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Pokemon GO: Odds for Getting Every Pokemon in 7 km Eggs

pokemon go

An underrated part of the recent Ultra Bonus event rewards added to Pokemon GO is the presence of new Pokemon in the 7 km eggs you can get from receiving gifts from other players on your Friends list. Previously, the only Pokemon to appear in those eggs were Alolan forms of six different characters, which were pretty cool until you got them all — something that didn’t take all that long if you played Pokemon GO regularly and had a decent amount of in-game friends.

The Alolan gang is still present in 7 km eggs, but it’s been joined by other Pokemon previously only available to trainers in specific regions. Tauros, for example, could only be found in North America, so having it in the mix allows non-globetrotting players (which we can assume means most Pokemon GO trainers) the chance to obtain it.

The question is how good are those chances, especially since Niantic also threw a few more Pokemon into the 7 km egg rotation. Specifically, Tangela and Porygon can be found in these eggs, perhaps in preparation for their Gen 4 eveolutions, which many people expect to be added to the game in the coming months. All told, there are now 12 different Pokemon you might hatch from a 7 km egg.

Thankfully, instead of merely guessing how common each character is, The Silph Road has already crowdsourced some research on hatch rates. By taking reports on more than 2500 7 km eggs hatched since new Pokemon were added to them, the group has estimated odds for finding each one. Let’s go through them group by group:

Pokemon GO 7 km Eggs Hatch Odds

Pokemon GO

Alolan Pokemon

  • Alolan Diglett: 15 percent
  • Alolan Meowth: 15 percent
  • Alolan Sandshrew: 15 percent
  • Alolan Geodude: 11.5 percent
  • Alolan Vulpix: 11.5 percent
  • Alolan Grimer: 7.5 percent

As you can see, the Alolan forms are still the most likely Pokemon to emerge from any 7 km egg you hatch, as around three out of every four eggs will have one on average. We’re not sure what the devs have against poor Grimer, but hey.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon With Gen 4 Evolutions

  • Porygon: 6.25 percent
  • Tangela: 6.25 percent

Some trainers might be disappointed to see one of these Pokemon pop out of one in every eight 7 km eggs. However, if the consensus opinion is right about their Gen 4 evolutions coming to Pokemon GO in the near future, this could turn out to be beneficial, as hatching more of them will provide a better supply of candy than simply hoping to encounter more of them in the wild.

Pokemon GO

Regional Pokemon

  • Kangaskhan: 4 percent
  • Tauros: 4 percent
  • Farfetch’d: 2.25 percent
  • Mr. Mime: 2.25 percent

At least Niantic is not hiding the truth about how rare these characters are, tweeting out exactly that recently. The Silph Road’s research, though, reinforces how the odds are against finding a Farfetch’d or Mr. Mime, at less than 3 percent per egg.

Since these odds are per egg, they are of course independent of each other (remember to pay attention in your statistics classes, kids!), so even if you hatch 300 of the 7 km eggs, there’s no guarantee you will end up with all of them. Still, the numbers here suggest that if you hatch 50 eggs, you will have a decent shot at finding at least one of every Pokemon available, including the rarest regional ones.

Then again, at 7 km each, that’s 350 km of walking, unless you use Super Incubators or take advantage of events where hatching is sped up. Come to think of it, those aren’t bad tips if finding the regional Pokemon is a priority for you. But even if it takes a while, it’s nice to know that other Pokemon besides the Alolan forms are available, and you can get started on discovering the others right away.

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions may look at first glance like yet another Hearthstone rip off. It’s actually not that at all. Not really.

Instead it offers up a card battling experience that’s actually quite unique – but it’s got certain intricacies that take a while to master. That’s where we can help though. Here are some general tips to make sure you can get the most out the game.

  • Newcomers fear not We understand, Warhammer is a franchise that has certain stigmas attached to it. But Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions is a game that is actually fairly easy to get into if you give it a chance. Just follow the tutorials and allow the game to work its magic. Go in wanting to hate it and you won’t be disappointed though.
  • Create a deck Obviously being a card battler you’ll need to create a fearsome deck. To do this – and to find cards you physically scan in using the game’s AR function – just tap on the button located in the bottom left corner of the main menu and select “decks.” From here you can drag and drop new cards in and out of your deck. Easy.
  • Balance attack and defence The game’s draw mechanic means the action slots are linked directly to what potential cards come in at the end of your turn. Use all your actions you receive no new cards – so make sure you keep the balance between attack and defence when selecting which moves to make.
  • Twist like we did last Summer Remember that after every go the values on the corner of your card twist around. Bear this in mind when selecting which cards to use – and which ones to have on your deck in the first place.

  • It doesn’t mana Remember there’s no actual cost to cast spells, place units, or make actions. You can only play two cards in your turn. With that in mind don’t hold back on using your most powerful moves on your turn.
  • Have some cards If you really want to take the game seriously then you’ll have to, well, act like a true blue Warhammer nut. So that includes buying some actual cards. So get stuck into those booster packs and boost your chances in the game. Or, you know, don’t.
  • Check out the events Warhammer is a social game – it is naturally competitive, but it also has a great community of players. So if you’re genuinely interested in getting good at Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions we strongly recommend going along to the events being run for the title. You can find a full calendar here, and that way to can chat to top level players and the game’s developers – and learn strategies and tips you probably couldn’t even begun to think of.
  • Be beta prepared Fear not if you’ve been playing the beta version of the game by the way. Just update your version and you won’t lose any of your hard earned progress.

Use these tips for yourself by downloading Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions via the App Store and Google Play now.

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Paper.io 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Paper.io 2

Paper.io 2 is the new polished PvP survival game by Voodoo. The aim of the game is simple, spread your zone to as much of the board as possible without getting killed. Sounds easy right? However, there are a few tips and tricks we can share with you to avoid having your go cut short.

  • Play your cards right. No, I don’t mean load up a CGG or dust off a deck of playing cards. What I mean is there are only a few moves you can do, so it’s all about when you use them. The aim of the game is to gain as much space as physically possible, but this doesn’t mean you need to expand immediately. Take your time building your small zone, you don’t need to risk massive expansion as soon as you drop in.
  • Know your enemy. Everyone in the game is your enemy, whether they are already in the game from when you join, or whether they join ages after you. All these individuals are going to try and either steal your zone or kill you. So expect danger from everyone on screen, no matter how small.

Paper.io 2

  • Know your environment. Every map is the same, a big white open canvas with rounded edges. So take note of where you spawn on this canvas. If you spawn in the middle you’ll have players coming at you from every angle, so spawning near the edges has a distinct advantage.
  • Patience is key. When you see someone expanding don’t mindlessly charge at them, stay in your zone and try and lure them out. It’s hard to kill someone when they are in their home, wait for them to expose their trail and strike. Remember, that attacking someone will expose your trail too, so don’t go for kills that are far away from your home.

Paper.io 2

  • Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge. This tip is simply referring to how you can manoeuvre to avoid death, you should do so at all costs. That last act of desperation could save your life. For example, you see someone is gunning for your trail, so you gun for them. Just before they make contact with your trail, you manage to hit them. As long as you are the one charging into him, that should be good enough for the kill. This hasn’t worked for me 100% of the time, but remember its kill or be killed.
  • Defence is your best offence. Creating a territory that is easy to defend is your best way of survival, plus it lures others into your territory that you can easily pick off. Don’t just expand in one single direction, this will make defending very difficult as you’re going to have to patrol your entire zone to ward off competition. Instead, try and expand equally in all directions, a little here and a little over there will keep you on top of invaders. Once again, being near the edge will help with this as its one less direction to worry about.

Paper.io 2

  • It takes time to master. This applies to the controls. If you aren’t used to them it won’t take much time before you get used to your limitations and can start being a bit more aggressive. This means playing the game passively at first, by killing individuals who branch out too far is a cheap kill that puts a smile on your face. Once you’ve got some confidence you can try to take on some big fishes by stealing parts of their territory, this will aggravate them into attacking you. After you steal some territory, they will try and take it back, which means you can attack while they try and take their stuff back. I wouldn’t expect to execute this plan perfectly every time, adapt to what they do. They might not try and take back their territory as they are trying to lure you in. So if one plan doesn’t work move onto the next one.


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Asphalt 9: Legends — How to Unlock Every Class-S Car

Asphalt 9: Legends

Let’s not kid ourselves. Gameloft has done a nice job in Asphalt 9: Legends to ensure that every car you have in your garage is worthwhile to upgrade and rank up in some capacity. Sometimes events are limited to only certain cars, and even multiplayer seasons sometimes have restrictions. Despite that, Class-S cars are where it’s at. You might be able to find the car of your dreams in a lower class (yours truly would be just fine with having a Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari LaFerrari, for example, if one of you fine readers would feel like dropping one off), but the Class-S lineup is where the hypercars beyond your wildest dreams await. We’re talking seven-digit price tags and needing to know someone to actually buy one.

In terms of Asphalt 9, we’re also talking the fastest cars in the game. Cars from lower classes can be ranked up to be faster than the starting specs for some Class-S vehicles, but they can’t hang with the top end of the top tier. For instance, the Trion Nemesis, which isn’t even the fastest Class-S car, starts at a rank above the top rank for any Class-A car, even the Pagani Huayra BC.

So you want these cars, but you also actually need these cars. To finish off the Asphalt 9 ‘My Career’ mode, it’s literally a necessity. Happily, there are ways you can unlock all of them just by grinding through the game, though some pack luck is going to be involved as well in many cases. Let’s take a spin through the whole lineup and see how you can acquire these beauties.

How to Unlock the Easiest Class-S Car, the Lamborghini Centenario

Asphalt 9: Legends

Unless you decide to pay money to speed up the process, the Lamborghini Centenario is the first car from this class you’ll acquire. That’s because at least at the time of this article, you can get one blueprint every day for this Lambo just by playing the Daily Car Loot event with an Class-A car and beating the required time — which is pretty easy to do, regardless of the track.

There are also Centenario blueprints up for grabs in some My Career stages, so that can help you attain it faster or rank it up after you’ve got it. But there should be no problem for you getting this one Class-S car even if you are a casual Asphalt 9 player who doesn’t play every day.

How to Unlock the Icona Vulcano Titanium

Asphalt 9

More than likely, this will be the second Class-S car to arrive in your garage. The Vulcano has blueprints within My Career mode, enough to unlock it (40 total) even if you never get another blueprint via any other means.

Specifically, you can find its BPs in the following My Career seasons, as well as a few others:

  • Class-S Rookie
  • Class-S Pro (for which you’ll need to clear Class-S Rookie first)
  • Euro Motors
  • Hyper Roam

The tricky part is that you’ll need other Class-S vehicles to get all the blueprints, but as we’ve discussed, you’ll have at least the Lamborghini Centenario to help you pull it off.

How to Unlock All Other Class-S Cars in Asphalt 9

While Gameloft is sure to add more over time, the list of Class-S cars in Asphalt 9 other than the two we’ve already covered currently looks like this:

  • Ferrari FXX K
  • W Motors Lykan Hypersport
  • Lamborghini Egoista
  • Trion Nemesis
  • Lamborghini Terzo Millennio
  • W Motors Fenyr Supersport
  • Koenigsegg Regera
  • Bugatti Chiron

As going into these vehicles one by one would make this a much longer article than you’d care to read, we’ll discuss some general tips to unlock all of these cars.

  • Level up your garage: The blueprints possible to score from the packs in the Shop, including the free one available every few hours, get better when you have a higher garage level. A level 8 garage, the highest possible in the game at the moment, puts Ferrari FXX K and Lykan Hypersport blueprints in play.
  • Check out the schedule of events every time you play: When the game itself tells you that the best way to advance in Asphalt 9 is to play events, it’s not joking. Some Class-S cars have blueprints that pop up in various events, while others can only be found in this way. The Trion Nemesis is a good example, but any car that you tap on the ‘Get Blueprint’ button and get a ‘This Item is Currently Unavailable’ message for is in this boat — and that’s most of them. If unlocking Class-C rides is your top priority, make sure you are playing events that help toward that goal at every possible chance.

Follow these tips and you should be able to grab some of these hypercars before too long. Also, be sure to check out our other Asphalt 9: Legends guides, like our Touchdrive tips and hints for getting free credits and Tokens.

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PUBG Mobile Sanhok Tips, Cheats and Strategies


In PUBG Mobile there is a new map in town called Sanhok. It’s half the size of any other map currently in rotation for mobile devices unless you’re playing in the arcade modes. What this means is we can offer a whole bunch of new unique tips and tricks for this map, which doesn’t especially transfer to the other maps available.

  • It’s still not Fortnite. Although the map is drastically smaller than the other maps available, it’s still not in close quarters. The zones still remain quite large, meaning that half the people often survive past the first zone. What I am trying to say is don’t expect to be bumping into people left, right and centre. People take their sweet, sweet time looting and travelling towards the zone, meaning gunfights can be just as sparse as on the other maps.


  • Close combat-ish. What I mean by this tip is that most gunfights at the beginning of the game are close combat. Enemies landing in the same town as you or moving in from the town over. You want close range high rate of fire weapons, until the end. At the end of the game, people are coming into the zone from every direction, and they are doing so slowly and carefully. This means you want some type of medium/long range rifle to pick off people at a distance. Remember, most people will be equipped for short-range combat, so attacking from a distance is your advantage.



  • What’s a good weapon to use? The QBZ is the new assault rifle added to Sanhok and its worth your time using. It’s got a great rate of fire plus a great amount of damage per bullet. The QBZ is also has a controllable amount of recoil making it strong at close and medium range. If you find a scope, it’s worth your time putting it on the QBZ unless you find a DMR like the QBU.
  • Where should I land? Depending on how well you can handle a gunfight, the best places to land include: Boot-camp, Paradise Resort, Ha Tinh, Ruins, Sahmee, Camps Alpha and Beta. These locations are not as big as the cities included in Miramar or Erangel, but they offer the best loot in Sanhok. This loot may come at a price, as odds are you won’t be the only one landing here.


  • Where should I avoid? Well approaching the locations named above is dangerous if you don’t land there, but there are places in this map that are worth avoiding entirely. Pai Nan has a distinct lack of weapons and ammunition, plus a river flowing right through the middle of it. Landing on the right side of the river puts you at a disadvantage as there are fewer buildings on one side of the river. Other areas worth avoiding include: Tambang, Na Kham, Ban Tai and Mongnai.
  • What attachments do I need? Well, there are many different attachments for many circumstances but I found the best to be extended magazines and suppressors. Often it’s possible to bump into more than one individual at a time. This means having the extra bullets in your gun can save your life, as swapping weapons may take too long. The suppressor is supposed to not give your position away when firing, you can sue a flash hider instead, but this is still quite loud. Stealth and a lot of bullets is the key to this map.


  • Don’t drive! Unless you really need to move quickly I would not use a vehicle in this map. It will reveal your location to everyone around you, especially if you’re using it in the latter stages of the game. This is ok in large maps like Erangel because you can ditch the car and run away, in Sanhok people will spot you before you’ve even ditched the car. Boats are ok, but beware they make a lot of noise too.


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