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The ultimate PUBG Mobile weapons list


Any player of PUBG has wondered just how many guns are there. Well, at this moment in time PUBG Mobile has 35 different weapons in the game, some of them can be picked up, others are reserved just for supply drops.

Below is a table with every single weapon in the game. Important stats are the damage a weapon can do, plus the number of shots it takes to kill when shooting at the head or chest. Another stat to pay attention to is the time to kill. If a gun has a high time to kill score, this means it has a low chance of winning a gunfight in close combat.

These stats don’t consider your personal skill, so if you find you can get kills with the Kar98k then, by all means, go for it. These stats are just a guide as to what guns do the most damage in PUBG Mobile.

Any guns with an asterisk next to the weapon name means that this weapon can only be picked up when looking inside a supply drop. These weapons tend to have good stats, but the stats don’t consider the risk of going to a supply drop.

Weapon NameBase DamageAmmo TypeTime to Kill
Shots To Kill
level 1 armor
Shots To Kill
level 1 armor
Assault Rifles
Sniper Rilfes
Tommy Gun400.450.3424
Jump and Punch38N/A4.0024

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Homescapes complete walkthrough – How to complete all the levels in the game


Homescapes is another addictive match-three puzzler created by Playrix. The aim of the game is simple, fix up your childhood home by completing increasingly challenging levels. Although we plan to have a guide for every level, we only have a few levels done so far. If you are ahead of the guide don’t panic, we will be able to help you soon. But for now, we are helping any beginners catch-up.

Level 1Collect 12 Lamps- Don't just focus on matching lamps, match others to clear the board
-You can make combos by matching four or more of the same items
Level 2Collect 16 Cups and Collect 16 Books-Combos in this game are easier to make then Gardenscapes
-Combining combos results in a much better explosion.
-Using rockets lower down the board will have more effect than higher up
Level 3Collect 20 Cups and Collect 20 Lamps-Don't immediately use a power-up as soon as you get it, try to combine them
-This beginning level has a lot of combos already in it, take your time to spot them
Level 4Collect 25 Buttons-Matching four items in a square gives you a Paper Plane power up.
-There is a Paper Plane combo in every corner
Combine a Paper Plane with another power up.
Level 5Collect 35 Cups and Collect 25 Books-Use the Rainbow Ball to clear the board of one item
-Use one Rainbow Ball to collect Books, and one to collect Cups
Level 6Lay 98 Carpets-Make combos on the carpet to spread it
-Combos also spread carpet
-First move on the third stage should be to combine the bomb and rocket
Level 7Lay 73 Carpets-Use Paper Planes to carpet a random area towards the end
-Bombs and rockets are more effective at the beginning
-Don't waist moves matching three if all pieces are on the carpet
Level 8Lay 68 Carpets-Make combos near chained items to free them
-Get to the carpet ASAP, then start spreading it
-Don't waist rockets on areas already carpeted
-Explosions break chains too
Level 9Lay 69 Carpets-The Hammer power up unchains any tile you want, it can also spread carpet
-Use the Rainbow Ball on the most chained up item
-Focus on unchaining items, and the carpet will follow
-Use a Rainbow Ball on a power up for absolute mayhem
Level 10Collect 30 Lamps and Collect 30 Buttons-Combine the power ups at the bottom
-Focus on unchaining the items to free up the board
-You don't need to unchain every single item, although it does help
Level 11Lay 67 Carpets and Collect 60 lamps-Get to the Carpet ASAP
-Free up half the board first
-Free up the chained items
-Save the Rainbow Ball for when there is a power up nearby.
-Collect the lamps at the end, carpet is your main focus
Level 12Collect 20 Cherries-Make combos near the jelly to break it open
-Once again, combos will do more damage then match threes
-Use Paper Planes to pick off the last few cherries
Level 13Collect 26 Cherries-Thick jelly requires two combos to break
-Combining combos is very effective here
-Save rockets and bombs to combine or to do damage to the jelly
Level 14Collect 32 Cherries-Focus on the jelly with Cherries inside, the rest gets cleared anyway
-There are three stages, so get through the first two quickly
-Combos will clear the board quickly
Level 15Lay 74 Carpets-Free the chained up items
-Use rockets to spread the carpet quickly
-Focus on laying carpet at the bottom, then the top
Level 16Lay 72 Carpets and Collect 25 Buttons-Priority is to clear the chained items and spread the carpet
-Use rockets to clear items and lay carpet
-Save rockets for a chain of explosions
Level 17Collect 17 Cherries-Clear one side of the board, and use combos
-Combos at the bottom of the board are more helpful when the items have been unchained
-Use Paper Planes with other explosives for massive damage
Level 18Collect 3 Donuts -Making combos at the bottom of the board is the most effective way to move the donut
-The middle is shorter than the edges
-Paper Planes target a random piece in the column of a donut
Level 19Collect 7 Donuts-Your priority is to clear the chained items
-More donuts spawn in after you've collected some
-Use bombs in the middle of the board
Level 20Collect 1 Donut-The level scrolls down as you move the donut
-Try to keep the donut in the middle
-Use rockets in the same column as the donut
Level 21Lay 76 Carpets and Collect 50 books-First, unchain the items
-Second, lay the carpet
-Third, collect books
-Use explosives when they are on the carpet
-Save explosives for a chain
Level 22Lay 72 Carpets-Get rid of boxes by making combos next to them
-You have to clear the boxes to lay down carpet
-Work down one side of the board, use combos to clear the other
Level 23Collect 6 Donuts-Clear the sides, then the middle
-Three donuts in one stage, three in the other
-Second board is similar, clear the sides first
-Use Rainbow Balls on power ups
Level 24Collect 40 Lamps and Collect 40 Books-Focus on clearing the boxes first
-Use powerups when they are close together to cause a chain of explosions
-Save some power ups to clear the board quicker
Level 25Lay 84 Carpets-Don't worry about the shape of the board, the wind is just there to put you off
-Combining power ups will spread the carpet quickly
-Don't use power ups if they don't spread carpet
Level 26Collect 26 Cherries and Collect 55 Bow Ties-Once again the wind is trying to put you off
-Make combos and allow the bombs to move down the board, detonate them when they are near the jelly
-Use the wind to your advantage
-Focus on clearing the jelly, then gathering cherries
Level 27Collect 4 Donuts-Clear the left side of most the boxes, then the middle
-Then make combos and use explosions to clear the rest
-Leave the top right donut till last, use power ups to clear it
Level 28Lay 78 Carpets and Collect 5 Donuts-Clear boxes to find a Rainbow Ball, save it for an opportune moment (if you combine two together it totally clears the board)
-Take your time, don't waist moves
-You don't need to clear every single one of the boxes, focus on getting the donuts down
Level 29Collect 19 Cherries-Clear the left side of the board first
-Use power ups to break into the right side
-Be patient, it takes a while to make a dent in the right side
-Use Paper Planes to attack the right
-This is not an easy level, you should take your time before committing to a move
Level 30Collect 32 Cherries and Lay 75 Carpets-Use the power ups when they are on the carpet
-Save a bomb or rocket in the middle of the board, combine the two at the bottom to clear the corners
-Collect the cherries first, laying the carpet is easy when the jelly is gone

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How to evolve your Eevee into the form you want in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

It’s hard to dispute the idea that Eevee is one of the more popular Pokemon characters around. Not only is it adorable in its own right, but the fact that it can evolve into multiple different forms also helps endear it to fans everywhere. This is certainly true in Pokemon GO as well, where five of the “Eeveelutions” are currently available — Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon and Umbreon — and there are rumors about more on the way soon.

There’s a good chance that you have more than one Eevee in your Pokemon GO collection since it was the subject of the most recent Community Day. If you were fortunate, you might even have a Shiny Eevee or two that you would like to evolve. The problem is that in most cases, the evolution is random, and that’s not too helpful if you want to end up with all five forms.

So what can you do to help put the odds in your favor? Say, all the way up to 100 percent? We know a few tricks to evolving Eevee into the form you want.

Evolving Eevee using naming tricks

Pokemon GO

People who have been playing Pokemon GO from the beginning probably know this one, though a few more evolutions have been added since then. For newer players, this might very well be a new trick, so you’re welcome. We kid, we kid.

In any case, it’s possible to turn your Eevee into the exact form you want by giving it a nickname before you evolve it. Simply go to its profile, tap on the pencil next to its name, and change it to the corresponding name for each desired evolution:

  • Flareon: Pyro
  • Jolteon: Sparky
  • Vaporeon: Rainer
  • Espeon: Sakura
  • Umbreon: Tamao

The most important, “if you remember nothing else from this article” tip is that each nickname can only be used one time for each Eevee evolution. You’ll want to have strong Eevees for all five forms to get the best possible CP out of your one shot at each name.

Walking method to evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon

Pokemon GO

For the two most recent Eeveelutions to join Pokemon GO, there’s another way to get the outcome you want, and it involves some walking. Once you have 23 of the 25 Eevee candies needed to evolve it, make an Eevee your buddy. Then, walk with it until you earn two more candies, giving you 25, which will take 10 km of walking.

Then you need to evolve that Eevee at the proper time of day, according to the game.

  • Espeon: daytime
  • Umbreon: nighttime

Unlike the naming trick, this one can be used as many times as needed to get an Espeon or Umbreon. Also, we can confirm that if you got Shiny Eevees from the recent Community Day, either one of these methods will get you the corresponding Shiny version of any of the five evolutions.

If you found this Pokemon GO article helpful, don’t forget to check out some of our latest additional guides to everyone’s favorite augmented reality game, including how to find Star Pieces and how to get Lucky Pokemon.

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Tournaments in Jurassic World Alive: Everything you need to know

Jurassic World Alive

One of the more unique facets of Jurassic World Alive is that you aren’t just catching dinosaurs, you’re taking them into battle as well. Unlike other augmented reality games like Pokemon GO that added battles after launch (and even then, in a very limited fashion), Jurassic World Alive has had something akin to PvP right from the start.

What we mean by that is while you don’t fight directly against other players, you do put your team of dinos up against teams created by other players. It’s a form of asynchronous PvP that is more common in strategy RPGs on mobile. In any case, the system of climbing the leaderboards and trying to keep battling your way into higher arenas by earning trophies is about to change, because Ludia announced that it is overhauling this system and adding Tournaments very soon.

At launch, the leaderboard system made players concentrate on getting to the top arena and staying there, and there was a maximum amount of trophies (5,000, if that matters to you) anyone could earn. Once you made it to the Jurassic Ruins, which took 4,000 trophies, the object was simply to stay there and earn rewards for doing so.

Jurassic World Alive

Tournaments will change that equation by making you battle your way up on a more regular basis. While we don’t know all the details yet, here’s what we know so far.

Tournaments will be seasonal

This is almost undoubtedly the most important change. Instead of a single, eternal leaderboard. Tournaments will work in seasons of a constant length, making them more like the PvP modes in many other mobile games.

Obviously, this change is being made to keep players engaged in PvP as it will not allow anyone to rest on their laurels. Speaking of which …

Trophies will be rest for Tournaments

If you’re one of the most hardcore Jurassic World Alive players who has done the impressive amount of work it takes to get to 5,000 trophies, congrats! You’re also the most likely to be upset that trophies are going to be reset for Tournaments.

Ludia understands what you’ve gone through, though, and won’t let you go into the new mode empty-handed. The devs have promised to reach out individually to all players with 3,500 trophies or more to give them one-time rewards before Tournaments enter the game. That should help take some of the sting out of the initial reset, and then having resets at the end of each Tournament Season will just be an ongoing fact of life that we’ll all get used to over time — and again, it’s pretty familiar since it happens in many other mobile games.

Cheating will not be tolerated

In the same blog post linked to above, Ludia acknowledged the fact that some players had been cheating Jurassic World Alive by spoofing, or making the game think they were physically located somewhere other than where they actually were. Spoofing is against the game’s Terms of Service, which could lead anyone doing it to having their accounts banned.

That said, Ludia offered cheaters an amnesty deal that expires on Aug. 14. Just know that Tournnaments are likely to make the developers even more cognizant of anyone looking to cheat the game, so if you have been doing something improper (which we do not endorse!), the best idea is just to come clean now.

We’ll have plenty more useful info on Tournaments in Jurassic World Alive once they go live. In the meantime, please be sure to check out our other guides, including how to create hybrids and how to get more Cash for free.

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Need some tips for the War game mode in PUBG Mobile?


Fans of the incredibly popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will know all about the new game mode ‘War’ added to mobile devices. For those of you who don’t know about it, keep reading.

What is War

The game mode War in PUBG brings a much more intense play-style to your mobile device. For those of you who don’t know, the default game mode in PUBG is a Battle Royale where 100 people start and only one squad or individual can win. The map size is humongous for a mobile game, leaving several long periods where you are hundreds of meters away from anyone.

The ‘War’ game mode addresses the problem of spaces without people by restricting you to a much smaller play area and small lobby size. Play alongside 20 individuals inside a tiny zone that shrinks the longer the game goes on for. On top of that, there are fewer buildings which means significantly less loot. When you drop in, you are randomly given a weapon and have a time limit to get as many kills as you can.


The best part of the game mode has to be the increased amount of supply drops. The red obnoxious smoke means everyone in the lobby can see every supply drop, and you best believe they are worth getting. The most common gun people start with is the Kark 98, a bolt action weak sniper rifle. So if you manage to get the loot out of the crate without being spotted, you’ll have a unique advantage over everyone around you.

The biggest difference between War and the standard Battle Royale is the respawns. War is a deathmatch game mode, with a set amount of kills needed to win and a time limit. The game mode is unlocked on mobile when you reach past level 10, so you should try to rank up quick if you find the Battle Royale mode a little too drawn out.


Got any tips?

Plenty! Although I would normally recommend dropping in the middle and fighting your way out, that’s not the way to win a war. At the start, the zone is at its biggest, so look around for any buildings to loot. After a couple minutes these buildings will be out of the zone or will have been looted, so try to get there as early as possible.

After dying you’ll have a tactical advantage for spotting the location of any supply drops, so its best to aim for one of those. I personally wouldn’t land too close to the supply drop, as odds are you aren’t the first person to have spotted it, and people on the ground can pick you off easily if you land on top of it. You should aim to land fifty to a hundred meters away from the crate, so you can spot if anyone is camping on it, or watching it from a distance.


If you are spawning in after being killed, then you should aim for the edges of the zone. You are less likely to be killed immediately if you are at the edge, plus you have one less direction to be constantly watching. If you drop in the middle, you could be shot from any direction at any time, which means defending yourself is almost impossible.

Lastly, if you are given a Kark from spawn, then don’t keep aiming. If you bump into an individual keep your crosshair in the centre and move your body to line up the shot. If you move the crosshairs you’ll stop walking which makes you an easy target for everyone else. The Kark starts off with a scope which is another booby trap for a noob, if you scoped in on someone you are an easy target, plus your field of view is seriously restricted. So keep moving, don’t scope in for too long and remember that you respawn, you don’t need to go all out for one kill if it will get you killed.

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