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All The Last Jedi updates for your favorite Star Wars mobile games

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Any time a new Star Wars movie hits theaters is a big time pop culture happening, even if Disney is trying to put that to the test by releasing them every year. In any case, Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens today and has fans buzzing about that famous galaxy far, far away once again.

Star Wars mobile games know all too well that players will be looking for The Last Jedi content, and they are delivering. Here’s what you can expect to find next time you log in during our new, post-TLJ world.

Star Wars: Force Arena

Star Wars: Force Arena

While Force Arena already welcomed the likes of Rey and Kylo Ren in a previous update, it’s getting a big time influx of characters from the New Trilogy. A total of 14, to be exact, including Finn, Poe Dameron, BB-8, Captain Phasma and General Hux. On top of that, Rey and Kylo are on sale, and there’s a bonus of 30 percent on all IAPs of crystals.

You’ll also find a brand new map, though it’s from The Force Awakens and not The Last Jedi. Starkiller Base, the planet-sized weapon of the First Order, is now yours to do battle on.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

As you might expect, Galaxy of Heroes also has an influx of The Last Jedi goodness, headlined by a brand new version of Rey called Rey (Jedi Training) that is the object of a limited time event called Rey’s Hero’s Journey. You’ll find that event live right now, but you’ll need a team that includes 6-star characters and features Rey (Scavenger), Finn and BB-8 to jump into it.

Rey (Jedi Training) looks like she’ll be worth the effort, as she has strong protective abilities not yet seen in the Resistance faction. Her Defiant Slash can call in an Assist and dispel all debuffs on that character, while Mind Trick dispels all enemy buffs on a single target, preventing them from wreaking havoc on her teammates. Rey also has the Inspirational Presence leadership ability to serve as an alternative to Finn for Resistance-based parties.

For First Order fans, you’ll find First Order Special Forces TIE Pilot and Kylo Ren (Unamasked) in Chromium Packs, plus the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter and TIE Silencer in Fleet Packs. Plenty of reasons to hop back into Galaxy of Heroes even if you’ve been away for a bit.

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander

Not to be outdone, Star Wars: Commander also has new units from The Last Jedi and a limited time event of its own called Shared Interests. Completing the event before it expires guarantees you will unlock the Fathier Rider unit, which you’ll recognize immediately if you’ve seen the new movie.

Other new units inlcude the Rebel V-4X-D Ski Speeder and Empire 614-AvA Speeder Bike. Jump into Star Wars: Commander now as there’s even more from The Last Jedi on the way.

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Portal Knights is one part RPG, one part Minecraft, and it’s out on mobile now

Portal Knights

When Portal Knights dropped on Steam and consoles, it captured a lot of hearts with the way it took a fantasy RPG and added in randomized worlds, four-player co-op gameplay and yes, a hint of Minecraft in the way you can take those worlds apart block by block and re-craft them the way you see fit. Why not let mobile players in on the fun too?

Why not, indeed. Portal Knights is now available for both iOS and Android, complete with features that only recently arrived on other platforms — including Vacant Islands where your Warrior, Mage or Ranger can build a home away from monsters and new items and accessories.

“Players around the world have created countless unique adventures in Portal Knights since its launch earlier this year on PC and console, and because of their enthusiasm we wanted to make the fun even more accessible, first with our launch on Switch, and now with today’s mobile launch,” Tim Woodley, SVP of global brand and marketing, 505 Games, said in a press release. “You can now truly access the imaginative world of Portal Knights no matter where you are.”

We’ll be putting Portal Knights through its paces on mobile right away, so be sure to check back with Gamezebo for our review, guides and more.

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Decorate for Christmas in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s First Holiday Event


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp officially launched one week ago, bringing the charm and relaxing gameplay of the core series to iOS and Android. While it is scaled down and more streamlined than its console siblings, we hoped that Nintendo would use the opportunity for regular updates on mobile to bring more items, characters, and events to the game over time. The latter of these wishes has already come true with the kickoff of the first in-game seasonal event this week, which brings Christmas decorations and clothing to Pocket Camp.


Upon logging in anytime today—the event officially began at 1AM EST—players will find a few changes in their game. To begin with, a free Santa Hat is waiting in everyone’s mailbox, and there are four other pieces of Santa gear available to earn to complete your jolly ensemble. There is a long list of new Timed Goals given by Isabelle in addition to the usual daily three: instead of a 24-hour time limit, however, these goals can be completed anytime in the next 25 days. They primarily involve completing requests for animals and crafting new, holiday-specific furniture.


That new furniture is the other major addition gained from this event. There are eleven new items available in Cyrus’ craft catalogue, each with a Christmas or wintry theme. They include a Mountain of Presents, a Jingle Snow Globe, a Festive Bow Tree, and—as an essential Animal Crossing inclusion—a Three-Ball Snowman. Unlike the rest of the catalogue items which require materials like Steel, Wood, and Cotton to be built, the holiday items only need Candy Canes (and Bells and time) to be crafted. This special holiday-specific material can be earned by finishing the new Timed Goals or completing requests for animal campers.

Based on the 25-day time limit for Isabelle’s goals as well as the in-game notice of a “limited-time holiday event,” we assume that these items will no longer be available to be crafted after December 25th. If you want to decorate your Campsite with holiday cheer and snag all of Santa’s gear, be sure you start crafting before Christmas.

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Nintendo is Working on Fixing the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Errors


A significant number of players who downloaded Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp this week have been met with a disappointing sight: an error code at start-up that prevents them from playing. These errors primarily occur at launch, but they can pop up even after you’ve successfully made it into the game and are in the middle of running errands for your demanding animal friends. The support code number you see may vary—we’ve received [802-0850], [802-2609], [802-4809], [802-7609] all within a span of minutes—but it’s usually accompanied by vague warning stating “A communication error has occurred” alongside a “Retry” or “Return to title” button.


The errors appear to be caused by the sheer volume of players attempting to access the Pocket Camp servers. After the game launched in a number of countries outside of Australia, the player load became too great for the servers to handle. Nintendo has acknowledged these errors via the Japanese Pocket Camp site, its associated Twitter account, as well as a notice within the game itself (which you can only see if you’re actually able to get in). They promise they are working on a solution and will update the previously linked Twitter with any news. They are also sending 20 Leaf Tickets to the in-game mailbox of any players affected by these issues.

But what can you do in the meantime until the servers are officially repaired? Not much, unfortunately. The errors show up intermittently for most players, so the first step is to simply wait it out. If you receive the error, exit the game and try again in about an hour. If you notice a specific time frequently returns the error (many players have run into it at the start of a “new day,” 1AM EST), aim to play later in the day when fewer players might be online. You can keep hitting the “Retry” button until you actually get into the game, but this isn’t always worth it: even if you slip through a barrage of errors, the game is often still dealing with server strain and the result is long load times anytime you have to access its online info—viewing your friends list, traveling between islands, selling items in your Market Box, and so on.


If you are able to get into the game briefly and want to reach Customer Support, open the “More” tab in the toolbar, select “Misc” and then “Customer Support.” From here, you can choose “Inquiries” to report an issue or “Feedback” if you just want to provide your opinions on the game or its features. The Support team will respond to “Inquiries” but will not answer “Feedback,” so choose the one that’s appropriate to your message.

Luckily, we know that when the servers are actually functioning properly, the game runs smoothly and load times are very short. The Australian soft launch was an example of how Pocket Camp should play once everything is ironed out, and it was almost entirely free of hiccups. That’s little comfort when you’re staring at an error screen, but since no one “moves out” of the game this time around, at least all of your animal campers will still be there once you can play again.

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War Dragons’ Major Expansion, ‘Atlas,’ Launches Worldwide


War Dragons is a base-building and dragon-rearing strategy simulation that launched back in early 2015. Players spend time constructing their island stronghold and populating it with powerful dragons, cannons, archers, and a variety of defenses to protect against incoming attacks from other players. Of course, the dragons you raise that patrol your home can also be used to launch offensives on enemies as well, allowing you to raid other islands and loot their caches.

The primary raids in War Dragons consist of selecting the fight button and watching your dragons automatically fly to the battle destination. While you control the dragon once it arrives at the opponent’s island, the travel itself is automated and simply hidden behind a loading screen.

This week’s update, the Atlas expansion, addresses this lack of an actually traversable land by introducing a world map that players in a team can explore and conquer alongside their teammates. Instead of merely existing on isolated islands with no real relatable distance between them, Atlas provides a persistent world that you can move across, making your way from the starting outskirts of the countryside to the more lucrative central regions, attacking land holders and claiming territory along the way. It’s lightly reminiscent of the type of massive, shared map found in games like Game of War or Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

Developer Pocket Gems has noted that players can find alternative ways to travel past potential occupant rivals: “You can attack them head on, try to circumvent their territory, bribe them with treasure, form alliances against them, or use subterfuge to lure them into a trap. These are all things we’ve already seen players do in the Atlas Beta and we can’t wait to see what happens when it really takes off.” Different teams can form alliances and share resources if they choose, although those alliances are only as strong as the trust they’re built on.

This week’s free update to War Dragons makes Atlas available to players worldwide, although on a rolling schedule: if your team doesn’t have access to the map yet, it should in the coming weeks.

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