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Run Sausage Run! Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Quirky little sausages are facing some dangerous slicing and dicing in the new endless runner Run Sausage Run! which we recently reviewed. If you’re looking to unlock outfits, gather power-ups, and get the highest score possible, here are Gamezebo’s tips, tricks, and strategies for Run Sausage Run!

Know Your Enemy

Each obstacle functions as a different type of enemy and requires a different approach to make it through without breaking your bacon.

For the blade that slices up and down, you can progress slowly and then quickly advance on it to lean back and clear the height when the blade is at the top. For the blade that slices side to side, you’ll need to advance on it quickly to stay bent over low for its entire length. For the tenderizer, dropping gride blade, and fiery grill, you can take your time and walk up to those slowly, let them do their thing and then speed through. For the double blades which move up and down, you’ll need to advance on them quickly to get low and move through as fast as possible. The windmill blade requires caution and precise timing; do not try to speed through. Carefully move forward, stop to avoid running into the second blade, and then go again.

Run Sausage Run Tips Cheats Tricks Guide

Know Your Power-Ups

The Snowflake will trigger “frozen obstacles” which will stop everything from moving. However, beware that even though the blades aren’t moving, they will still kill you if you run into them.

The Down Arrow will make you shrink, which makes you a bit faster, shorter and a little bouncier as you lean back into the run position. You can go pretty far, pretty quickly when you’ve shrunk.

Note that the Up Arrow is not a beneficial power-up. It will trigger “enlarged” which makes you taller, fatter, and slower. Try to avoid it if you can, but it usually floats to a position where it is unavoidable. It often seems to appear directly before the windmill style blades, making it very difficult to fit underneath them; make sure you have a fast running start as soon as you trigger Enlarge.

The Protection Bun will offer you invincibility for a short period of time, so if you score one, run as fast as your little bratfeet will carry you.

Run Sausage Run Tips Cheats Tricks Guide

Just Run

Never mind the slow pacing and cautious progression, I actually made it to my highest score of 135 in one quick run just by holding down and not stopping. I was only able to do this once, with subsequent attempts resulting in pretty quick deaths, but if you’re feeling lucky it’s absolutely worth a shot on a first run; we do not recommend risking it on a continued run, however.

Run Sausage Run Tips Cheats Tricks Guide

Prioritize Your Goals

Do you want to unlock all of the outfits or do you want to get a massively high score? If the former, then you’ll need to focus on collecting coins to purchase unlocks, or consistent gameplay to earn unlocks without purchasing. If you are more interested in getting a high score, then you’ll need to focus on making it through as many obstacles as possible, and don’t worry about risking your neck to grab a coin or two.

Remove The Ads

If you are really committed to sausage superiority, consider that for a nominal IAP, you can remove all the ads. This will immediately improve your gameplay flow and prevent unnecessary interruptions which will likely cause your untimely demise.

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Like a Boss Hints, Tips, and Tricks

So you’ve decided you want to be the boss in Like a Boss. Well, that’s a noble pursuit, I guess. As noble a pursuit as deciding you want to be the best bad guy ever can be. While the game is pretty simple, there are some hidden layers here you’re going to have to get to grips with if you want to get the most out of the experience. So we’ve put together some Like a Boss hints, tips and tricks for you.

We’ve put a good amount of time into the game, and we’ve managed to put together a guide that’s going to set you ahead of the pack. No, don’t worry, you can thank us by naming one of your kids after us. Or just by posting something in the comments. Either works, really.

The Basics

  • Complete the side quests – It’s a good idea to check out the optional quests on every level and get them done. You’ll get rubies for doing it, and it’s one of the few ways to get them without spending any money.
  • Check your mail – You’ll often get money and gifts in the mail, so make sure you check it every time you load up the game. The more your hero is used by other players, the more rewards you’ll get.
  • Use your quests – There’s plenty of rewards to be found by completing challenges, logging in every day and getting achievements. If there’s a notification mark on your quests tab, check it and see what you’ve won.

like a boss hints ios screenshot 1

Crafting Equipment

  • Craft when you can – When you’ve got all the items you need to make a recipe, make sure you build it. It’s important to have the best gear if you want to stay ahead of the game’s difficulty curve.
  • Go back, craft again – You’ll get new crafting materials the deeper you get into the game. Different materials will give your weapons different stats, so it’s important to build new things and see what you end up with.
  • Sell what you don’t need – When you equip your new stuff, make sure you sell the old stuff. It’s a great way to get more coin, and it frees up space in your inventory for nothing.

like a boss hints ios screenshot 2

Advanced Tactics

  • Make friends – Bringing friends along on missions is key to success. The more friends you have, the more money you’ll find every time you come back to the game.
  • Join a guild – Joining a guild is another great way to get special rewards. You’ll be able to trade with guild members for crafting recipes as well.
  • Double up – If you get a chance to watch a video when you get your rewards, it’s always worth doing it. Currency and items are sometimes a little hard to come by, so the more you fill your coffers the better.

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The best Amazing Katamari Damacy Hints, Tips and Tricks

Amazing Katamari Damacy is one of those games that you just want to play. It’s a super fun endless runner that mixes the delicious chaos of the console originals with a more measured mobile play-style. And it’s really good.

If you’re just starting out in the world of The King of All Cosmos though, you might be a little overwhelmed by the game to begin with. Don’t fret though, we’re here to help you out with our Amazing Katamari Damacy hints, tips and tricks.

There’s a lot to the game, even though it’s so simple to play, so hopefully these top tips will go some way to making the King of All Cosmos proud of you. Or, at the very least, a little bit less ashamed than he normally would be.

The basics

  • Know your glows – You’ll see a lot of glowing objects when you’re rolling around the game, so it’s important to know what each of them means. If an object has a gold glow, there’s a coin in it. If it’s got a rainbow glow, it’s going to power up your rockets. If it’s flashing white, it means you’re now able to pick it up.
  • What about the rockets? – These are essentially the loot boxes of the game. When you’ve powered up a rocket, make sure you launch it. Some of them take a while to take flight, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got one preparing to launch when you put the game down.
  • Don’t hit the spikes – Hitting the spinning spikes will instantly end your run. You can pay some gems or watch a video to continue, but the smartest course of action is just not to hit them in the first place.
  • Watch out for the king – If you barge into too many objects you can’t pick up, the king is going to get upset. You’ll see his shadow looming over you. When this happens if you hit one more thing it’s game over.

amazing katamari damacy hints ios screenshot

More advanced Amazing Katamari Damacy hints

  • Pick up the walls – Sometimes if you’re ball gets big enough you’re going to be able to pick up the walls that line the route. They’ll flash when you can do this. Make sure you don’t hit anything beyond the walls though, because it’ll be too big and you’ll take some damage.
  • Know your cousins – Your cousins are the upgradeable buffs and boosts you can pick up as you roll. You can spend the coins you earn on making them more powerful from the main menu. Make sure you do, because it’s key to getting more points.
  • Finish the challenges – You’ll get daily challenges, and there are pretty big rewards for completing them. Every time you load up the game, it’ll tell you what it needs to do. It’s worth focusing on these for the first part of your playthrough in order to reap the benefits.

How to get the best scores

  • Check your score multipliers – One of your cousins will increase your score multiplier. It’s a good idea to upgrade this one ahead of the others if you’re interested in getting the biggest score early on in the game.
  • Launch your rockets – Launching your rockets gets you fragments. These fragments power-up the items you collect, including upping their score. So the more rockets you launch, the more points you’re going to be getting each run.
  • Extend your play – If you get a chance to watch a video to extend your run, it’s a good idea to take it to keep playing. On the other hand, if you’re asked to spend gems, it’s best to save them. You can use them to launch your rockets, and that’s more important in the long run.

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Portal Knights walkthrough: What to do when you’re getting started

Portal Knights

The trouble with sandboxes sometimes is figuring out where to start building sand castles. Or in terms of RPGs like Portal Knights, what to do first and where to set up shop for all the crafting you’re eventually going to do. Paralysis by too many choices is a real thing.

Still, despite the vast number of things you can do while exploring the islands, there is a common thread to each universe you create in Portal Knights. The islands may look different each time, with things in different places, but the overall gist of what you need to do at the start of a new game is the same.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a little walkthrough of what to expect and do when you’re just getting started. Before you get lost in the sand, so to speak.

Choose your gender, class, appearance and name

Character creation doesn’t take all that long in Portal Knights. You simply choose a gender, then a class.

Portal Knights

There are three from which to pick:

  • Warrior – Uses melee weapons and has shouts that can strengthen allies and weaken foes. Requires high Constitution and Strength.
  • Ranger – Uses bows and other ranged weapons. Primary attributes are Agility and Dexterity.
  • Mage – Uses magic wands or staffs, and can cast spells (obviously!). Needs high Wisdom and Intelligence.

Appearance options include hair and beard styles, skin tone and eye and mouth shapes. Then just select a name and you’re good to go.

Pick or create a universe

For the sake of argument, we’re assuming this is your first time playing. Hit ‘Create’ to begin a brand new universe, then pick a name for it. If you have a device with enough memory, you can also use the slider to pick Large islands instead of the default Normal size.

Get the lay of the land

The first NPC you should seek out is Cyrill, who hangs out by a tower. If you climb the steps to the top, you can get a look around the entire first island, which is helpful for locating all the other NPCs.

Help Cyrill defeat the monster in his basement

Portal Knights

Cyrill has a treasure in his basement, but he’s scared of the monster that is guarding it. Take him up on his offer to keep the treasure by defeating the fallen soldier (a skeleton). Make sure to break all the pots in the basement for useful items, then click on the map in your inventory and the portal to warp back to your spawn point.

Help Robert fix his stuff

An old man named Robert lives in a half-finished house. He’ll ask you to find some Refined Wood Blocks in crates inside the house. Once you have them, first help fix his walls by selecting the Refined Wood Blocks and placing them where there are missing blocks.

Portal Knights

Robert also wants help fixing his broken Workbench. To do so, you’ll need four Wood Logs — you can get them from any tree. Just keep tapping on it until it chops down and turns into logs.

Then go back to the Workbench, tap on it, and tap the ‘Upgrade’ button. That upgraded Workbench can be a useful place to craft items until you have a place of your own.

Talk to Elise and make a pickaxe

Elise is located by the entrance to a mine. She teels you about how much easier it is to mine stone and minerals with a pickaxe, but you’ll need to make one first.

Portal Knights

You’ll need four Stone Blocks and two Wood Logs to craft a Stone Pickaxe. You can mine the Stone Blocks by hand in the mine (it takes a while, so stay at it, and watch out for monsters) and the Wood Logs from any tree as you did before.

Portal Knights

Then tap on your inventory and the crafting tab that looks like a pickaxe. Tap on ‘Craft,’ then tap the Stone Pickaxe to add it to your inventory.

Bonus tip: If you take your new Stone Pickaxe back down into Elise’s mine, you can quickly mine the rest of the stone blocks down there and find a treasure chest behind them.

Talk to Rupert and repair the portal

Your final task on the first island is to repair the broken portal, something you’ll be doing plenty of as you continue to play Portal Knights. You’ll find Rupert standing nearby.

Portal Knights

To open the portal, you need to craft and replace the four missing Blue Portal Stones. You can do that by defeating enough Green Slimes around the island, as you’ll need two Blue Portal Stone Shards to craft each Blue Portal Stone.

Once you’ve got the Blue Portal Stones, just place them in the missing spots in the portal to activate it. You can then step through it to the second island, though you probably want to earn enough experience to reach level 2 before you do.

That should be all you need to be well on your way in Portal Knights. Happy adventuring!

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Golf Clash: The best clubs of every type for your bag

Golf Clash

It’s not that hard to start making shots in Golf Clash once you get the hang of its simple pull and aim mechanic down. Even when you’re just starting out, it’s quite possible to rack up birdies on the easier courses right out of the gate.

Eventually, though, you’re going to run into much more difficult holes and be matched against more experienced players. No matter how good you think you are, it might not matter, because the competition will have the edge.

But all is not lost. Just like golf pros in real life, your Golf Clash game can take the next step forward with the right tools in your chest — or more precisely, the right clubs in your bag. Every beginner club can be swapped out for a number of rarer and more powerful clubs. In general, all of them are better than the equipment you have when you start.

Which clubs are just right for your particular game? To help you find out, we went through the stats for every club in Golf Clash to highlight the ones that are tops in each category. That way you know exactly which clubs are the best for the way you like to play. Consider us like your own personal virtual club pro.

And a quick note: Every club except for the beginner clubs can be leveled up by finding enough duplicate cards. With that in mind, the Epic clubs you find in Tour 7 will generally be the best choice for everything once fully leveled, but that takes a while. These evaluations will help you max out for your play style until you get to the highest level of the game.

With that, let’s get to the good stuff!

Driver (Tee Shots Only)

Golf Clash

  • Best Power: The Apocalypse (unlocks at Tour 7)
  • Best Accuracy: The Quarterback (unlocks at Tour 4)
  • Best Top Spin: Big Topper (unlocks at Tour 3)
  • Best Back Spin: Thor’s Hammer (unlocks at Tour 6)
  • Best Curl: The Apocalypse

Wood (Tee & Fairway)

Golf Clash

  • Best Power: The Cataclysm (unlocks at Tour 7)
  • Best Accuracy: The Sniper (unlocks at Tour 6)
  • Best Top Spin: The Horizon
  • Best Back Spin: The Guardian (unlocks at Tour 5)
  • Best Curl: The Cataclysm

Long Iron (Tee & Fairway)

Golf Clash

  • Best Power: The Goliath (unlocks at Tour 3)
  • Best Accuracy: The Grizzly (unlocks at Tour 6)
  • Best Top Spin: Tsunami (unlocks at Tour 7)
  • Best Back Spin: Tsunami
  • Best Curl: Tsunami

Short Iron (Tee & Fairway)

Golf Clash

  • Best Power: The Apache
  • Best Accuracy: The Hornet (unlocks at Tour 5)
  • Best Top Spin: The Runner (unlocks at Tour 3)
  • Best Back Spin: The Thorn (unlocks at Tour 4)
  • Best Curl: The Claw (unlocks at Tour 6)

Note: The Falcon, an Epic Short Iron that unlocks at Tour 7, is one of the best all-around clubs in all of Golf Clash.

Wedge (Fairway)

Golf Clash

  • Best Power: The Down-in-One (unlocks at Tour 4)
  • Best Accuracy: The Down-in-One
  • Best Top Spin: The Firefly (unlocks at Tour 2)
  • Best Back Spin: The Boomerang (unlocks at Tour 3)
  • Best Curl: The Boomerang

Rough Iron (Out of the rough)

Golf Clash

  • Best Power: The Amazon (unlocks at Tour 6)
  • Best Accuracy: Razor (unlocks at Tour 5)
  • Best Top Spin: The Amazon
  • Best Back Spin: The Amazon
  • Best Curl: The Amazon

Sand Wedge (Out of the sand)

Golf Clash

  • Best Power: Spitfire (unlocks at Tour 7)
  • Best Accuracy: The Sand Lizard (unlocks at Tour 5)
  • Best Top Spin: Spitfire
  • Best Back Spin: Houdini (unlocks at Tour 6)
  • Best Curl: The Sahara (unlocks at Tour 4)

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