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Best new mobile games this week: Scalak, Pocket Run Pool and more


It’s another Freaky Friday, and while we didn’t wake up in Chris Brown’s body or anything like that, we are amazed by the wide variety of new mobile games that have hit the app stores over the past seven days. Yes, it’s a weekly occurrence, but it’s one we shouldn’t take for granted.

This would have been a sweet time for new Star Wars games to roll out since Solo made the jump to hyperspace and arrived in theaters this week too, but alas, we’re rolling with the existing ones for the time being (not that that’s a bad thing, as some are pretty darn good). What we found instead among the most promising new mobile games is a cool-looking puzzler, a free-to-play pool game and more, so let’s get to it.


Doesn’t Scalak sound like he should be part of Hordak’s Evil Horde, or are we dating ourselves with that reference? Scalak is the puzzle game we mentioned up top, one that is supposed to be a stress-free experience solving more than 90 puzzles by matching shapes, recognizing patterns and utilizing spacial awareness. The developer has brought us some good stuff in the past, so we’re keen to check this out.

Pocket Run Pool

It’s a good thing the ‘Run’ is in the title because … you know what? Never mind. From the maker of Really Bad Chess and Flipflop Solitaire, two really good games, comes this different and intriguing take on pool. Yes, you still have to sink shots as you would in standard 8-ball, but ever-changing multipliers for each pocket mean it takes an extra layer of strategy to get the highest possible score. Sounds like a blast.

World Soccer King

Remember what we said about how Star Wars games could have been timed for Solo? That goes double for soccer games, what with the World Cup on the horizon just a few weeks from now. World Soccer King turns the beautiful game into a simplified affair that is something of a cross between an arcade-style game and flick soccer, pausing so you can set up passes or shots when your player takes possession. It also features PvP play, so get ready to challenge your friends.

Faraway 3

Did we say one puzzle game this week? We meant two, of course. Silly us. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape looks like a Myst-esque affair as you put your room escape abilities to the test in a frosty climate, attempting to track down your lost father. With 18 new temples rendered as 3D environments, this game looks beautiful and should definitely interest fans of the previous games in the series. Note that only the first nine levels are free.

Sir Questionnaire

Let’s end this week’s crop of new mobile games with a genre we always have time for, turn-based hack’n’slash roguelikes. Sir Questionnaire boils its mechanics down to binary choices: attack or walk, or perform some other kind of action vs. running to the next room. Fight and win and you’ll become stronger, but take on the wrong foe at the wrong time and you’re dead. As you go, you can take on quests and learn more info about the monsters you encounter, making each procedurally generated run a treat. We like this idea a lot.

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The best football games on mobile

Another Premier League season has come to an end and the pre-World Cup withdrawal symptoms are about to kick in, but there are plenty of places football fans can turn to keep them at bay.

The app stores are packed with beautiful games, from life-consuming football management sims, to casual togger titles that are basically the gaming equivalent of jumpers for goalposts. Here are the best of them…

10. New Star Soccer

New Star Games

Publisher: New Star Games

Available On: iOS, Android

New Star Soccer might feature a mind-boggling array of teams from around the world, but it’s pleasingly simplistic out there on the pitch. New Star Games’ mobile opus is based around an accessible swipe interface that lets you shoot and score with just one hand.

This is part swipey football sim, part casual life simulation as users are also in control of aspects of their player’s affairs away from the pitch. You can buy property, visit the casino and even get yourself into a relationship when you’re not banging them in for your team.

9. Real Football


Publisher: Gameloft

Available On: iOS, Android

Gameloft took a stab at porting the full FIFA experience to the palm of your hand when it brought Real Football to mobile devices several seasons ago. The game looks and plays just like a console-grade football title, with a virtual stick and buttons for directing the action on the pitch.

There are some real-life players and teams featured thanks to licensing deals, a range of game modes – including exhibition, league and international matches – and personalisation options. Users can customise their team’s kit and even upgrade their stadiums. Back of the net!

8. Tiki Taka Soccer

Panic Barn

Publisher: Panic Barn

Available On: iOS, Android

The age-old footy classic Sensible Soccer isn’t available on mobile devices, but that’s nothing to get all worked up about, since we have the next best thing on iOS and Android. Tiki Taka Soccer looks, feels and plays like a fitting homage to the Amiga and PC favourite.

The game shows the action from a bird’s eye view and uses a no-nonsense touch-and-tap interface. It’s simple to pick up, but takes a short lifetime to master. There’s more on offer here than just retro kicks.

7. FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile

Publisher: EA Sports

Available On: iOS, Android

FIFA’s leap to mobile saw the game reimagined as a social experience, in which you’ll spend most of your time blasting through match segments, rather than entire games. Typical challenges FIFA Mobile might throw at you include scoring as many as possible before half time, overturning a deficit with a quarter of the game remaining or winning a penalty shootout.

EA Sports obviously felt these scenarios are better suited to tablets and smartphones than full matches or entire seasons, but the depth comes in the shape of social features. There’s a big focus on squad building – bolstered by an extensive licensing agreement – competing online, challenging your friends and joining global competitions.

6. PES 2018

PES 2017

Publisher: Konami

Available On: iOS, Android

Konami took a different approach to EA Sports when it came to porting their bestselling football game to mobile devices. While FIFA was reimagined as an abridged experience suited to on-the-go play, Pro Evolution Soccer is the real deal, albeit with some necessary concessions.

If you’re after something close to the full PES experience on tablets and smartphones, PES 2018 has you covered, with its 3D visuals and extensive online features. The number of licensed teams and players may be thin on the ground compared to FIFA, but PES at least has legends such as David Beckham, Romario and Ian Rush on board this season.

5. Pocket League Story 2


Publisher: Kairosoft

Available On: iOS, Android

Pocket League 2 is football management at its most casual. You won’t find any real-life players or teams here, or be forced to navigate endless menu screens to set your tactics. Kairosoft’s take on the beautiful game is stripped down, upbeat and filled with cutesy sprites.

The game tells a true underdog story as you take a squad of no-hopers to the dizzying heights of football glory, building up your stadium, facilities, backroom staff and squad of fictitious superstars along the way. The sequel’s headline inclusion is a multiplayer mode, while lets users pit their winning XI against that of rival managers from around the world.

4. Top Eleven 2018


Publisher: Nordeus

Available On: iOS, Android

Top Eleven is basically a football management simulation for those who prefer a more ‘gamey’ experience than the mobile Football Manager instalments provide. It’s a streamlined offering designed with tablets and smartphones in mind, but that isn’t to say it lacks depth.

In Top Eleven, you’ll be in charge of every aspect of your club, from stadium construction to formations, transfers and tactics. There are more than 5,000 real-life players among the game’s ranks, so it doesn’t skimp entirely on authenticity. Here we have a happy middle ground between Football Manager and Pocket League Story 2.

3. Flick Kick Football


Publisher: PikPok

Available On: iOS, Android

The mobile gaming sector is broad enough to host a wide range of different football titles. If console-esque is what you’re after, PES 2018 is the way to go, while those seeking an in-depth management experience should look no further than Football Manager Touch.

But maybe you want neither of those things, and are instead looking for a quick flickabout to take the sting out of a commute. In that case, Flick Kick Football is where you should turn. It’s an ultra-casual, arcade offering based on pitch-perfect flick and swipe controls. Who’d have thought you could net a wonder goal with just one finger?

2. Football Manager Mobile

Publisher: Sports Interactive

Available On: iOS, Android

The first of two Football Manager titles to round off our list, FM Mobile 2018 is the one to go for if the idea of playing the game anywhere on your smartphone appeals. This is the definitive footy simulation scaled down so it fits in the palm of your hand.

Much of the porting process involved tailoring the game for handsets. There’s no 3D match engine – games play out in old-school, text-centric fashion – and the menu screens have been optimised for limited display real estate, but the depth and authenticity are still there. Players have the chance to manage teams from all over the world, backed by a massive database of real players, and the amount of tactical nouse FM Mobile 2018 calls for would put Pep Guardiola through his paces.

1. Football Manager Touch 2018

Sports Interactive

Publisher: Sports Interactive

Available On: iOS, Android

Sports Interactive pulled off something spectacular with Football Manager Touch by bringing the definitive Football Manager experience to iPad and Android tablets, so you can immerse yourself in it at home and away. To be precise, this is the streamlined Classic version found on PC, repackaged for mobile devices without concession.

From the 3D match engine to the jam-packed database and broad range of tactical options, it’s all in place here. You can even transfer your save game from the PC edition via Steam integration and continue on the move. This is the number one football management simulation on mobile.

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The best battle royale games on mobile

PUBG Mobile

Battle royale games are all about primitive pleasures: exploring virtual islands, scavenging for supplies and murdering random strangers, and these things have turned out to be a great fit for mobile.

Since PUBG and Fortnite parachuted onto phones and tablets, players have revelled in the opportunity to kill rivals from all over the world, from anywhere in the world; but fans of the genre shouldn’t stop with them.

The app stores are chock-full of great battle royale games for getting your chicken dinner on, and here are 10 that you should check out.

10. Rules of Survival

NetEase Games

Publisher: NetEase Games

Available On: iOS, Android

Let’s address the elephant in the room first: Rules of Survival is a total knockoff of PUBG and its developers have even yanked elements from Fortnite too. Its art style and tone sits somewhere between the two, yet it isn’t quite as refined as either of the genre kings.

So, why download it then? Well, for starters it’s up there with the best PUBG clones, but if you want a better reason look no further than its massive headcount. The original map allowed up to 120 people to do battle, while its latest update increased that number to a whopping 300.

9. Guns Royale

Wizard Games Inc

Publisher: Wizard Games Inc

Available On: iOS, Android

PUBG and Fortnite’s army of app store clones are barely worth mentioning now the real McCoys are available on iOS and Android, so how about a battle royale game that does things a little differently?

Guns Royale sports blocky Minecraft-esque visuals, confines the action to smaller maps populated by fewer players and features swifter battles. It’s a game that was designed with mobile in mind and is a more viable option for players who prefer tucking into their chicken dinner on the go.

8. Pixel Gun 3D

Cubic Games

Publisher: Cubic Games

Available On: iOS, Android

Pixel Gun 3D is another battle royale title that pays visual homage to Minecraft, but it pulls off block rockin’ feats in the gameplay department too. This one is a mobile edition of a popular PC game, and it’s been going for a while, amassing a sizeable community along the way.

The action takes place from the first-person perspective and includes base-building, weapon-crafting, looting and shooting. Like Guns Royale, this is a game finely tuned for mobile. Matches are short and sweet, limited to groups of 10, but the vast number of stages, gameplay modes and weapons brings variety to the table.

7. Radiation Island

Atypical Games

Publisher: Atypical Games

Available On: iOS, Android

Radiation Island is well worth a look if you’re a battle royale fanatic – it offers everything PUBG and Fortnite provide, and then some. On top of its multiplayer survival mode, which is set on an irradiated island full of mutated creatures, the game also includes a fully-fledged solo campaign.

The battle royale portion of the game is your usual blend of scavenging, base-building and killing your rivals, but you need to play through the story mode to unlock it, so those unwilling to put them time in should avoid this one like the atomic plague.

6. Black Survival


Publisher: Archbears

Available On: iOSAndroid

Battle royale gets an anime-style makeover in Black Survival, but that isn’t the only thing that sets it apart from the competition. This free-to-play offering is set against static, hand-drawn backdrops where battles come down to stats and reflexes, rather than hails of bullets.

Black Survival also includes role-playing elements, such as crafting and upgrades. It’s arguably the biggest ‘outside-the-box’ thinker on this list, and also the only game on it you can play with one hand.

5. Last Day On Earth: Survival

Andrey Pryakhin

Publisher: Andrey Pryakhin

Available On: iOSAndroid

If all else fails, add zombies. That’s pretty much the approach developer Andrey Pryakhin adopted when he took on the challenge of creating a new addition to an increasingly-crowded genre. Last Day On Earth: Survival is what you get when you cross Fortnite with a good old-fashioned undead apocalypse.

You’ll spend your time fending off the reanimated horde as well as other players, but there are survival elements in there too. Players are required to build shelters and craft objects, attending to all of that while doing their best to outlast the competition.

4. Mini DayZ

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Available On: iOS, Android

Bohemia Interactive delighted old-school gamers and battle royale fans alike when it scaled down DayZ for mobile, complete with retro-style visuals and just as many zombies. Gameplay-wise, it’s what you’d call PUBG-esque, albeit with a top-down viewpoint and graphics that will push your nostalgia buttons.

In Mini DayZ, you’ll scavenge for food and supplies on a near-deserted map, shoot anything that stands in your way and hone your survival skills the more you play. It’s well worth a look, since it’s completely free to download and play.

3. Knives Out

NetEase Games

Publisher: NetEase Games

Available On: iOS, Android

Chinese studio NetEase games is fast developing a reputation as a purveyor of high-quality PUBG and Fortnite alternatives, and Knives Out is a strong contender for the title of ‘best of the rest’ within the battle royale genre on mobile.

With polished graphics and refiled touch controls, it’s more than a mere PUBG clone. Sure, it’s based around the same 100-player contests, but it also shakes things up by taking the action away from the island setting. There are a number of different backdrops for you to get your Hunger Games on against, so if you’ve gotten bored of PUBG and Fortnite’s stages, you’ll find varity here.

2. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Publisher: Tencent

Available On: iOS, Android

Scaling down the full-fat PUBG experience for tablets and smartphones is one of the greatest feats in mobile gaming’s recent history. Run around in your boxer shorts, loot, shoot and scavenge to your heart’s content while you take part in truly definitive 100-strong battle royale contests.

Sure, the visuals have been downscaled from the PC edition, but this is PUBG with minimal concessions and the way it has been reworked for touchscreen controls makes it a real winner, winner chicken dinner.

1. Fortnite


Publisher: EPIC Games

Available On: iOS, Android version coming soon

PUBG Mobile is one of two games you need to download if you’re a battle royale addict. EPIC Games’ Fortnite is the other, and the differences between the two largely come down to their developer’s decision to cater for players with differing preferences.

Where PUBG is gritty, Fortnite is stylised and colourful and places the emphasis on base-building over frontline tactics. One thing that has to be said about Fortnite, though, is that this is no mere mobile conversion. Battlegrounds may be an exceptional port, but EPIC has brought the same experience found on PC and consoles to tablets and smartphones.

That’s not even the best part. The game now comes with added Thanos thanks to a partnership with Marvel. What more could you ask for?

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Five for Friday: New mobile games you need to check out this week

Almost There

It’s hard to imagine there’s anyone who doesn’t like Friday. For the many people still following a traditional work week, Friday is the light at the end of the tunnel, the gateway to some relative rest and relaxation. On top of that, it’s also the day we here at Gamezebo celebrate new mobile games.

Yes, we used to do it on Thursdays, but that was because the ever popular App Store refresh happened that day for iOS users. Now, it’s much more common to see new mobile games release whenever they darn well please (okay, whenever Apple and Google give them the thumbs up and set them live, but you get the idea), so we just picked a day to go back over what’s arrived in the prior week. And Friday was where we landed.

It hasn’t been a week filled with big studio or IP releases, but that’s okay because not every week has to. There’s a decent amount of variety, so let’s shine that spotlight on five new titles and see what sparkles.

Tiny Bubbles

Fitting right in with our Friday theme, Tiny Bubbles looks like the type of game that can definitely help put your mind at ease after a long week on the job. Combining elements of both matching and physics-based puzzlers, the mechanics are simple yet thoughtful, and the graphics and overall aesthetic are definitely inviting. With more than 170 levels, three different modes and no time pressure to complete them, this is one to chill with over the long haul, or so it appears.

  • App Store ($2.99)
  • Google Play (Free, but still in beta)

Almost There: The Platformer

The subtitle is necessary because there are already apps out there with the same name, but it also helps describe exactly what this particular Almost There is about. With legit one-touch gameplay, the idea is to run, jump, climb and dodge your way past spikes and other obstacles. But before you say anything, it’s not an auto-runner like previous games it resembles, and promises full control over your pixel thingy. Definitely worth a look.

Qbics Paint

This is another pretty chill game for your Friday pleasure. The idea here is to build your own voxel firgures, then paint them (perhaps obviously) and have them interact with the real world in AR mode. Not feeling super creative? That’s okay too, as the Sculpt Mode allows you to take advantage of patterns for figures that are already pre-made in the game. Looks like a title mobile gamers of all ages can enjoy.


Though it’s been out in other markets for some time, Returners is finally out worldwide, and it offers up a simple but intriguing concept: Why invent your own heroes when there are so many legendary ones from throughout human history? Expect to be able to collect the likes of Robin Hood, Aladdin, Hercules and more, then send them into action in real-time 5v5 battles. It also has a unique visual style, so this is a game that catches the eye right away.


Let’s end where we began, with one last new game that looks like it will put you in a calming mood. Billing itself as an adventure-puzzle game, Kontrast is designed to be played in one sitting, according to the developer, and its striking black and white design means that all seven of its worlds should leave an impression on you. Some early reviews are saying it’s too short, so keep that in mind, but that also suggests they liked what they played.

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10 Best First-Person Shooters On Mobile – Ranked

Back when touchscreen devices were in their infancy, the idea of console-quality shooters on mobile was almost the stuff of science fiction, but fast-forward to the current generation and there are dozens of them locked, loaded and ready to download from an app store near you.

So, take up that rifle, grab a few rounds of ammunition and a reach for a box of grenades because here are the best mobile first-person shooters for scratching that itchy trigger finger, ranked for your convenience.

10. Modern Combat Versus


Publisher: Gameloft

Available On: iOSAndroid

Gameloft’s Call of Duty-riffing military shooter series turned out to be the perfect template for mobile’s answer to Overwatch. Modern Combat Versus retains its predecessors’ gorgeous 3D visuals but ditches the solo campaign, in favour of channelling its resources into multiplayer.

There are two game modes on offer, one of which has players collect data within a time limit, while the other is all about capturing enemy territory. Matches are fast-paced, the learning curve is gentle and there are stacks of bonuses to unlock. There’s even a bot mode for those in need of some target practice before facing actual human beings.

9. Unkilled


Publisher: Madfinger Games

Available On: iOSAndroid

When the zombie apocalypse rears its ugly, decomposing head, you can either run for your life a la Into the Dead 2 or take the fight to the reanimated horde in Madfinger Games’ Unkilled.

Unkilled is an FPS with a shoot-anything-that moves ethos. There’s nothing sophisticated about this one – aside from the Unity-powered 3D visuals – but its accessible gameplay is ideal to tackle in short bursts. Missions are fast-paced and lean, making them a good fit for mobile.

Unkilled really comes in handy when life throws a commute or waiting room stay at you.

8. Dead Effect 2

Publisher: BadFly Interactive

Available On: iOSAndroid

Dead Effect 2 is exactly what it sounds like: a mash-up of Mass Effect and Dead Space. It’s also one of the most atmospheric and complete first-person shooter experiences on available on mobile devices. The game blends science fiction and horror as effortlessly as it inserts puzzles and RPG elements into high-octane shooter action.

The game feels polished and high-end, coming with a campaign mode that should keep you busy for around 20 hours. The story is also compelling, and the myriad options for levelling up and upgrading gives you the chance to put a personal stamp on it.

7. Hitman Sniper

Publisher: Square Enix

Available On: iOSAndroid

You get to live life through a lens in Square Enix’s Hitman Sniper, or a scope, to be more precise. If you’re the kind of shooter fan who likes to park up on a vantage point and take out unsuspecting rivals from afar, this is the game for you, since it consists almost entirely of that.

Hitman Sniper is a stealth shooter which follows the famous Agent 47 across 150 missions that involve picking off targets from a distance. Most missions involve taking out foes stealthily so they’re unable to raise the alarm, and tackling quicktime events when it’s time to reload. Come for the assassinations, stick around for the unlockables, Easter eggs and the chance to climb the global leaderboard.

6. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Publisher: Gameloft

Available On: iOSAndroid

Gameloft’s business model usually involves taking a popular console IP, scaling it down for mobile and changing its content just enough so they don’t get sued. With Modern Combat 5: Blackout, the studio has put its own spin on Call of Duty and, just like the NOVA’s Halo riffing, that’s okay because it’s the closest thing we have to a fully-fledged mobile CoD.

That pretty much sums up Modern Combat: it’s CoD on iOS and Android, and like the popular PC and console series, it features a solo campaign and multiplayer arenas with stacks of eSports potential. If military shooters are your thing, you’ll definitely salute Gameloft for its work here.

5. Guns of Boom

Publisher: Game Insight

Available On: iOSAndroid

Maybe you prefer being thrust into an arena for a fight to the death with other human players than battling aliens or running away from zombies. If that’s indeed the case, check out Game Insight’s Guns of Boom for accessible PvP in the vein of PC classic Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2 is easy on the eye with its slick cartoony visuals, and it’s easy on the thumbs, too. Firing is automatic, so the only thing you have to worry about is aiming and moving. Despite its unfortunate name, Guns of Boom plays like it was built from the ground up for mobile devices and is perfect for tackling in short bursts.

4. NOVA Legacy


Publisher: Gameloft

Available On: iOS, Android

Gameloft remade our day when it polished up the original NOVA and brought it back to Google Play and the App Store, complete with bonus features. The Legacy edition is the same bite-sized Halo clone we know and love, with sharp, high-definition visuals to make it definitive.

Wield futuristic weapons, thwart an alien invasion and spend countless hours wired into its addictive multiplayer modes. NOVA Legacy brings the Halo experience to the palm of your hand. Okay, so it loses points in the originality stakes, but it’s not like Master Chief is likely to feature in a full-fledged shooter for mobiles anytime soon.

3. Into The Dead 2

Publisher: PikPok

Available On: iOS, Android

Into the Dead 2 is the perfect example of a sequel that builds on the original’s framework. While the previous game was an addictive zombie runner with first-person shooter mechanics, the second instalment is all of that and so much more.

Developer PikPok has thrown a fully-fledged campaign mode into the mix, with an engaging story, tonnes of weapons to wield and upgrade, and multiple endings for added replay value. Meanwhile, those who prefer racing through an endless zombie apocalypse without the missing daughter in peril can do just that in the daily challenges and events.

2. Deus Ex: The Fall

Publisher: Square Enix

Available On: iOS, Android

When Square Enix crammed the Deux Ex formula onto mobile devices in 2013, it proved that tablets and smartphones had become capable of handling console-grade 3D gaming experiences. The Fall thrust players back into the Blade Runner-esque world they’d previously explored on PC and consoles, recreating it down to some of its finest details.

Like the other Deus Ex games, The Fall blends numerous genres such as role-playing and stealth together in a dystopian cocktail, but it’s a first-person shooter at heart, albeit one for the thinking player.

1. Shadowgun Legends

Madfinger Games

Publisher: Madfinger Games

Available On: iOSAndroid

Madfinger Games pulled off something remarkable with Shadowgun Legends, a first-person shooter that single-handedly raised the bar for its genre on mobile. Set against sci-fi backdrop where alien-slaying mercenaries are treated like rockstars, the game is a graphical powerhouse that offers a console-quality experience in every respect.

The action is fast-paced and explosive in single player and there’s even light RPG components to add depth to the experience. Then there’s the online multiplayer and co-op modes, both of which are broad and compelling enough to compete with the market leaders in the battle royal genre, such as PUBG and Fortnite. Legends claims the bullet-ridden crown.

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