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How to unlock Cable in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

Wherever Deadpool goes, Cable is likely to be pretty close behind. The X-Man from the future has a love/hate relationship with the Merc with a Mouth, one that you can put into effect right now in Marvel Strike Force, either joining them both together on your team or simply having Cable on your side to fight back against other players’ teams that use Deadpool.

We’ve already told you how to unlock Deadpool, but now it’s time for Cable to get his due. He’s a tad bit easier to acquire since he only takes 45 shards, but getting those shards is a little bit more work since unlike Deadpool, he doesn’t have his own event going right now.

Here’s what you need to do …

Play the Time Traveler Blitz

Running through 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 27, the Time Traveler Blitz mode allows you to win up to 15 Cable shards if you hit all 14 milestones before time expires. Doing so will also earn you a ton of Blitz Orb Fragments, Blitz Credits and Gold, so it’s rewarding in more ways than one.

Marvel Strike Force

On top of that, if you’re going all-in on Time Traveler, chances are you’ll be eligible for some pretty sweet rank rewards, which unlock at just 6,000 points. The top-ranked player in this Blitz will receive 310 Cable shards, but even though that’s wildly unattainable for most of us, even finishing in the top 25 percent will get you 30 shards — and when added to the 15 from the milestone payouts, that’s enough to get Cable on your team by the end of the weekend.

Buy the Time Traveler Orb

Don’t have the time and energy to play Blitz during the holiday weekend but still fancy getting Cable on your roster? There’s another way, though it’s even longer and potentially more expensive, unless you have a bunch of Power Cores burning a proverbial hole in your pocket. The aptly named Time Traveler Orb is available now in the in-game store for 675 Power Cores. Like other character-specific Orbs, each one guarantees you 2-4 Cable shards, which doesn’t seem like all that many given the cost, though you do receive other character shards as well.

Marvel Strike Force

In fact, Cable is also part of the rare shard drop in the same Orb, so hypothetically, if the odds are with you, it’s possible to get 54 Cable shards from just one of these babies. We wouldn’t hold our breath for that happening, but there’s at least a tiny chance of that.

We should also note that earlier this week, FoxNext Games released a note that details the exact steps a character goes through when it is added to the game, and all the ways in order that you will be able to find their shards as time goes on. This doesn’t apply to Deadpool since he had his own event, but it does apply to Cable:

  • Character is main prize in Blitz and available for purchase in a Featured Character Orb
  • Once the Blitz ends, character becomes part of the Ultimus Orb mix
  • After some time passes, character is available in the Premium Orb
  • Character is added to a campaign node, one of the stores, an Orb, etc.

That means that once this weekend is over, the place to find Cable shards for the time being will be in the Ultimus Orb. That’s super helpful information just in case you aren’t quite able to finish getting Cable right away, or if you want to know how to rank him up after he’s on your roster.

Good luck with Cable, especially since he can be a bit surly. And be sure to read our other Marvel Strike Force guides, including an overview of raids and how to get free Power Cores.

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode tips, tricks and cheats

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Some ideas for mobile games are so obvious that when they finally arrive, you end up somewhat surprised they hadn’t happened before. That’s definitely the case with Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, a strategy RPG that has players build teams of five heroes from various beloved Disney and Pixar films and has them battle corrupted versions of other heroes, and, of course, teams put together by other human opponents.

It’s similar in a lot of ways to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, except that its battles take place in real time, making combat easier and probably simpler for younger gamers, yet still requiring you to stay on your toes for best results. Disney Heroes also has a wide variety of game modes that unlock as you advance, ensuring that there’s plenty to do if and when you decide to play regularly.

Intrigued? Well, don’t take our word for it. Or rather do, because we have a lot more to say as we lay out our Disney Heroes: Battle Mode tips and tricks, which should help you get better faster.

How combat works in Disney Heroes

You’ve put together a pretty sweet team of five heroes, and now they’re ready for battle. What’s next?

You’ll probably be happy to know that for the most part, your characters will fight for themselves. Every character has a basic attack, and later, one or more special skill they will perform automatically. There’s no guidance or control needed on your part.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

However, that doesn’t mean you can be completely hands off (unless you want to be, as many game modes support use of the ‘Auto’ button in the lower-right corner that will automate combat completely). Each hero also has a signature skill that is on a cooldown timer depicted by a bar below their health in their icon at the bottom of the game screen. Once that bar fills up, the icon will flash, and you can activate the skill by tapping on it. Mr. Incredible, for instance, has his Grand Slam skill where he dives into multiple enemies, damaging them all.

Each battle is then a fight to the finish, ending either when your team is defeated, your opponents have all fallen, or time expires. It’s a simple system that everyone should be able to get a handle on pretty quickly.

How to get more heroes in Disney Heroes

It’s not much fun to play a game with as many different characters as this one without knowing how to unlock more of them. The first place to start is by opening crates, conveniently located by tapping on the ‘CRATES’ structure on the main game screen. There you’ll find a variety of gacha-style containers that can be purchased with either the game’s basic (gold) or premium (Diamonds) currencies.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

The one you’ll be most interested is the Diamond Crate, as that can instantly unlock new heroes when you open one. If you can save up the 2,590 Diamonds needed, buying 10 at one time is the way to go, since it guarantees you’ll get a new hero.

Other crates reward you with either Badges, which are needed to make your heroes stronger, or Hero Chips, the Disney Heroes equivalent to shards from other strategy RPGs. Collecting enough Hero Chips will allow you to either add a new hero to your roster or advance one you already own to the next tier, and they can be won in the Elite difficulty setting of Campaign battles as well as earned as rewards for logging in daily and earning medals for cumulative tasks.

Bonus tip: You can open up to five Gold Crates a day for free, so don’t forget to do so and potentially grab some free Hero Chips.

Step inside the Arena

Though Disney Heroes has more game modes than you might expect for a new game, the Arena mode is one where you’ll definitely want to focus some of your time. It’s the asynchronous PvP mode, where you pick your best team of five characters and battle against teams assembled by other players. The fights are full-auto, so your heroes are completely on their own.

That means the most important thing in choosing an Arena opponent is gauging both the composition of the team you want to fight and their overall power, which you can see simply by scrolling up and down the list of available battles. You can challenge anyone in your current league, but the idea is to make it into the upper rankings so you can advance to the next tier of league play.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Once a day while active in Arena play, you’ll receive rewards based on your current tier and your place within your league. It’s a great way to gain extra Diamonds, gold and XP drinks, so there’s no reason not to play in the Arena.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to set your Arena Defense team as well by tapping on the green ‘DEFENSE’ button in the league rankings list. This will let you pick which five heroes other players face when they challenge you.

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Dungeon Hunter Champions tier list: The best 4 and 5-star Champions

Dungeon Hunter Champions

One of the coolest parts of Dungeon Hunter Champions is just exactly how many Champions there are from which to choose. Not only is there a tiered rarity system typical of many similar games, with Champions starting out at anywhere from one to five stars, the different elemental affinities mean there are often different versions of many Champions with their own distinct abilities.

How can you tell which ones are the best? The game itself is pretty helpful in that regard, as every time you summon a new Champion, it gives some advice on which modes the character would be best used for or if you should simply feed it to other Champions to level them up. However, you can gain additional insight by use of a tier list, which is a quick and easy way to separate characters into groups according to their relative power and potential.

Any good tier list has some number-crunching involved, but in the end, there’s unavoidably some opinion involved as well since you aren’t making apples to apples comparisons. Some good places to find tier lists, often crowdsourced with the help of other readers or subscribers, is on reddit or YouTube, both of which have active Dungeon Hunter Champions communities.

That said, we figured we would cut out the middle man and gather some tier lists by notable streamers right here in one place so you can use this page as a single resource. Let’s start with the Nat 5 list, meaning Champions that naturally start at five stars.

Nat 5 Tier List by Claytano

Claytano is a Dungeon Hunter Champions Twitch streamer who also posts his videos on YouTube, and he put together his Nat 5 Tier List with some feedback from some of his followers. He uses tiers ranging from SSS down to C, and a short video explaining some of his thoughts behind the list can be found immediately following the list.


  • Calephenus (Dark)
  • Castellia (Light)
  • Greater Demon (Dark)
  • Rasha (Dark)


  • Alya (Fire)
  • Artynelus (Fire)
  • Bala’Rot (Water)
  • Caroline (Nature)
  • Eleanor (Water)
  • Malika (Nature)
  • Sumi (Dark)
  • Vael’Or (Light)
  • Var-Ghor (Fire)
  • Xaver’On (Water)


  • Dou Zhansheng Fo (Light)
  • Gor’Galon (Nature)
  • Rana (Water)
  • Suzuri (Nature)
  • Tianise (Light)


  • Abigail (Fire)
  • Fude (Light)
  • Grel’Ish (Light)
  • Pohou (Dark)
  • Tenkoku (Fire)
  • Toreleon (Nature)
  • Victoria (Dark)
  • Washi (Water)


  • Lao Sun (Nature)
  • Sun Wukong (Fire)


  • Hou Ge (Water)

Nat 4 Tier List by Barcode

Unlike Claytano, Barcode uses a tier system that ranges from S down to E, though he has no 4-star Champions ranked that low. He also has a Google Doc that delves into more details on each Champion, plus there’s a long video below this list with his explanations as well.


  • Basilisk (Light)
  • Candy Munchkin (light)
  • Snake Lady (Dark) – Barcode also feels this is the best Nat 4 overall
  • Time Keeper (Dark)


  • Candy Munchkin (Water)
  • Dino Kid (Light)
  • Dino Kid (Dark)
  • Esper (Water)
  • Esper (Light)
  • Naga (Light)
  • Naga (Dark)
  • Psion (Dark)
  • Snake Lady (Water)
  • Snake Lady (Light)
  • Time Keeper (Light)


  • Astromancer (Water)
  • Astromancer (Dark)
  • Basilisk (Nature)
  • Candy Munchkin (Fire)
  • Dino Kid (Fire)
  • Dino Kid (Water)
  • Dino Kid (Nature)
  • Esper (Fire)
  • Esper (Nature)
  • Esper (Dark)
  • Fairy (Nature)
  • Naga (Fire)
  • Psion (Water)
  • Skand Warlord (Fire)
  • Skand Warlord (Water)
  • Skand Warlord (Light)
  • Skand Warlord (Dark)
  • Snake Lady (Fire)
  • Snake Lady (Nature)
  • Tiki Warrior (Dark)
  • Time Keeper (Fire)


  • Astromancer (Fire)
  • Fairy (Dark)
  • Naga (Water)
  • Naga (Nature)
  • Psion (Fire)
  • Skand Warlord (Nature)
  • Spearman (Light)
  • Tiki Warrior (Nature)


  • Psion (Nature)
  • Psion (Light)
  • Spearman (Fire)
  • Spearman (Water)
  • Tiki Warrior (Light)

Can’t get enough Dungeon Hunter Champions? Be sure to check out our other guides, including how to play for free longer and how to get free Gems.

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PUBG Mobile Miramar map guide: Best starting locations

PUBG Mobile has just received the Miramar map in a brand new update that also features new missions, a synergy system, secret stash, and much more.

But we’re not here to talk about the update. We’re here to help you get the most out of the new map by teaching you the best starting locations, weapons, and vehicles.

So without further ado, read on to learn everything you need to know about the brand new Miramar map in PUBG Mobile.

Get to know the new Miramar map

Before we begin, let’s first take a look at the new map and the various different locations on it. As you can see, it’s made up of a bunch of named locations, some of which are massive cities, while others are smaller towns and various different other types of locations.

PUBG Mobile Android

Best starting locations on the Miramar map

The best starting location on the Miramar map depends on what you’re looking for really. If you’d like the best weapons, we recommend larger locations like Los Leones, the Military Base, and San Marcos.

The Military Base in particular is the best choice if you want the absolute best weapons available in the game. Much like the standard map, the military locations always house the best weapons. Just bear in mind that you’ll have to hot tail it to the circle once you’ve gathered what you can. It’s typically further away from it than other locations.

Like to snipe from safe locations? We recommend Chumacera or Los Leones. Both of these locations have huge buildings you can snipe from. Chumacera is the choice for those that like to play it safe, while Los Leones is the best for those that like to get stuck in.

Finally, for those that like to play it safe generally, we recommend the Crater Fields location. It’s an often overlooked location, but it has plenty of buildings to loot and it’s near enough to the centre that you’re bound to be near the white circle.

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5 new mobile games you should consider trying this week

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day. It’s been miserably wet here on the east coast of the U.S. for most of the past week, with no relief in sight until Sunday or Monday. It’s almost enough to make one too bummed out to play any new mobile games.

We said almost. In actuality, the umbrella weather is the perfect excuse to hit the app stores in search of something new. That’s a routine we get into weekly, and every Friday, we report back on the most promising things that weren’t there before.

This week’s crop of new mobile games includes Disney heroes banding together to fight under your control, a side-scrolling shooter that might take its place among the titans of the past, and several other fun newcomers. We can’t guarantee they’re all great since we haven’t had time to play them all yet, but they sure look like they might be, so let’s check them all out now. No poncho needed.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

From the “this was probably inevitable” file comes Disney Heroes, which has beloved characters from animated films like The Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph and Monsters Inc. and teams them together in 5v5 battles. If you’ve got Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in mind, you’re on the right track, though this game is even simpler to play and should appeal to even younger mobile gamers as a result. Hard to imagine it won’t be among this week’s most downloaded new titles.

Super Hydorah

This isn’t the first go-round for this game, but it’s the first time we’ve seen it for iOS devices. Super Hydorah is a side-scrolling space shooter, the kind that pits your lone craft and reflexes against hordes of enemies. Already lauded during its PC release, the mobile version has touch controls but also supports MFi controllers should you decide that’s the only way to fly.

Homo Machina

You know those old-timey drawings of the body as if it was some kind of intricate machine? Homo Machina leans all the way into both that concept and that aesthetic, giving you a chance to assist the little people who control all your bodily functions as they get a person through his day and prepare for a romantic encounter at night. Along the way, it challenges you with all kinds of puzzles, so you’ll have to use your brain in a number of different ways.


There aren’t too many games billed as action gold miner simulations, which means this might always be number one in its genre of one. Diggerman sets you on the path to save your sweetheart from a huge, angry mole, digging your way through five different worlds to do so and avoiding any number of traps and obstacles along the way. Why is the mole so angry? We don’t know, but presumably the game addresses that at some point.


Like you, we generally recoil in horror and start screaming at the thought of too much math. Yet math can also be your friend, as it appears to be in this “B-Movie Puzzle Game.” Your professor was right on the verge of revealing a mathematical cure for cancer (just go with it) when she was murdered. Now you have to solve her murder, rediscover the cure and more, all in a puzzle game that also has an ’80s action movie mentality, complete with actors actually reciting ridiculous dialogue with straight faces. Sounds just the right kind of nuts.

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