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8 new mobile games you should check out this week

Fez Pocket Edition

Welcome to Portland? Portlandia? Well, whatever you want to call it, a quick glance at the new mobile games hitting the app stores this week tells you right away that ports from other platforms are hot even as the weather turns cold.

Add in titles that are new just for mobile and we’ve got a nice variety of new titles that should scratch every mobile gaming itch you’ve recently received, all without lotions or seeing a doctor. Here are eight of our best bets for this week.

FEZ Pocket Edition

Fez Pocket Edition

It’s tough to think of too many more influential puzzle-platformers during this decade, and now it’s finally arrived on mobile. Help Gomez explore the wonders of 3D in 2D, and if you’ve played it before, you know exactly what we mean. Highly recommended.

Playdead’s INSIDE


Okay, so this is a pretty well-known puzzle-platformer too, also well-regarded and released on mobile on the same week. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. It’s from the people who gave you LIMBO and is stylishly gorgeous, which is pretty much all you need to know.



Gorogoa bills itself as “an ingenious, perfectly crafted puzzler,” and who are we to argue? With incredible hand-drawn art that is a critical part of the game, you literally haven’t seen anything exactly like this.

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange

Episodic, decision-driven stories are kind of Telltale’s bag, but Square Enix did it too a few years ago with this game. It’s now made it to mobile, complete with the cool and “would be helpful in real life” mechanic that allows you to rewind time so you can help max save Chloe.


Ace Attorney Investigations

Hey, another port! This time it’s the adventures of Miles Edgeworth, who leaves the courtroom and gets his hands dirty actually investigating (hence the title) crime scenes. Use the Logic system to bring criminals to justice, and enjoy the usual Ace Attorney personalities while you do it.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty

Also a port, but not really since the devs say it’s a “ground-up remake” of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, which is 20 years old if you can believe that. Enjoy feeling your age as you dive into touchscreen controls or take advantage of controller support and marvel at the new graphics.

Dream Town Story

Dream Town Story

Are Kairosoft games something of an acquired taste? Maybe so, but they sure are a popular one. Dream Town Story brings the studio’s formula to city-building, complete with a co-op mode. Could be the builder you’ve been dreaming of, pun definitely intended unless you cringe too hard.

Like a Boss!

Let’s end this week’s list with an RPG, because that just feels right. This one flips the script by making you the boss of the dungeons that are being raided by pesky adventurers. Don’t let them win just because they always do in other games. Level up, craft your gear and lead your minions to glory.

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5 New Mobile Games You Need to Play This Week

As we get closer to the end of the year, it’s kind of an early Christmas for fans of mobile games. With developers trying to beat the iOS App Store shutdown week, lots of cool stuff tends to pop up in December, and this year is shaping up to be no exception.

Here are five new mobile games that have caught our eye this week, including a sequel to the incredible Reigns, a very welcome RPG port and more.


Reigns: Her Majesty

It wasn’t always good to be king in Reigns, but it was fun to rule or die trying. Something tells us Her Majesty has more than just a simple gender swap in store for us, and when you throw in Devolver Digital’s wicked sense of humor, it sounds like a winning formula.


Portal Knights

Already a hit on Steam, no one seemed to know this was arriving on mobile so soon. If you like the thought of a sandbox RPG with tactical combat, random events and homes you can decorate to your heat’s content, you’ll probably be glad it’s here.


Save the universe with a rolling ball of garbage! Even if you’ve never played any of the previous Katamari games, you have to be intrigued with a premise like that. Even if you’ve had your fill of endless runners, this … um, endless roller is worth a look.


Passpartout: Starving Artist

Despite a title that sounds like “passport out” and is about border crossings or something, this is actually an art sim of sorts, challenging you to make a living from your passion. Plus you know it’s French art thanks to the icon’s mustache and beret. Accept no substitutes.


Streets of Rage Classic

Mobile gamers of a certain age will remember this one, everyone else can just get down with the beat-’em up action and let out a little frustration on their phones and tablets. Not actually beating up their devices, but you know what we mean.

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5 New Mobile Games You Should Be Playing This Week

The characters in Stranger Things know all about the Upside Down, but right now, all of us are living in the In-Between in real life.

What, you never heard of the In-Between? It’s that time after Thanksgiving but before Christmas, particularly early on like right now when you aren’t quite close enough to the latter to be making your final preparations or taking days off work, but everything is already decorated all over town and you’re hearing holiday-themed music 24/7.

Because of a quirk of the calendar, this year it’s even longer than normal. So what can you do while stuck in the In-Between? Play new mobile games, of course. And if that sounds like our solution to everything, we’ll just say you should admire us for our consistency.


Monster heads might not seem like the most obvious thing with which to play around, but if they’re as adorable as the ones in GNOG, they make you want to jump right in and start grabbing them. Virtually speaking, of course, but the selling point is a tactile take on puzzle games, complete with 3D graphics and a sense of whimsy. For bonus awesomeness, GNOG features optional AR support to let you monkey with those monster heads on your tabletop, or any flat surface, really. Perfect to liven up the In-Between.

GRID Autosport

Racing is something we’ve done a lot of on our phones and tablets over the years, but it’s also a genre where there’s always room for one more as long as that one is done right. GRID Autosport should be, considering it’s by Codemasters and based on the console game from a few years back — thus making its claim of console-quality racing very believable. Boasting over 100 cars and tracks, it looks like it’ll be worth the purchase price in terms of amount of content, and the devs are promising there will be more of both offered for free down the road.


While this writer isn’t 100 percent clear on how to pronounce it, Carcassonne is both a French town with awesome castles and the very highly regarded tile-based board game of the same name, one that has generated numerous expansions and different versions. One of those hit PC about a decade ago, but this is an all-new iteration launching for PC and Android. It’s got spiffy new 3D graphics, improved AI and two expansions ready to rock, one of which unlocks for free with your Asmodee account. If you love board games, this is your jam this week.

Pocket Legends Adventures

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Spacetime Studios, but the devs there have gone back to their roots with both a new Pocket Legends game and an MMORPG in general. Pocket Legends Adventures offers no class or item restrictions, allowing you to RPG the way you want. It’s positioning itself as a casual take on old school MMOs, complete with both a single-player campaign and the ability to team with other players to tackle co-op dungeons and raids. The whole idea of MMOs is starting to see a revival on mobile, and this game could be right on trend.

Game Dev Tycoon

Want to know what it’s like to make video games and then wait for the public and us silly games journos to judge you? You could spend a good chunk of a lifetime learning how to code, honing your business acumen and trying to time the market just right. Alternatively, you could just play the mobile version of the beloved PC title Game Dev Tycoon. The choice is yours, but at just a few bucks with no IAPs, this is definitely the cheaper way to go, and in a bit of meta something or other, it’s also receiving rave reviews of its own.

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5 New Mobile Games You Should Be Playing This Week

Now that you’ve hopefully recovered from your food comas — and remember, tryptophan in turkey is way overrated, it’s the insane amount of carbs in Thanksgiving dinner that usually get you — it’s time to get shopping. Black Friday and all that.

(You may also now start listening to Christmas music full time if you want, without fear of scorn, at least from us.)

You might be surprised as you do your running around this weekend that mobile game developers haven’t neglected the holiday week at all, but have instead dropped some very high profile titles onto our app stores. Not that you need another reason to give thanks, but you just might be grateful when you discover the new goodies available for download this week.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo took its sweet old time jumping into mobile gaming, but now it is making up for that delay with a vengeance. Every one of the company’s mobile titles has been a little more suited for phones and tablets than the last, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the best one yet. Build your perfect campsite, help out your friends and become pals with the ridiculously cute denizens of a world you already love from the console series, in a game that is destined to be living on the top app charts for some time.

Naruto X Baruto Ninja Voltage

There’s a built-in audience for all of Bandai Namco’s anime-based titles, but this one deserves a longer look even if you aren’t super conversant in Naruto lore. You build a team of four shinobi for tackling both solo missions and invading the bases of other players, plus you build a base of your own and fill it with traps and ninjas to keep attackers out. The action is fast, the graphics are outstanding, and there’s as much of a story to Naruto x Baruto Ninja Voltage as there was in previous Naruto mobile games if that’s your thing.

Puzzle Fighter

If ever there was a game that was ahead of its time because it released way before mobile was even a thing, it was Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. Dropping blocks, Tetris-style to make matches to attack the opposing fighter is a mechanic that has touchscreens written all over it, which is why Puzzle Fighter dusted it off and made it into a brand new game using the DNA of the original. Fast and frantic and more challenging than you might think, you don’t have to love fighting games to want to try this, though a knowledge of games beyond Street Fighter will pay off when it comes to the character list.

World War Heroes

With gamers super psyched about the Call of Duty franchise going back to basics and returning to a WWII setting, it only makes sense to take advantage of that on mobile too. We’re not saying World War Heroes wouldn’t have come out anyway, we’re just calling its timing … very convenient. Anyway, this FPS is indeed set in WWII and features five game modes, seven different maps, four types of vehicles and dozens of weapons, so there should be plenty to keep you occupied.

Talking Tom Pool

Nope, this one has nothing to do with billiards. It might not be pool season for most of us right now, seeing as the temps are hovering right around the freezing point, but you can at least dream ahead to next summer with this matching game that is, indeed, set in a swimming pool. Talking Tom and a bunch of other talking animals (because it shouldn’t just be cats that can speak) are waiting for you to take command of the slinging mechanic over 270 levels while also building your dream water park. Which could be inside, we guess. Never thought of that.

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Legendary Slide 2 Review – More than Mahjong

There’s something deeply satisfying about a game of mahjong. The simplicity of it all, the beauty, the sense of elation you get when all the tiles are clear. Sliding and matching style puzzles, too, offer that same piece of the feel-good pie. Legendary Slide 2 combines the best elements from both genres into an irresistably attractive package. Not only can you match, slide, and stack tiles, you also get to puzzle through height restrictions and defeat obstacles no sane mahjong player could tackle in real life.

It’s pretty easy to get the basics down in Legendary Slide 2. You’re in a temple filled with stone tiles, you see, and you really want to make them disappear. To do that you’ll slide movable pieces by clicking and dragging down the path. When two identical tiles touch side to side, they vanish. Repeat until the entire screen is clear, then move on to a more difficult puzzle!

The slide-and-match concept seems pretty simple, and in practice, it really is. What Legendary Slide 2 does with it makes the game all the more incredible. We’ll start with one of the core aspects of the stages: height. Different layers of temple brick means you won’t always have an easy time sliding tiles next to their matches. Bridge building is key, but you have to be careful which blocks you drop down pits, as there usually isn’t a way to climb back up. Think before you click and plan your slides accordingly, otherwise you’ll have to start the puzzle over again.

Outside of the physical stage design, Legendary Slide 2 also packs in things like immovable blocks, directional arrows, freeze spaces, jump portals, and a lot more, each one causing you to stop and consider your movements before bumping tiles around. In case you do make a mistake, a quick undo button lets you back up as far as you like, even to the beginning of the stage. To get the full three stars for each level you’ll have to be precise with your movements without going over the movement counter, so make heavy use of that undo button!

On the “optional but awesome” list of features, Legendary Slide 2 gives you full control over the look and feel of the game. The temple setting is nice, but what if you’re more of a farm person? Use the skinning icon to switch backgrounds, tile decorations, music, and layer highlighting, all of which can make things easier to use or just more attractive.

Like its predecessor, Legendary Slide 2 is a sit back and think sort of game, not a fast-sliding crash ‘n bash tile flinger. The design is so simple and so perfect you’ll never get frustrated, however. Legendary Slide 2 knows exactly what to do with its core elements to keep things interesting. It looks great, it plays like a dream, and the included 80 puzzles will keep you scratching your head for hours. A great release for puzzle fans of all kinds, not just mahjong lovers.

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