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Fortnite is coming to Android soon, plus what else is on Epic’s mind for mobile


Fortnite is so big that is probably would have caught on even if it was confined to a single gaming platform. Happily, you can play it on just about anything you own that plays games, though since we’re about mobile games here at Gamezebo, we’ve been echoing a thought that many other people have had for months now: When is Fortnite coming to Android?

Epic Games still hasn’t given an exact answer to that question yet, but it did offer the best hint yet as a Fortnite Android release date in its “State of Mobile” blog post today.

We are targeting this summer for the release. We know many of you are excited for this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, you’ll hear it from us first.

That obviously is a pretty wide window, but the thought here is that with E3 coming up in mid-June, that would be the perfect time to capture some attention when the eyes of the gaming world are on L.A. E3 isn’t traditionally a prime time for mobile releases, but big name studios do occasionally use it as a launchpad. Bethesda gave us the most prominent example back in 2015, not only revealing Fallout Shelter but also announcing it was live immediately, and that game went on to be a smash hit.

Fortnite obviously doesn’t need any help in that regard, but it would make some sense for Epic Games to just casually announce during E3 that, “oh yeah, Fortnite is out on Android now.” It will also be interesting to see if the Android launch is like the iOS rollout was, with codes needed to play the game in the first few days.

Here are the other topics Epic touched on specifically for mobile:

Voice chat

This is kind of a biggie because there’s no built-in way to chat in-game like there is when playing Fortnite on other platforms. There are simple enough workarounds, including just getting your squad-mates together on a Discord server, but it would be easier still if the game simply supported voice chat on its own.

Epic Games says it’s not only working on that but hints that voice chat will eventually be cross-platform, which will be a super welcome addition. The devs also envision it being easy to mute yourself, your entire squad or open mics back up with a single tap.

Controls and gameplay improvements

If you’ve played Fortnite on mobile for even a match or two, you’ve undoubtedly come away not so enthused about the firing options. Tapping on the screen isn’t the best solution — we’ve all fired when we didn’t want to because of it — and there are other ways the control system is imprecise, like when it’s difficult to pick up an item and you end up swinging your pickax instead.

The developers are aware of this too, noting that they are working on “improving Autorun and adding better ways to fire.” Once the control system gets more choices, you’ll be able to test them out and decide which one you like best in the settings menu.

Install size and performance

One of this writer’s children comments often on how the Fortnite graphics “stink on tablets.” That’s true compared to console or PC, but some mobile devices are capable of providing something that looks nicer, and Epic Games is cognizant of this fact. On the other end of the spectrum, the studio wants to add a battery saver mode if you voluntarily decide on a lower graphics quality, which will be nice when gaming on the go.

Finally, the sheer size of Fortnite can be an issue as well, but future builds should shrink as the dev team gets better at optimizing code for mobile.

Can’t get enough of Fortnite on iOS or just psyched for its Android release? Make sure you stay up to speed with the number one battle royale game by checking out our guides, including our skins list and tips on how to find and use vending machines.

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15 most anticipated mobile games currently in soft launch

Soft launch is an important part of any mobile game’s gestation, as it allows developers to iron out any creases and fine-tune their title ahead of its forthcoming global launch. It also enables players in a select few regions to get their hands on the title early, while the rest of the world gets to take an advanced look at what’s in store.

Keeping an eye on the iOS and Android games in soft launch is a good way to stay up to date with what’s about to go global, and here are the most anticipated games currently at that stage in their development.

15. Age of Magic

Playkot Limited

Publisher: Playkot Limited

Available On: iOS (Canada, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Turkey)

Age of Magic is a bona fide turn-based RPG for iOS devices, steeped in classic sword and sorcery values. You’ll find yourself battling your way across a fantasy world to fulfil an ancient prophecy, collecting items and upgrading your heroes as you go.

14. Final Space AR

Time Warner

Publisher: Time Warner

Available On: iOS (USA)

Based on Olan Rogers and Conan O’Brien’s TBS show of the same name, Final Space AR will bring Gary, Mooncake and the gang to your phone where they will play out various scenarios that can be recorded and shared. This free-to-play title is up for grabs in the US of A right now.

13. Fishing Strike


Publisher: Netmarble

Available On: iOS (Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden and Turkey)

Fishing fans can sink their hooks into Netmarble’s simulation of the popular pastime in Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden and Turkey. Fishing Strike tasks players with catching more than 500 different types of marine wildlife, from saltwater tiddlers to great white sharks, and it even comes with optional AR and VR features.

12. Battle Bombers Arena


Publisher: Futureplay

Available On: iOS and Android (Ukraine, Finland, Poland)

In a nutshell, Battle Bombers Arena is a Bomberman clone with cutesy animal sprites replacing the eponymous explosives enthusiast. Players in the Ukraine, Finland and Poland can check out whether it’s as much of a blast as the original right now.

11. Best Fiends Rivals


Publisher: Seriously

Available On: iOS (Finland, Australia, Philippines)

Best Fiends Rivals is a casual puzzler where the emphasis is firmly on beating your friends and scoring bragging rights over them by outranking them on the leaderboard. It’s currently doing the rounds in soft launch in Finland, Australia and the Philippines.

10. Hungry Dragon


Publisher: Ubisoft

Available On: Android (Philippines, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand)

Ubisoft’s Hungry Dragon is an eat-em-up where you take control of a dragon with a big appetite and devour everyone in your path. Oh, and you can burn them to a crisp with your fire breath if you prefer.

9. MapleStory Blitz


Publisher: Nexon

Available On: iOS and Android (Australia, Malaysia, Philippines)

MMORPG MapleStory has been given a MOBA makeover for its follow-up MapleStory Blitz, a card-based battler with elements of Clash Royale. Players wage war on one another in furious PvP contests, communicate by emoji and attempt to build up the ultimate deck along the way.

8. Flick Arena


Publisher: flaregames

Available On: iOS and Android (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Russia, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine)

Flick Arena is a multiplayer strategy game that was designed to be as simple as possible. Players build up the ultimate army and then decide whether to go for the all-guns-blazing approach or adopt safer tactics out there on the battlefield. It’s in soft launch in numerous regions now.

7. Galak-Z: Variant Mobile

GungHo Online

Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc.

Available On: iOS and Android (Philippines, New Zealand, Australia)

Blast space pirates into oblivion, exterminate intergalactic nasties and bring justice to the universe in Galak-Z: Variant Mobile, a space shooter with a spattering of RPG components. This one is available now in the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.

6. Diamond Diaries Saga


Publisher: King

Available On: Android (Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Poland)

Candy Crush developer King is back with another mobile puzzler, and again, this one is about matching objects by colour. There’s also a colouring book aspect to the title, to differentiate it from the studio’s other casual fodder.

5. Cartoon Squad

Bandai Namco

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Available On: iOS (Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden)

Nobody can fault Bandai Namco for its ambition where Cartoon Squad is concerned. The Pac-Man maker has attempted to cram everything besides the kitchen sink into its latest game, blending city-building, match-3 puzzling, role-playing and strategy. There’s also multiplayer support and the option to join guilds.

4. Brick Wizard


Publisher: King

Available On: Android (Thailand)

Brick Wizard is another King puzzler, though this one appears to have more in common with Breakout than the rest of the studio’s output. The game involves smashing up multicoloured bricks by shooting spells in their direction. It’s available on Android devices in Thailand right now.

3. Go Boom!

Kiz Studios

Publisher: Kiz Studios

Available On: iOS (Indonesia)

Kiz Studios’ Go Boom! is a game for anyone who loves to blow s**t up just for kicks. The idea is to destroy as much of Boom Town as humanly possible within a set time limit, and you can compete with friends to see who has the biggest appetite for destruction.

2. Last Day Alive

Glu Mobile

Publisher: Glu Mobile

Available On: iOS and Android (Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland)

If you want to kill zombies on your mobile device, there are already plenty of options, but here’s another addition to the horde: Last Day Alive. Glu Mobile’s survival-shooter offers more than just the chance to slay undead corpses, with base-building, PvP and co-op modes adding method to the zombie-killing madness.

1. Star Wars: Rivals


Publisher: Disney

Available On: iOS and Android (Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines)

Star Wars fans have been enjoying third-person shooting in a galaxy far, far away for generations thanks to the Battlefront series, and mobile’s answer to it is in the pipeline. In fact, Star Wars: Rivals is already available in soft launch territories  now. There’s a solo campaign featuring iconic characters from all three movie trilogies, a PvP mode and the chance to wield blasters, lightsabers and awesome Force capabilities.

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15 exciting iOS and Android games in soft launch right now

Many of the biggest upcoming iOS and Android games are further along in development than you might think. In fact, players in certain territories might even be playing them in soft launch right now.

Keeping tabs on testbed regions is a good way to stay abreast of the mobile titles that are about to land in your neck of the woods, as well as take a sneaky peek at their features, and here are some of the tentatively-released touchscreen wonders you need to know about.

15. Titan World

Glu Mobile

Publisher: Glu Mobile

Available On: iOS (Philippines)

Glu Mobile’s new IP takes strategic turn-based battles to extreme proportions by having players pit their teams of heavily-armed titans against one another. Available in the Philippines now, Titan World challenges you to climb to the summit of the Titan League, futuristic warfare’s equivalent of football’s Premier League, where goalscoring and crunching challenges are replaced by mayhem and destruction.

14. Angry Birds Blast Island


Publisher: Rovio

Available On: iOS & Android (Hong Kong, Taiwan)

Rovio’s irate avians are no longer a dominant force in the world of mobile gaming, but the Scandanavia studio recaptured some of their early success with the block-matching puzzler Angry Birds Blast. The game’s sequel, Angry Birds Blast Island, offers more of the same and players are already flocking towards it in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

13. Badland Brawl

Frogmind Games

Publisher: Frogmind Games

Available On: iOS (Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam)

Badland Brawl is a free-to-play PvP brawler which takes a page out of Angry Birds’ book. Players will attempt to bring down their opponent’s tower by pinging units at it using an oversized slingshot, and if you’re based in the Netherlands, Scandinavia or parts of Asia, you can take a stab at the tower toppling right now.

12. WWE Universe

Glu Games

Publisher: Glu Mobile

Available On: iOS (New Zealand, Australia)

WWE World is wrestling its way onto iOS devices to give fans the chance to experience what it’s like to manage a wrestling company. Players will be responsible for their superstars’ training regime, become embroiled in drama outside of the ring and take down opponents using one-touch controls inside of it. Adding to the authenticity, the game is also fully licensed and feature real-life WWE stars including Ric Flair and AJ Styles.

11. Twist

Jam City

Publisher: Jam City

Available On: iOS & Android (Argentina, New Zealand, Singapore)

Casual developer Jam City has branched out in interactive fiction with the soft launch of Twist, a portal which thrusts players into the thick of horror, romance, comedy and other literary genres, and lets them determine what happens from chapter to chapter. Here’s a twist you might not want: some of the multiple choice options are locked behind paywalls, though there are subscription models for those who decide this is for them.

10. Legend of Solgard


Publisher: King

Available On: iOS & Android (Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sweden)

Candy Crush studio King is back with a new game and this one sees the developer put its own colourful twist on the RPG. Legend of Solgard blends turn-based combat with match-three puzzling for those who prefer their role-playing accessible and streamlined.

9. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018

Glu Mobile

Publisher: Glu Mobile

Available On: iOS (Canada)

Many successful sports sims dole out annual instalments and Glu Mobile’s MLB Tap Sports Baseball is set to be no exception. Once again, the developer has teamed up with the sport’s governing body to pitch up another helping of America’s favourite pastime, complete with new features including enhanced graphics and a player-management mode.

8. LEGO Quest & Collect


Publisher: Nexon

Available On: iOS & Android (Philippines, Singapore)

LEGO Quest & Collect is about to join a long list of games based on everyone’s favourite multi-coloured bricks. This one has players collecting pieces to enhance their army of Minifigs before sending them into battle. Many of the most popular LEGO brands, including Ninjago, LEGO City and LEGO Pirates are featured, and there’s a PvP mode for those who prefer building (and destroying) LEGO with others.

7. Hit the 5 Casino


Publisher: Webzen

Available On: iOS & Android (New Zealand, Argentina)

If you want to sample a small piece of Las Vegas without the risk of losing any actual money, Webzen’s Hit the 5 Casino is a safe bet. This slot machine simulation is a mobile version of the Korean studio’s popular Facebook title of the same name, available now in soft launch territories New Zealand and Argentina.

6. Battle Breakers

Epic Games

Publisher: Epic Games

Available On: iOS & Android (Philippines, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden)

Gears of War studio Epic Games has launched a fresh assault on mobile with the soft launch of Battle Breakers, an RPG with an emphasis on tactical combat. Available in the Philippines, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden, the game tasks players with building up an army of super warriors so they can reclaim their enslaved planet.

5. Armed Heist


Publisher: Av SOZAP

Available On: iOS (Sweden)

Overkill Software is unlikely to ever bring its Payday series to mobile, but that’s okay because Armed Heist is about to burst onto the iOS scene. It’s a third-person shooter based around cover mechanics and bank robberies. Missions come in bite-sized chunks ideal for mobile and levels are randomly generated. iOS users in Sweden are already doing their best impression of the Joker from the opening scene of The Dark Knight.

4. Circle Breaker

Motorious Entertainment

Publisher: Motorious Entertainment

Available On: iOS & Android (Finland, Netherlands)

If the devil hasn’t found work for your idle thumbs yet, Circle Breaker should do the trick. Motorious Entertainment has a firm grasp of what works on mobile, at least where simplistic puzzlers are concerned. There’s little to it beyond rotating circles and trying to catch the ball in the middle before it drops off screen, but its 700-plus levels should keep you busy for a good while.

3. Crusaders of Light

Netease Games

Publisher: NetEase Games/LongE Play

Available On: iOS & Android (Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore; Taiwan [Android only])

High-end, World of Warcraft-style MMORPG action is on its way to mobile devices in the shape of Crusaders of Light. NetEase’s latest offering boasts stellar 3D visuals, dynamic combat and fully-fledged raids, as well as social features designed specifically with iOS and Android devices in mind. You’ll find plenty of WoW factor here.

2. Farm On!

Cheetah Games

Publisher: Cheetah Games
Available On: iOS & Android (Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Indonesia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Singapore)

Raising cattle and tending to crops has never been easier than in Farm On, an agricultural simulation so accessible that it can be played with one hand. The casual smartphone title is in soft launch in numerous territories, including Britain, and it really is top of the crops.

1. Galactic Frontline


Publisher: NetEase Games

Available On: iOS & Android (Philippines)

NetEase Games’ real-time space battler Galactic Frontline is now in soft launch on iOS and Android in the Philippines. Players are tasked with assembling an interstellar fleet capable of withstanding the heat in a galaxy at war. Whether you challenge other users online, take part in global tournaments or simply work you way through the campaign mode is up to you.

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15 best iOS and Android games in soft launch right now

Not all mobile games land in every territory across the world simultaneously. Some developers like to play it safe and cautiously roll their product out in a select few countries to use them as testbeds, before flicking that switch to set it live on a global scale.

This practice is known as soft launching and it allows studios to work out any bugs, glitches or teething problems before shipping their latest release to the masses. Although it can be frustrating when an eagerly-anticipated game is only available in some obscure territory, players can take solace in the knowledge that it will arrive in their neck of the woods with any niggling technical issues already weeded out.

Moreover, when a mobile game enters soft launch, it’s usually an indication that its global release is just around the corner and there’s plenty we can learn about the finished product based on how it was received overseas. So, here are the iOS and Android titles currently in soft launch that you should be super excited about.

15. Asphalt 9: Legends


Publisher: Gameloft

Available On: iOS (Philippines)

Gameloft is best known for creating games that dubiously resemble popular console titles, but everyone is totally okay with that, because in most cases, they end up being the closest thing we have to said console game on mobile. Asphalt 9: Legends is the studio’s latest answer to the Need for Speed franchise, and its engine is already running over in the Philippines. iOS users in the territory are currently enjoying more than 50 vehicles, 70 tracks complete with realistic weather effects, and a car editor for adding personal touches to their fleet.

14. Final Fantasy Awakening


Publisher: Oasis Games

Available On: iOS & Andriod (Philippines, Australia, New Zealand)

Square Enix is getting plenty of mileage out of Final Fantasy on mobile these days, but fans should be bracing themselves for more. The studio has licensed the property out to Oasis Games so it can undergo the action-RPG treatment and offer a faster-paced experience. Final Fantasy Awakening boasts a huge cast of characters comprising many familiar faces from the legendary series and also features online play. Android and iOS users in the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand can download the soft-launch edition now.

13. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Publisher: Ubisoft

Available On: iOS & Android (Philippines, New Zealand)

Seminal cloak and dagger series Assassin’s Creed is getting a mobile makeover, which basically means cutesy, colourful visuals and gameplay reimagined with tablets and smartphones in mind. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is a strategy-RPG which places its focus on brotherhood building, tasking players with assembling a squad to take the fight to the Templars. Plenty of series legends are recruitable, including Ezio, Aguilar and Shao Jun. iOS and Android owners in the Philippines and New Zealand can take a stab at it now.

12. Lemmings

Sad Puppy

Publisher: Sad Puppy

Available On: iOS (Philippines)

Most retro gamers will have fond, and maybe a tad traumatic memories of Lemmings, the puzzler which tasked you with escorting a band of tiny critters from A to B without them dying horrible deaths. Sad Puppy has reimagined the game for iOS, complete with swanky visuals and a touchscreen interface, and players in the Philippines can download it now.

11. Marvel Strike Force


Publisher: FoxNext Games

Available On: iOS & Android (Canada, New Zealand)

Marvel fans assemble! A new mobile game based on the bestselling comic books and phenomenally popular movie series is on the way, and it will let you make like Nick Fury and build your own version of the Avengers. The idea is to put together a crack team of Marvel superheroes and villains and pit them against other teams in 5v5 strategic brawls. The fate of the world is hinging on these battles, and players in Canada and New Zealand are already fighting their own personal infinity wars.

10. Pac-Man Maker

Bandai Namco

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Available On: iOS (Canada)

Players delivered all kinds of ingenious creations when they were given the tools to build their own Super Mario levels, so it will be interesting to see what the community comes up with when Pac-Man gets the same treatment. Pac-Man Maker basically does everything it says on the tin: lets players create their own mazes for the pill-popping hero to explore, complete with ghosts and random pieces of fruit. The end results can be shared online so you can laugh your ass off while others die more times than in a Dark Souls marathon, trying to beat your creation.

9. Shadowgun Legends

Madfinger Games

Publisher: Madfinger Games

Available On: iOS & Android (Netherlands)

Generally speaking, Madfinger Games has a reputation for making first-person shooters that look beautiful but aren’t exactly brimming with substance. Its latest offering Shadowgun Legends is more ambitious than anything its churned out to date, promising the same glossy, Unity-powered visuals but this time with something meaningful underpinning them. Shadowgun Legends is a console-quality shooter with a spattering of RPG mechanics to add depth to the gunplay, and a real-time PvP arena for those who prefer killing other players to alien monsters. This is one of the most eagerly anticipated mobile games on the horizon, and if you live in the Netherlands, you can take an early look at it now.

8. Dead Rivals


Publisher: Gameloft

Available On: iOS & Android (Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand)

Gameloft’s derivative handiwork again, and this time the studio has combined your classic zombie apocalypse with MMORPG values in Dead Rivals. The game is action-driven and set against a vast, open-world backdrop where players are forced to band together with other survivors to discover the cause of the outbreak. Players in the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand are already battling the undead.

7. Rocksmith


Publisher: Ubisoft

Available On: iOS (Canada)

Ubisoft’s Rocksmith straddles the divide between Guitar Hero and actual music tuition, challenging users to play along with songs and learn from the bum notes they hit. The iPad edition, which comes bundled with four free tracks, is currently on soft launch in Canada. There are interactive lessons for guitarists and bass players and more songs can be downloaded through in-app purchases.

6. Sky

Publisher: thatgamecompany

Available On: iOS (Philippines)

From Flower to Journey, thatgamecompany’s titles are always works of art and its latest offering Sky looks set to be no exception. Currently in soft launch on iOS devices in the Philippines, this aesthetically stunning social adventure will find players exploring a world up in the clouds with friends and family, bringing light to its darkest corner and solving puzzles as they go. It’s all about togetherness, collaboration and artistic expression.

5. The Walking Dead: Our World

Next Games

Publisher: Next Games

Available On: Android (Philippines)

The Walking Dead: Our World is essentially Pokemon Go with a twist, the twist being that you slaughter hordes of zombies instead of capturing weird and wonderful creatures. The game uses AR technology to bring the Walker slaying to the real world (sort of) and pits players against weekly challenges. Characters from the popular AMC TV series also show up, and players in the Philippines are getting acquainted with them right now.

4. Westworld

Warner Bros

Publisher: Warner Bros

Available On: iOS (Philippines) Android (Thailand, Denmark, Finland, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden)

AMC isn’t the only TV network bringing one of its hit shows to the world of mobile games. HBO’s Westworld is also winging its way to iOS devices, and its already soft launched in the Philippines, Thailand and Scandinavia. The robot cowboy series has been adapted as a build-em-up, in which players are tasked with constructing their own Wild West-themed amusement park. You’ll spend your time upgrading the AI, keeping the guests happy and preventing the main attractions from gunning everyone down.

3. Paladins Strike

Hi-Rez Studios

Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios

Available On: iOS & Android (Australia)

Players will take control of mythical warriors and pit them against one another in 5v5 showdowns in this MOBA title from Hi-Rez Studios. Paladins Strike is an action-heavy, multiplayer-centric battler which gives players an enticing fantasy world to explore and the chance to take control of more than 15 Paladin characters within it.

2. Nyjah Huston: #Skatelife

Hugo Games

Publisher: Hugo Games A/S

Available On: iOS (Canada, Denmark, UK, Australia, New Zealand)

Pro skater Nyjah Huston could become the Tony Hawk of the mobile generation if his new skateboarding sim Nyjah Huston: #Skatelife is a smash hit. It’s currently in soft launch for iOS devices in Canada, Denmark, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and has already been given a full, worldwide release on Android. Like the Tony Hawk games of old, the object of this one is to grind, kickflip and shred your way around obstacle-filled courses and pull off as many monster combos as you can.

1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Warner Bros

Publisher: Warner Bros

Available On: Android (various)

The magic of JK Rowling’s wizarding world is coming to Android devices with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, an adventure game with old-school point-and-click elements, RPG components and narrative-based puzzles. Players will learn everything there is to know about witchcraft and wizardry from some of the best teachers in this business. Just try not to get on the wrong side of Professor Snape. And stay out of the Chamber of Secrets.

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8 for ’18: Our most anticipated mobile games for 2018

It’s almost time to flip that calendar, or more precisely, hang a brand new one on the wall. A new year brings its own batch of uncertainties, but one prediction we feel pretty confident about making for 2018 is that it will be full of new mobile games of all genres, descriptions and styles.

Even more so than for our console and PC gaming brothers and sisters, narrowing down the field of stuff we just have to try is tough because of the sheer volume of new releases. On top of that, it’s hard to say for sure exactly which games will release in 2018 because mobile publishers don’t often know themselves until launch dates draw close.

Nevertheless, we’re taking a stab at identifying eight games from eight different publishers that we’re reasonably sure will be playable on your phone or tablet in 2018 and we really want to play. In no particular order …

(Just kidding, they’re totally in alphabetical order.)

Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers

Yep, you’ve played plenty of tactical combat RPGs. You’ve got room for another in your life, plus you really want to know what Epic Games, the company that once upon a time brought you Infinity Blade, is up to on mobile. We certainly do.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has been in soft launch long enough now to give us plenty of time to play it and even offer some advice, so you just get the feeling that Supercell is simply biding its time until … BAM! That’s the sound of its take on mobile MOBAs flattening the competition.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you say? A story-driven RPG that puts you in the robes of a Hogwarts student yourself? Yeah, this sounds like it has the potential to be big if done right. We’re going to find out in 2018.

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes but with superheroes. You’ve got the general idea here, and with Marvel’s cast of characters, this could gain a following like that game has, though some people have already wondered if only Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes will be featured.

My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever

There’s a whole generation of young folks who have been deprived of the joys of caring for a Tamagotchi. Bandai Namco would like to remedy that, and if there’s any platform that was made for new versions of digital pets, it’s mobile.



Maybe these types of music games have already had their 15 minutes and that’s all they get. But maybe not, and unlike some that ruled the world a few consoles ago, Rocksmith can actually teach you how to play a real guitar or bass. Not many games offer you that.

Sky: Light Awaits

Sky: Light Awaits

Some studios just grab our attention with any project they might be working on, and thatgamecompany is one of them. Promoted as a “new kind of social adventure designed to be played together by you and your loved ones,” Sky looks gorgeous, fascinating and mysterious.

World of Warships Blitz

World of Warships

Mobile PvP games are just going to continue to proliferate, and Wargaming already knows how to make a good one thanks to World of Tanks Blitz. Hit the seas instead and blow up some boats in 7v7 World War II style, because we’re certainly looking forward to it too.

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