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Thunderdogs.io is an impressive multiplayer arcade shooter that you can play in your browser

If you want evidence of how far browser games have come, look no further than Thunderdogs.io. This rollicking arcade romp wouldn’t be out of place on your PS4 or in your Steam library.

Taking the term “aerial dogfighting” perhaps a tad too literally, this is a game about dogs fighting in aircraft. What are they fighting over? Bones of course.

You steer your aircraft with the cursor keys, and fire with space. The up cursor key lets you boost out of trouble at the cost of a couple of units of stamina. Firing costs stamina too, so you need to fight smart.

The controls are brilliantly simple, but piloting your aircraft is anything but. Thanks to the laws of inertia and momentum, you swing and wheel around in the air like a bowling ball on ice. Just avoiding crashes is tricky enough in Thunderdogs.io on Poki, and hitting your targets is a real challenge.

Fortunately there are power-ups to help you out. Dotted around the maps are crates containing a variety of different limited-use special weapons, along with first aid kits to replenish some of your health.

And, of course, there are the bones. These appear randomly, but they also get left behind whenever an aircraft explodes. That means you don’t technically need to kill enemies to gain their loot — you just need to be in the right place at the right time to scavenge the spoils of war.


These floating golden bones aren’t merely decorative. Every time you collect 100 you can spend them on a mystery prize, like a new aircraft, which you can then upgrade with gems and cards.

You get coins and gems just for playing, too, and for completing daily missions such as doing 20 dashes, killing 25 enemies, and finishing all of your missions.

With its solid cartoon graphics, 80s arcade soundtrack, and pin-sharp controls, Thunderdogs.io is a cracking arcade game in its own right. The fact that you only need to click this link to play it makes it even more impressive.

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Here’s When You Can Nab A Ton Of Free Rewards In MU Origin

Thanksgiving is a time for, well, giving thanks. The clue is in the name. And there’s a lot to be thankful for this year if you happen to be an MU Origin player.

Developer Webzen is hosting a number of events and giveaways to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. For a start, on the day itself – November 22nd – you’ll get a ton of free rewards just for logging in.

Meanwhile there will be events throughout Thanksgiving week, from the 17th to the 25th of the month.

The Gift event allows you to claim rewards simply for logging in, while the Login event gives you Collection items for logging in on consecutive days. If you manage all nine days you’ll nab a limited edition Autumn Fairy Footprint costume too.

The Total Purchase Event gives you extra rewards on your total purchases for the duration of the event, including Titles, Wings, and Costume Boxes, and the King of Purchase event lavishes you with super-precious items if you happen to be the top purchaser. Archangel Weapons, Weapon Costumes, and Wings are all up for grabs.

You’ll also be rewarded for being a good citizen through the Send and Receive Gift events. Basically, anybody who gives or receives a gift will earn rewards, so MU Origin is going to be a pretty generous place throughout Thanksgiving.

The Collection Event sees you hunting monsters and looting, as per, while the Boss Hunt Event involves hunting and killing special boss monsters that are making a special limited-time appearance in Noria.

There are several other events on top of these, all of them showering you with rewards just for being you.

So if you haven’t played MU Origin yet, you really should. This dazzling Korean MMORPG has been a genre highlight ever since it hit the app stores a couple of years ago, and now is a perfect time to see what the fuss is about.

MU Origin is available on Google Play and the App Store right now.

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Rogue Universe is a massively multiplayer space game for mobile

In some ways, space is the perfect setting for an MMO. After all, the first M stands for Massively, and what could be more massive than the ever-expanding interstellar void? Nothing, that’s what.

Unfortunately there hasn’t really been a definitive space MMO on mobile. There have been some decent stabs at space trading and combat, and plenty of space-based strategy, but nothing like a proper EVE-style experience.

That’s why we’re glad to welcome Rogue Universe to the scene. This expansive strategy MMO, which is aiming to touch down imminently, owes its existence to the Unreal Dev Grant, awarded by Epic Games to promising studios working with Unreal Engine 4.

Developed by MUSTGAMES, Rogue Universe places you in, well, a rogue universe, and tasks you with undertaking missions, accumulating resources, building a fleet of ships, and taking over the galaxy, among other things.

You can play nice with the other players you meet in Rogue Universe’s inky sandbox, joining guilds with them and cooperating to kill enemy NPCs. Or you can play horrible, pillaging your fellow players and even forcing them to flee their planets. Harsh, but that’s what freedom looks like.

The level of detail is incredible. You expand your power by building and customising your ship and your crew, and this extends to constructing, reinforcing, stabilizing, and dismantling spacecraft as you see fit.

You can send your crew out on missions, create battleplans before engaging in combat, and even jump from mothership to mothership, giving you access to huge and diverse swathes of the universe.

You can make alliances, too. Rogue Universe is dominated by three huge factions: the U.N.S, Black Flag, and Zurich Bank. Which ones you side with and which ones you attack is up to you. Good luck out there!

Rogue Universe is now available in Canada on both Google Play and the App Store, so prepare for take-off.

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Rules of Survival is a mobile battle royale that lets you win cash prizes for a limited time

Rules of Survival is one of the biggest battle royale games on mobile. Released almost exactly one year ago today, it has amassed an impressive 230 million downloads in a staggeringly short time, as well as hitting the top of the charts in 58 countries.

In case you’re not familiar, the game sees you and up to 299 other players battling in a selection of vast, beautifully drawn environments. You can play solo or in a team, and there are numerous characters, weapons, vehicles and so on to choose from.

So why are we writing about it today? Because this is Rules of Survival’s first birthday – a.k.a. its ROSversary – and developer NetEase is celebrating with a host of events and giveaways.

From the 7th to the 27th of November the game will contain a number of hidden prizes. Find one and you’ll be able to exchange it for an in-game item, such as a backpack, an Anniversary Frame, or something else entirely.

On top of that there are going to be discounts throughout the event period, giving you the opportunity to snap up supplies and outfits for less, while at the same time getting 30% additional bonus diamonds.

If you’re a VIP you’ll also receive various offers, as befits your status.

The celebrations don’t stop there – this is the game’s ROSversary after all. Starting on November 21st, NetEase will be running a Ca$h’n Shoot event, whereby you’ll be able to battle with other players and then convert your match points into hard cash from a generous $1 million pot.

And two new version of Rules of Survival will make an appearance as well. At the high end there’s the Ultra edition, with spectacular HD visuals and staggering levels of details. And at the other end of the scale there’s the lite version, which will come in a smaller, sleeker package, though without losing anything from the gameplay.

So we’d recommend you log in now to receive free diamonds – as well as many hidden bonus celebrations that are waiting in the Rules of Survival game world.

Grab Rules of Survival for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.


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Mad Rocket: Fog of War is out now on iOS and Android

Mad Rocket: Fog of War is a unique base building (and destroying) strategy game brought to you by Ratatat Studios and published by Four Thirty Three.

We’d describe it as Minesweeper meets Red Alert 2 – your quest is to attack your opponents base and destroy it. The twist? The base is covered in a fog, making it difficult to choose the optimal strategy.

You can select a variety of units, each with their own special skills. Assemble the best team, and then launch your assault on your opponent’s base – aiming to destroy all that you can see.

It’s not as simple as it sounds however. Not only are you against the clock, you can’t see your foe’s base due to the thick layer of fog that envelops it.

Use the right units in order to reveal what’s out there, and then pick the best way of entering the base with minimal casualties.

As the game progresses, you can unlock new weapons that make your job easier, but beware – so does your enemy. The better you get, the higher up the Season Rankings you’ll end up – and who doesn’t want to nested at the top of a leaderboard?

So head to Google Play or the App Store and download Mad Rocket: Fog of War right now. Do it now, soldier! NOW!

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