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Riddlord: The Consequence 1.02 Apk + Data for android

Riddlord: The Consequence is a Puzzle Game for android
download last version of Riddlord: The Consequence Apk + Data for android from revdl with direct link

Riddlord … Who is Riddlord? Why did he kidnap Spark, Jack Reed’s son?
What secrets hold the past of the famous catcher of serial killers, Jack?
The answers to all these questions you will find in this wonderful 3d puzzle game … The first part of which is before you.
You will have an amazing journey into the world of Riddlord, the world of a detective and mystic, secrets and inner alchemical transformations.
You have to solve a lot of different puzzles and secrets, some will be simple, and some will make you strain your minds, even the smartest ones.

After going through Jack Reed’s way to the end, you immerse yourself in your own inner world, and you will come out renewed.

– Beautiful graphics
– Detective-mystical atmosphere
– Beautiful Soundtrack
– Interesting puzzles of very different levels (including those associated with the “Zodiac” and “Real Night Hunter”)
– The plot is the common thread of two parts of this game, that will force you to focus on main characters fate and your own life.
– Details of the world that help to better understand and imbue with the game.
– The connection between the plot and the gameplay with the ancient mystical and philosophical systems, such as the I-ching and the tantric alchemy.

To complete this game, you will need to mobilize your logic, spatial thinking, memory, observation, ingenuity, and assiduity.The fate of Jack Reed and his son in your hands! Do not fail.

Riddlord: The Consequence

Riddlord: The Consequence

Riddlord: The Consequence

Riddlord: The Consequence

Riddlord: The Consequence

Riddlord: The Consequence


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Gorogoa review – A Nicely Framed Puzzler

The original Framed showed how to take an idea and create a compelling game around it. It felt unlike anything you’d played before, with its mixture of action and comic-panel swapping. Gorogoa is definitely hewn from the same rock, but it takes things in an intriguingly different direction.

The images you’re playing around with here don’t just need to be put in the right place, you need to zoom in, dissect them, then stitch them back together in the right way to push the narrative on. And quite frankly it’s a little bit wonderful.

This is a game that’s fit to bursting with ideas, and it’s all wrapped up with a narrative that makes solving the puzzles feel like something you have to do. Gorogoa is the sort of game you’re going to sit down and play until the end, and that’s pretty darn special.

gorogoa ios review screenshot 1

To give you an idea of the sort of thing you’re going to be doing in the game, it’s probably best to share an example. In one scene you connect two shelves from different images together. You need to get something from one of the shelves onto the other one.

Once you’ve worked that out, you need to change the weights of the items that are balancing the shelf. You’ll zoom in and out a few times, switch frames around, and eventually find that you can add a pile of stones to one end of the shelf.

And the game expands even further from there. You’re not just swapping pictures around so the hero can walk from one of them to the next in safety, you’re taking images of stars from books and using them to light lanterns. You’re dropping stones from a box in one world, letting them fall through two different worlds, and then positioning a bell jar with a butterfly in it underneath them.

gorogoa ios review screenshot 2

Gorogoa is full of wonderful eureka moments. This is a game that doesn’t hold your hand, but at the sam time gives you everything you need to work things out for yourself. That’s wonderfully refreshing, and even when things get more difficult, there’s a solid, if slightly twisted, logic underpinning the whole thing.

And on top of that the game looks incredible. All watercolours and beautiful vistas. From the mandala on a moths wing to the stitching on a pillow, everything here means something. And, perhaps more importantly, everything here is trying to tell you something.

This is one of those rare times when a game simply wouldn’t work on any platform other than mobile. Gorogoa is a tactile experience, one that demands to be poked and explored. And you’re going to have a brilliant time doing just that.

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Sweet Fruit Candy 64.0 Apk for android

Sweet Fruit Candy is a Puzzle Game for android
download last version of Sweet Fruit Candy Apk for android from revdl with direct link

Sweet fruit candy is one of the best match-3 games!
The classic elimination game, the new play new game props!
Start your brain to play this game with millions of others players.
There are all kinds of surprises in the exploring the candy world.
Sweet fruit candy is very popular with women, the elderly, children welcome. Handsome boy and beauty girl also love it!

Sweet fruit candy features:
– More than 1,500 levels, there is a huge challenge.
– New elimination of play.
– Many sweet candy & delicious fruit & Hateful thief.
– Free props, no purchased.
– Play anytime, anywhere, no network can play!
– Completely free to play
– The perfect gaming experience, fun index is very, very high!
– Easy and fun to play, challenge mastery!

What can we bring to you?
☛ To bring you a happy happy and interesting time.
☛ To help you pass the boring time
☛ Train your brain and your fingers
☛ Experience an unprecedented straightforward.
☛ So that you and your friends more closely.

Sweet Fruit Candy is now the most popular casual puzzle game.
Suitable for all countries and all languages.

If you or your family is a fan of candy puzzle games then sweet fruit candy is suitable for you.
I believe you will love it!
What are you waiting for? Download it now and play with you friends!
Enjoy this delicious and addictive puzzle sweet game!

Sweet Fruit Candy

Sweet Fruit Candy

Sweet Fruit Candy

Sweet Fruit Candy

Sweet Fruit Candy

Sweet Fruit Candy


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A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is on sale right now for iOS and Android

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere then you’re probably cold right now. But do you have enough snow to build a snowman? I know I don’t, which is why it’s pretty good news that adorable push-and-pull puzzler A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is on sale right now for iOS and Android for just $2.99.

The game sees you wandering around a series of snow-filled gardens, trying to build snowpeople. You create your chilly friends by pushing balls of the white stuff on top of each other. But there’s a twist. Roll a ball around too much and it’ll get too big. So you need to figure out how to get the parts in the right place without ruining the potential structure of your snowy chum.

There are benches to sit on as well, since I’m pretty sure that building that many snowpals is going to be hard work. Everything wanders along with the sort of twee serenity that it’s impossible to dislike. Even if you hate winter this one’s going to put a smile on your face.

When we reviewed the game we gave it five stars and said “If you like sokoban, puzzle games, or cute things in general. A Good Snowman is Hard to Build will definitely be worth your time.” You can read the full review by clicking here.

You can grab the game right now for $2.99 from the App Store by clicking here. Or for the same price from the Google Play Store by clicking right here.

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AQuizMatics is an addictive puzzler that’s good for your brain


AQuizMatics may look exciting and new, but we’ve seen its like before. Way back in the day, when iPhone game was in its infancy and Android gaming wasn’t a thing, there was a game called Big Top 10, which saw you drawing lines through numbers until they added up to ten. It was genius, and one of our favourite games.

Big Top 10 vanished from the App Store a long time ago, so we’re delighted that its place has been taken by AQuizMatics. This number puzzler from developer Mind of Khan is the conceptual successor to Big Top 10, in that it contains the same core gameplay mechanic but builds on it in all sorts of ways.

For example, in some levels you need to string sequences of numbers together totalling 12 or more, depending on the target you’re given. In others you need to work out what the target is yourself buy solving a maths problem, or finish a certain number of sequences with the same number.

In the Normal mode, you get a target and an allotment of moves and as much time as you like to reach the end. Timed mode is the same but, um, timed, injecting proceedings with a dose of tension.

AQuizMatics is a fun and addictive puzzler in its own right, and that makes it perfect for its other job: helping children to learn mathematics.

As its name suggests, AQuizMatics is an educational app. But it’s quite an unusual educational app, in that it’s actually fun. Instead of having to force your kids or students to play it, you’ll struggle to get them to stop.

It’s like Big Top 10, in other words, but with more modes, features, variety, and fun. You can grab AQuizMatics from the App Store or Google Play right now. Be sure to check out the game’s Facebook page too.



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