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Like a Boss! review – An Anti-Hero Action RPG

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be the final boss of a raid in an MMO? Probably not, but that’s the question that Like a Boss! poses. Rather than the hero, here you’re playing the villain of the piece, and you need to mash those insignificant adventurers in order to bag loot and new gear.

It’s a reasonably interesting idea, although maybe not the most original. And when it comes down to it, mechanically it doesn’t really make much difference that you’re playing the big bad. You’re still whomping things, casting spells, and tooling up with the rewards you receive.

It’s not a bad thing though. There’s a solid heart to proceedings here, and a warm sense of humour running through everything that the game throws at you. Sure it’s grindy, sure you’ve seen almost everything it has to offer before, but Like a Boss! is still an awful lot of fun.

like a boss review screenshot

After a bit of preamble that sees you taking a beating, you get to choose your race and your class. You can be a sword swinging warrior, an arrow firing ranger, or a staff wielding wizard. The game plays much the same whatever choice you make, although there are finer details you’ll need to get to grips with for each of the different styles.

Once you’ve done that you’re tossed into the fray. You’ve got a bunch of minions on your side, and you tap to move through small dungeons. Poke an enemy and you’ll attack it. There are special moves along the bottom of the screen which dole out extra damage. These are on cooldown timers though, so you need to use them sparingly.

You’ll face stronger heroes the deeper you get into the game. These elites represent the best players in the MMO, and they spout out catchphrases accordingly. There’s not much strategy here though, although taking out the healers first is always a good idea.

like a boss ios review screenshot 2

While the levels look different, there’s rarely that much that changes between them. Smash up the heroes, collect some loot, toughen up your boss then go out and do the same thing again. You can send your minions on raids to get you more loot, and there are different optional objectives to complete as well.

Everything plays out like you’re standard casual RPG. There are wait-timers, bag limits, and a whole vat of currencies. But there’s nothing too onerous here, and the game is pretty generous when it comes to chucking goodies at you, especially for the first few hours.

You can utilise the help of other people’s bosses as well. It’s a nice way to connect, and it means you can pick an ally that complements the role you’ve chosen. There are guilds to join too, and plenty of challenges and achievements to complete.

like a boss ios review screenshot 3

There’s nothing wrong with Like a Boss! It sets out its stead, and then follows through nicely. It doesn’t shake up things beyond the cosmetic, but it manages to craft an interesting and engaging series of scraps all the same.

If you’re looking for something in the Dungeon Keeper mode, you’re going to be disappointed. This is about as hands-on as casual RPGs get, and there’s none of the tactics or brain smarts that the classic sim demanded of you.

But if you don’t mind just stomping through levels as a giant monster, building new weapons and special hats, and watching your numbers go up, then you’re going to enjoy pretty much everything that the game has to offer. Mainly because, that’s pretty much everything the game has to offer.

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You’re a wizard too — Jam City announces Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile RPG

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

It’s no stretch to say that despite the truly dark things that happen toward the end of the book and movie series, there’s a certain amount of wish fulfillment in all things Harry Potter. There’s a lot of enjoyment to be had (and money to be made, as Universal Studios Florida nods silently in agreement) in convincing people that they are the wizards in those famous J.K. Rowling stories.

We’re getting another way to make that wish come true next year. Jam City announced that it is partnering with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, a “story-driven mobile RPG” that will let players pick their own path into the Wizarding World.

(One most often leading to Hufflepuff, probably!)

Hogwarts Mystery will feature a pretty full curriculum, by the sound of things, including Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions and Duelling Club, and Jam City says that “most of the iconic professors from the Harry Potter stories reprise their roles in the game” for that extra bit of authenticity. The game is being developed by Portkey Games, a new WBIE offshoot devoted strictly to working on Harry Potter titles, which sounds like a bit of a wish granted in and of itself.

You can already pre-register for updates, as one does, and visit the game’s official Facebook page for more details. We’ll keep an eye out for owls that might bring word of a release date when that time draws nearer, but until then, better limber up your wand arm and hit those books.

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Portal Knights walkthrough: What to do when you’re getting started

Portal Knights

The trouble with sandboxes sometimes is figuring out where to start building sand castles. Or in terms of RPGs like Portal Knights, what to do first and where to set up shop for all the crafting you’re eventually going to do. Paralysis by too many choices is a real thing.

Still, despite the vast number of things you can do while exploring the islands, there is a common thread to each universe you create in Portal Knights. The islands may look different each time, with things in different places, but the overall gist of what you need to do at the start of a new game is the same.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a little walkthrough of what to expect and do when you’re just getting started. Before you get lost in the sand, so to speak.

Choose your gender, class, appearance and name

Character creation doesn’t take all that long in Portal Knights. You simply choose a gender, then a class.

Portal Knights

There are three from which to pick:

  • Warrior – Uses melee weapons and has shouts that can strengthen allies and weaken foes. Requires high Constitution and Strength.
  • Ranger – Uses bows and other ranged weapons. Primary attributes are Agility and Dexterity.
  • Mage – Uses magic wands or staffs, and can cast spells (obviously!). Needs high Wisdom and Intelligence.

Appearance options include hair and beard styles, skin tone and eye and mouth shapes. Then just select a name and you’re good to go.

Pick or create a universe

For the sake of argument, we’re assuming this is your first time playing. Hit ‘Create’ to begin a brand new universe, then pick a name for it. If you have a device with enough memory, you can also use the slider to pick Large islands instead of the default Normal size.

Get the lay of the land

The first NPC you should seek out is Cyrill, who hangs out by a tower. If you climb the steps to the top, you can get a look around the entire first island, which is helpful for locating all the other NPCs.

Help Cyrill defeat the monster in his basement

Portal Knights

Cyrill has a treasure in his basement, but he’s scared of the monster that is guarding it. Take him up on his offer to keep the treasure by defeating the fallen soldier (a skeleton). Make sure to break all the pots in the basement for useful items, then click on the map in your inventory and the portal to warp back to your spawn point.

Help Robert fix his stuff

An old man named Robert lives in a half-finished house. He’ll ask you to find some Refined Wood Blocks in crates inside the house. Once you have them, first help fix his walls by selecting the Refined Wood Blocks and placing them where there are missing blocks.

Portal Knights

Robert also wants help fixing his broken Workbench. To do so, you’ll need four Wood Logs — you can get them from any tree. Just keep tapping on it until it chops down and turns into logs.

Then go back to the Workbench, tap on it, and tap the ‘Upgrade’ button. That upgraded Workbench can be a useful place to craft items until you have a place of your own.

Talk to Elise and make a pickaxe

Elise is located by the entrance to a mine. She teels you about how much easier it is to mine stone and minerals with a pickaxe, but you’ll need to make one first.

Portal Knights

You’ll need four Stone Blocks and two Wood Logs to craft a Stone Pickaxe. You can mine the Stone Blocks by hand in the mine (it takes a while, so stay at it, and watch out for monsters) and the Wood Logs from any tree as you did before.

Portal Knights

Then tap on your inventory and the crafting tab that looks like a pickaxe. Tap on ‘Craft,’ then tap the Stone Pickaxe to add it to your inventory.

Bonus tip: If you take your new Stone Pickaxe back down into Elise’s mine, you can quickly mine the rest of the stone blocks down there and find a treasure chest behind them.

Talk to Rupert and repair the portal

Your final task on the first island is to repair the broken portal, something you’ll be doing plenty of as you continue to play Portal Knights. You’ll find Rupert standing nearby.

Portal Knights

To open the portal, you need to craft and replace the four missing Blue Portal Stones. You can do that by defeating enough Green Slimes around the island, as you’ll need two Blue Portal Stone Shards to craft each Blue Portal Stone.

Once you’ve got the Blue Portal Stones, just place them in the missing spots in the portal to activate it. You can then step through it to the second island, though you probably want to earn enough experience to reach level 2 before you do.

That should be all you need to be well on your way in Portal Knights. Happy adventuring!

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Portal Knights review: Islands of adventure

Portal Knights

Fantasy RPGs come in all shapes and sizes, so the biggest question any new one has to answer is whether or not it brings something new to the party of at least rearranges the furniture in a cool way. Portal Knights leans more heavily toward the latter, but it’s done in such enjoyable fashion that it kind of feels like the former.

The world of Portal Knights has a backstory, even if it isn’t necessarily something that stays with you while you play. What once was united is now fractured, and the denizens are waiting for the titular Portal Knights to bring light back to all who await its return. That’s your cue to create a Warrior (melee weapons and such), Ranger (bows and slings) or Mage (spells, naturally) and start getting your hands dirty.

Every time you create a new in-game universe, you end up with a procedurally generated system of dozens of islands, each with their own landscape, enemies, resources and NPCs. You can start a new universe for each new character or decide to tackle one you’ve already made, but the progression remains the same. An unfinished portal or portals exists on each island, and finding the materials to complete them is the only way to advance to the next one — though you can fast travel back to any previously discovered island, which is a helpful touch you’ll definitely appreciate.

Portal Knights

Regardless of class, your controls utilize a virtual stick for movement and buttons for attacks, and you simply hold and drag the screen to look or aim. An auto-lock for combat makes fighting much easier, and even on touchscreens, the control scheme manages to keep up with the action in either the default third-person or first-person views. Local co-op allows for up to four players to quest together too, something you probably want to explore during boss battles.

And if the graphics remind you of a slightly higher polycount Minecraft, much of what you do in-between battles and exploring will too. Portal Knights offers a ton of crafting options for everything from weapons to decorative items for the house you’re surely going to build at some point. The mobile version even has Vacant Islands you can purchase once you’ve gathered enough gold, perfect for making a home away from the threat of constantly respawning monsters.

Portal Knights

It’s the kind of game you can easily find yourself getting lost in for hours at a time even when you aren’t making progress toward the end of the story. That’s good value, especially when you consider that it’s only a few bucks for iOS or Android. We may get too sidetracked along the way to ever jump through every portal, but we’re definitely anticipating having a lot of fun regardless.

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Portal Knights is one part RPG, one part Minecraft, and it’s out on mobile now

Portal Knights

When Portal Knights dropped on Steam and consoles, it captured a lot of hearts with the way it took a fantasy RPG and added in randomized worlds, four-player co-op gameplay and yes, a hint of Minecraft in the way you can take those worlds apart block by block and re-craft them the way you see fit. Why not let mobile players in on the fun too?

Why not, indeed. Portal Knights is now available for both iOS and Android, complete with features that only recently arrived on other platforms — including Vacant Islands where your Warrior, Mage or Ranger can build a home away from monsters and new items and accessories.

“Players around the world have created countless unique adventures in Portal Knights since its launch earlier this year on PC and console, and because of their enthusiasm we wanted to make the fun even more accessible, first with our launch on Switch, and now with today’s mobile launch,” Tim Woodley, SVP of global brand and marketing, 505 Games, said in a press release. “You can now truly access the imaginative world of Portal Knights no matter where you are.”

We’ll be putting Portal Knights through its paces on mobile right away, so be sure to check back with Gamezebo for our review, guides and more.

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