets and smartphones.

Until there comes a time when the likes of Doom, Call of Duty and Battlefield can run on mobile with zero concessions, Shadowgun Legends is Google Play and the App Store’s definitive FPS.

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15 exciting iOS and Android games in soft launch right now

Many of the biggest upcoming iOS and Android games are further along in development than you might think. In fact, players in certain territories might even be playing them in soft launch right now.

Keeping tabs on testbed regions is a good way to stay abreast of the mobile titles that are about to land in your neck of the woods, as well as take a sneaky peek at their features, and here are some of the tentatively-released touchscreen wonders you need to know about.

15. Titan World

Glu Mobile

Publisher: Glu Mobile

Available On: iOS (Philippines)

Glu Mobile’s new IP takes strategic turn-based battles to extreme proportions by having players pit their teams of heavily-armed titans against one another. Available in the Philippines now, Titan World challenges you to climb to the summit of the Titan League, futuristic warfare’s equivalent of football’s Premier League, where goalscoring and crunching challenges are replaced by mayhem and destruction.

14. Angry Birds Blast Island


Publisher: Rovio

Available On: iOS & Android (Hong Kong, Taiwan)

Rovio’s irate avians are no longer a dominant force in the world of mobile gaming, but the Scandanavia studio recaptured some of their early success with the block-matching puzzler Angry Birds Blast. The game’s sequel, Angry Birds Blast Island, offers more of the same and players are already flocking towards it in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

13. Badland Brawl

Frogmind Games

Publisher: Frogmind Games

Available On: iOS (Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam)

Badland Brawl is a free-to-play PvP brawler which takes a page out of Angry Birds’ book. Players will attempt to bring down their opponent’s tower by pinging units at it using an oversized slingshot, and if you’re based in the Netherlands, Scandinavia or parts of Asia, you can take a stab at the tower toppling right now.

12. WWE Universe

Glu Games

Publisher: Glu Mobile

Available On: iOS (New Zealand, Australia)

WWE World is wrestling its way onto iOS devices to give fans the chance to experience what it’s like to manage a wrestling company. Players will be responsible for their superstars’ training regime, become embroiled in drama outside of the ring and take down opponents using one-touch controls inside of it. Adding to the authenticity, the game is also fully licensed and feature real-life WWE stars including Ric Flair and AJ Styles.

11. Twist

Jam City

Publisher: Jam City

Available On: iOS & Android (Argentina, New Zealand, Singapore)

Casual developer Jam City has branched out in interactive fiction with the soft launch of Twist, a portal which thrusts players into the thick of horror, romance, comedy and other literary genres, and lets them determine what happens from chapter to chapter. Here’s a twist you might not want: some of the multiple choice options are locked behind paywalls, though there are subscription models for those who decide this is for them.

10. Legend of Solgard


Publisher: King

Available On: iOS & Android (Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sweden)

Candy Crush studio King is back with a new game and this one sees the developer put its own colourful twist on the RPG. Legend of Solgard blends turn-based combat with match-three puzzling for those who prefer their role-playing accessible and streamlined.

9. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018

Glu Mobile

Publisher: Glu Mobile

Available On: iOS (Canada)

Many successful sports sims dole out annual instalments and Glu Mobile’s MLB Tap Sports Baseball is set to be no exception. Once again, the developer has teamed up with the sport’s governing body to pitch up another helping of America’s favourite pastime, complete with new features including enhanced graphics and a player-management mode.

8. LEGO Quest & Collect


Publisher: Nexon

Available On: iOS & Android (Philippines, Singapore)

LEGO Quest & Collect is about to join a long list of games based on everyone’s favourite multi-coloured bricks. This one has players collecting pieces to enhance their army of Minifigs before sending them into battle. Many of the most popular LEGO brands, including Ninjago, LEGO City and LEGO Pirates are featured, and there’s a PvP mode for those who prefer building (and destroying) LEGO with others.

7. Hit the 5 Casino


Publisher: Webzen

Available On: iOS & Android (New Zealand, Argentina)

If you want to sample a small piece of Las Vegas without the risk of losing any actual money, Webzen’s Hit the 5 Casino is a safe bet. This slot machine simulation is a mobile version of the Korean studio’s popular Facebook title of the same name, available now in soft launch territories New Zealand and Argentina.

6. Battle Breakers

Epic Games

Publisher: Epic Games

Available On: iOS & Android (Philippines, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden)

Gears of War studio Epic Games has launched a fresh assault on mobile with the soft launch of Battle Breakers, an RPG with an emphasis on tactical combat. Available in the Philippines, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden, the game tasks players with building up an army of super warriors so they can reclaim their enslaved planet.

5. Armed Heist


Publisher: Av SOZAP

Available On: iOS (Sweden)

Overkill Software is unlikely to ever bring its Payday series to mobile, but that’s okay because Armed Heist is about to burst onto the iOS scene. It’s a third-person shooter based around cover mechanics and bank robberies. Missions come in bite-sized chunks ideal for mobile and levels are randomly generated. iOS users in Sweden are already doing their best impression of the Joker from the opening scene of The Dark Knight.

4. Circle Breaker

Motorious Entertainment

Publisher: Motorious Entertainment

Available On: iOS & Android (Finland, Netherlands)

If the devil hasn’t found work for your idle thumbs yet, Circle Breaker should do the trick. Motorious Entertainment has a firm grasp of what works on mobile, at least where simplistic puzzlers are concerned. There’s little to it beyond rotating circles and trying to catch the ball in the middle before it drops off screen, but its 700-plus levels should keep you busy for a good while.

3. Crusaders of Light

Netease Games

Publisher: NetEase Games/LongE Play

Available On: iOS & Android (Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore; Taiwan [Android only])

High-end, World of Warcraft-style MMORPG action is on its way to mobile devices in the shape of Crusaders of Light. NetEase’s latest offering boasts stellar 3D visuals, dynamic combat and fully-fledged raids, as well as social features designed specifically with iOS and Android devices in mind. You’ll find plenty of WoW factor here.

2. Farm On!

Cheetah Games

Publisher: Cheetah Games
Available On: iOS & Android (Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Indonesia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Singapore)

Raising cattle and tending to crops has never been easier than in Farm On, an agricultural simulation so accessible that it can be played with one hand. The casual smartphone title is in soft launch in numerous territories, including Britain, and it really is top of the crops.

1. Galactic Frontline


Publisher: NetEase Games

Available On: iOS & Android (Philippines)

NetEase Games’ real-time space battler Galactic Frontline is now in soft launch on iOS and Android in the Philippines. Players are tasked with assembling an interstellar fleet capable of withstanding the heat in a galaxy at war. Whether you challenge other users online, take part in global tournaments or simply work you way through the campaign mode is up to you.

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